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The Android That Could Love

(Friday, Roger Smith's Bedroom, 9:30 A.M.)
Roger is woken by music coming from outside his room.
Roger- (groggy) What the hell...
He opens the door and sees Dorothy playing the piano.
Dorothy- Good morning Roger.
Roger- Dammit Dorothy! How many times do I have to tell you that I like to sleep in?
Dorothy- But it's tradition that I wake you up by playing the piano.
Roger throws a pillow at her and walks to the kitchen.

(Kitchen, 9:32 A.M.)
Norman- Good morning Master Roger. Your breakfast is ready.
Roger- Thanks Norman. I have a question for you.
Norman- What is it Master Roger?
Roger- You are the only person left in Paradigm City with enough memories to repair a Megadeus, right?
Norman- Yes, but why? Are you expecting me to construct a new Megadeus?
Roger- No, nothing like that. I was wondering if you could modify Dorothy so that she cannot play the piano?
Norman- Master Roger, Androids are very different from Megadeuses.
Roger- But could you do it?
Norman- I suppose, though it will be difficult.
Roger- If you pull this off Norman, I'll triple your salary.
Norman- Thank you, Master Roger. I'll start on it right away.

(Big O's Repair Hangar, 10:00 A.M.)
Dorothy- What are we doing here Norman?
Norman- I am going to modify some of your circuits for Master Roger.
Dorothy- But why?
Norman- You continue to wake Master Roger up every day, even though he asks you not to. Therefore, I will make it so that you cannot play the piano.
Dorothy- I understand. But do be careful Norman. I value my memories.
Norman- Nothing to worry about Dorothy. Now I need you to allow me access to your memory banks.
Dorothy- Very well.
Dorothy taps the sides of her head. Her hair parts and reveals a motherboard. This then rises up out of her head.
Norman- Thank you Dorothy. Now which of these allows you to play the piano?
Dorothy- The second chip from your right on the row of 5 chips contains my motor skills.
Norman- I'll just remove this and edit its contents on the computer.
Norman grabs the chip with a special tool and is shocked with electricity.
Norman- Aaaah! Dorothy why did you do that to me?
Dorothy- I cannot help it Norman. Dr. Wayneright put in a defense mechanism to keep my data from being deleted.
Norman- Can you turn it off?
Dorothy- I'm afraid not.
Norman- Is there anyway I can modify your memory without being electrocuted?
Dorothy- My system will allow you to install a chip. But it cannot inhibit my abilities.
Norman- Perhaps a chip that will allow you to have emotions would work.
Dorothy- What do you mean?
Norman- The chip will allow you to know why you shouldn't wake Master Roger up, yet you can still play the piano. You will also have feelings, such as love, pain, sorrow, and happiness.
Dorothy- I believe I might enjoy that.
Norman- Very well Dorothy. I will begin constructing it.

(Back in the Hangar, 11:30 A.M.)
Norman- I have completed your Emo-Chip, are you ready for it to be installed?
Dorothy- I am ready, Norman.
Norman- Very well Dorothy.
Norman inserts the chip into Dorothy's motherboard.
Norman- All finished. You can boot up the chip now Dorothy.
Dorothy taps the sides of her head, the motherboard retracts and her hair returns to normal.
Dorothy- I don't feel any different Norman.
Norman- It will take a while to affect your system, but your voice is already sounding warmer and more human.
Dorothy- Thank you for the compliment Norman.
Norman- Excellent, I will tell Master Roger right away.

(Den, 11:38 A.M.)
Roger- How is it going with Dorothy, Norman?
Norman- No time Master Roger, a Megadeus has appeared in the Lower West Side Dome.
Roger- I'm on it.

