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The One Who Remembered

"They were angry... they could forgive for what he did.......what he revealed... what he showed thousands and passed through word of mouth..."disturbed" millions........I lived.... and have given these memories to my children...."

(It's sundown. A shot of a man on his porch rocking back and forth.)

"I worked in the fields and my father went to town to sell our crop. Whenever he went he heard more and more rumors of a small group trying to start a religious government. They seem to be influenced by that missing time period of Paradigm. They believed in the power of god. My father said that this has been tried to be accomplished a few other times by others, but this time it seemed to be catching on with many.

The leader's identity was unknown.... yet the mask he wore was known all over the world. All attempts to capture him failed. Even when he was in public giving speeches...he always got away. The mask was a bit haunting. It was an average clown mask... but the black colored eyes had red stripes under them and a large black open mouth with an eerie frown.... almost awe and great fear at the same time....I always has a chill when I saw it.

I myself never believed in god... until that day when I began to question my beliefs...

He had a radio station that for some reason was never stopped. I now know that he paid the government a large sum as a bribe. Personally, I suppose they've always been that way. Anyway, on that station he began to tell his prophecies and the prophecies from others that fit what he was claiming to do, even though he never clearly said what he was actually doing. He just said it did. He wasn't lying in the end. So many of those predictions and scriptures all fit together. Only a few didn't, maybe 5 out of the 40, he explained many times. But those were prophecies that he claimed have already happened.

There was one that had a huge effect on the world. The one about man wielding god's "sword." The global governments were becoming a lot stricter with their laws. Even passed some new ones on their own. They sent undercover agents to pose as homeless or whomever they chose them to be in order to get info on the suspects and to check for any weapons. It was as if they knew what was going to come. I am still not sure if they did, but they didn't know how serious it really was if they knew the truth.

My father became worried that this man knew the event to come. Many more people began to join and the influence was becoming greater and greater to those who still hadn't joined. The government has been taking out ally organizations that have been supporting him... Disney was the worst.

A few months went by and the subject eased off.....until...until they got hold of .....a megadeus....god's weapon.... Not even the strongest of the military could take it down....they got 2 more....1 that flies and...and the one now known as Big O....they were only models....there were many of each kind....

They wreaked havoc...for 13 days...until... they awakened the rest....

It was if god himself was trying to prevent them from finding something....thousands came from the sky, sea, and the ground. They terrorized the land around it and inside.... except.. except for the farm.... Did they know it existed?

When my father went to town he saw it all in rubble...and everyone couldn't remember what had happened or those things that trampled the countryside and town. Only we knew...

God... or whomever controlled those beings... decided it was time to..... reset... the world due to some certain acts.... Although this time.... It left them still with civilization... they reset Paradigm... but only Paradigm... that man found something... something that could match god himself. "

Schwarzwald: "Thank you, Mr. Rosewater. You have cleared up many questions for me."

Gordon Rosewater: "It's nice to have another human interested in their own past."
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