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Notes for "Megadei and Memories"

1"post- Evangelion" refers to anime created after Studio Gainax's Neon Genesis Evangelion, a series where a young boy pilots a gigantic bio-robot called Evangelion in order to prevent the apocalypse. Post- Evangelion anime tends to be heavy on character introspection and existential themes such as the meaning of existence. Evangelion contained all of these, as well as the mother-of-all-Oedipus Complexes.

2The decision to name the city "Paradigm" is an interesting one. With the condition of the areas outside the domes, is Paradigm City really supposed to be a "model of excellence" of anything? I certainly hope not, though I can't help but wonder if such a state of existence is possible should war erupt on a large scale.

3The R. in Dorothy's name isn't actually part of her name. All androids have it as a first initial, to distinguish between their name and a human name. Dorothy, however, is the only android in Paradigm that is human-like enough to need to use it specifically in conversation, though.

4As in the heavily wooded area in the south of Germany.

5"...they were..." what? We never find out, either from Seebach himself or from the note he has sent to Roger upon his death. Perhaps he has finally realized his folly?

6Act 26: "The Show Must Go On"

7Distorted, curiously, in a similar way to how the Nazi's warped this philosophy. Both Alex and Hitler are power hungry men who wish to be above "lower" humanity. Interestingly, both seem to have internal issues. Hitler was a failure as an artist in Austria, among other things, and Alex seems to have issues with his father, Gordon Rosewater. Perhaps most tyrants are forged from bully-like personas?

8"Megadei" is the plural of "Megadeus", from the Latin.

9The names have no real meaning. Big O is just Big O, the Big Duo is apparently named because its the second Big to appear, and Big Fau is simply "Big V" ("fau" is the pronunciation of "v" in German.) "Big Victory" perhaps? At least, that may be what Alex was thinking.

10Act 24: "The Big Fight", quite possibly the most stunning (and confusing) episode in the show.

11Or New York City for that matter, as that seems to be the past identity of Paradigm City, based on clues offered at various points in the series. Just a bit of trivia, as it's late at night as I finish this. Huzzah.
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