(Lower West Side Dome, 11:52 A.M.)
Roger takes a look at the Megadeus.
Roger- It looks like Dorothy 1! But it can't be, I destroyed Dorothy 1! On top of that, Dorothy 1 was red, not purple. No matter, I'll destroy this one too.
Roger presses a button on his watch. Big O rises up from the ground and Roger enters it.
Roger- (booting up Big O) Big O, Action! It's confirmed, this Megadeus is Dorothy 1. But it has been upgraded several times.
Big O charges forward and punches Dorothy 1 with its right hand. Dorothy 1 catches the punch with its left claw. Big O sends a punch with its left hand. This is caught by Dorothy 1's right claw.
Roger- Dammit! I'm stuck!
Dorothy 1 charges up its main laser.
Roger- Oh no, a direct hit from that will demolish Big O. We can't lose like this, buddy; not here, not now!
Big O pulls both hands free and puts up a shield just in time to stop the blast.
Roger- Whew, that was close. I better finish this monster off now! Big O, fire the Chrome Buster!
Big O smashes its fists together and fires the Chrome Buster. Dorothy 1 receives a direct hit.
Roger- It's all over.
But as the smoke clears, Roger sees that Dorothy 1 is unharmed.
Roger- What in God's name is that thing?
Dorothy 1 charges Big O with a twin punch of its own. Big O defends.
Computer- Both arm shields have suffered major damage. Shields cannot sustain another hit of that strength.
Roger- Dammit, now I can't even block! No matter.
Roger taps the right control stick. It retracts and the Machine Gun controls pop up.
Roger- Lets see how you like this!
He pulls the trigger on the Machine Gun controls. Big O's right fist splits open into the Machine Gun and begins to fire. The Chrome Ring collapses on Dorothy 1 and causes a massive explosion. When the smoke clears Roger clearly sees that Dorothy 1 is no more.
Roger- The Megadeus is no longer operational. Let's go home Big O. Negotiations are closed!

Big O retracts into the ground and heads back to Roger's mansion on the underground railway.

(Roger's Mansion, 12:47 P.M.)
Roger walks in the front door.
Dorothy- I'm so glad you're back Roger!
She runs up to Roger and gives him a hug.
Roger- Yeah, nice to see you too, Dorothy. Norman, what the hell did you do?
Norman- I put an Emotion Chip in her.
Roger-But why?
Norman- I couldn't erase her knowledge of how to play the piano, so I gave her the common courtesy to not play it at nine o'clock in the morning.
Roger- Dorothy get off of me! Your metal is freezing cold!
Dorothy- Sorry, Roger.
Roger- Why is she acting like that?
Norman- The Emo-Chip apparently gave her feelings similar to the person she was modeled after.
Roger- And those feelings are?
Norman- That of a horny 16 year old girl with a taste for older men.
Roger- Aaaaah! I don't want Dorothy living here if that's how she feels!
Norman- But Master Roger, she has nowhere else to go.
Roger- Just keep Dorothy away from me! I'm gonna take a nap, if she bothers me you're fired!

(Outside Roger's Bedroom, 1:15 P.M.)
Dorothy puts her hand on the doorknob. Norman grabs her.
Norman- Just what the hell do you think you're doing?
Dorothy- But I wanna be with Roger.
Norman- He's trying to sleep.
Dorothy- But I....
Norman- Dorothy, leave him alone!
Dorothy- But...
Norman- No buts, just get away from his room!

(Roger's Bedroom, 8:09 P.M.)
Roger- Oh man, I feel great. Whoa, look at the time.
Roger walks down to the kitchen.

Norman- Did you have a good rest Master Roger?
Roger- Very, I'm so glad that Dorothy didn't bother me.
Norman- What shall I fix for dinner?
Roger- I think I'll go out for dinner tonight Norman. Take the rest of the night off, go see a movie or something.
Norman- Thank you, Master Roger.

(Roger's Den, 8:42 P.M.)
Norman hears Dorothy crying.
Norman- Dorothy what's wrong?
Dorothy- (sob) I don't (sob) think that Roger likes me. (sob)
Norman- Dorothy, you just scared Master Roger when he first came home. That's all.
Dorothy- No I think (sob) that he hates me.
Norman- I can assure you that he doesn't hate you.
Dorothy- Yes he does. (sob) But I love him!
Norman- Oh dear, this is all my fault.
Dorothy- (sob) Just take this chip out of me so that I won't (sob) feel this way.
Norman- I'm afraid that I can't reverse this.
Dorothy- What..... (sob)
She begins crying again.
Norman- I guess there is only one thing I can do.
He picks up the phone and dials a number.
Norman- Hello? Angel? I need your help.

End of Part I

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