Even without the events of 40 years ago, I think man would still be a creature that fears the dark. He doesn't face that fear. He averts his eyes from it and acts as if he never had any memories of his history. But... 40 years can be both a very brief time and yet a long time. Man's fear has withered, and even time tries to wither the desire to know the truth. Is it a crime to try and learn the truth? Is it a sin to search for those things which you fear? My purpose in this world is knowledge and the dissemination of it, and it is I who is to restore the fruits of my labors to the entire world. Fear. It is something vital to us puny creatures. The instant man stops fearing is the instant the species will reach a dead end, only to sink to pitiable lows, only to sit and wait apathetically for extinction. Wake up! Don't be afraid of knowledge! Humans who lose the capacity to think become creatures whose existence has no value. Think, you humans who are split into two worlds! Unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must THINK! Signed, Schwarzwald
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Fanfic Update!
Posted Sunday, March 26, 2006, 4:03 AM CST by Shredder
I apologize for the long wait, but we now have a few new fanfics up on the site. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the stories!

-"The Event Layer" By, Beni C. Read these interesting and detailed historical profiles of several Big O characters, events, and technologies as they may have been before the Event.

-"Nostalgia" By, Mr. Peabody. Dorothy awakens as an android for the first time in Timothy Wayneright's lab. But what are these recurring memories of a forgotten past and who is that mysterious man she keeps seeing in her dreams? Find out more in this intriguing prequel to the Big O series!

-"The Two Evils" By, Xel. Enjoy this unique, short story about the birth of Alan Gabriel as a cyborg.

-"The Whole Family" By, Lyinginbedmon. In this sequel to "Nemesis," Dorothy and Tim decide to make a deal. Can Dorothy get together all of their household's family and friends in time to celebrate the pre-event holiday known as Christmas? Or will Dorothy have to play Tim's RPG game for a month? Find out as Dorothy interacts with a variety of interesting characters in her quest to win the bet!

Thanks to all of the authors who sent in their fanfics and look for a second fanfic update coming soon!

Also, a quick reminder for anyone considering submitting a fic to the site- please grammar and spell check your stories carefully before sending them in or we won't be able to accept them. Also, we don't accept fanfics or artwork that is already on another Big O site. If you have any questions, email me or post them here!

Anniversary Update, Part 2 of 2
Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006, 11:46 PM CST by Krang
Here is the second half of our anniversary update. First, I uploaded two new pieces of fan art! Check out these great new 3D renders of Big O characters (and robots) in our Fan Art section. Thanks to Shn275 for sending them in!

Also, Xeon Negotiator sent in a very detailed and well-written guide to detecting bootleg Big O merchandise! If you own any Big O DVDs or CDs, you'll definitely want to check out this guide in our Articles section to make sure that you own the authentic products.

Speaking of the Articles section, I also moved the transcripts that used to be hosted there into their own section since it was getting a little cluttered. Check them out in the new Transcripts section!

Finally, I put up 20 new wallpapers! Check out these excellent new desktop wallpapers in our Wallpaper section. Thanks to Tifaria, Xeon Negotiator, and Chris S. for sending them in!

And yes, I realize that the Wallpaper section is now getting to be pretty large (there are currently 72 of them!), so it will need to be split up soon. How would you like to see it split up? By artist? By character? Or something else? Let me know by replying to this news post.

Enjoy, and check back soon for Shredder's fanfic update!

Anniversary Update, Part 1 of 2
Posted Wednesday, February 1, 2006, 12:35 AM CST by Krang
We have alot of new content to put up as part of our anniversary update, so I have decided to split it into two updates. First, I uploaded a new Big O AMV! Be sure to check out this great new video in our Music Videos section. Thanks to Brock for sending it in!

Also, we received a new 3D Big O game from Shn275! This game allows you to control Roger Smith as he battles Schwarzwald and Big Duo. There are many new features and improvements over the previous 3D demo, so be sure to check out this excellent game in our Miscellaneous section. Thanks to Shn275 for sending it in!

Check back soon for part 2 of the anniversary update, and soon after that for a fanfic update from Shredder!

The Results Are IN! Heaven's Day Holiday Contest Results!
Posted Friday, January 13, 2006, 4:46 PM CST by pen1300
Greetings, Paradigm Readers!!

I would first like to say that we have some VERY talented people among our little Paradigm. Big Grin All the entries we recieved were wonderful and very well done. Thank you to all who entered!

The results!

First Place:
"Snoopy's Heaven's Day" by Evan

Second Place:
"A Gift for Heaven's Day" by Pygmalion

Third Place (we had a tie!!):
"Window Shopping" by Shn275
"A Schwarzy Christmas" By: Hobodoken

Congratulations to the winners! I will be contacting you soon! Also, congratulations to everyone who entered! The works were wonderful! Thank you to making this contest, yet again, a wonderful sucess!

And once again, thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for the results! Be sure to check out the fanworks!

Thanks and Congratulations!

Paradigm City's Third Anniversary!
Posted Wednesday, January 4, 2006, 11:03 PM CST by Krang
Shredder and I officially opened Paradigm City on January 4, 2003, meaning that today is its third anniversary! Our anniversary update will be ready in a few days, so be sure to check back soon for that and the results of our Holiday Contest.

Merry Christmas and Merry Heaven's Day!
Posted Sunday, December 25, 2005, 12:35 AM CST by Shredder
Merry Christmas everyone! We hope everyone has a wonderful day! Happy

More updates on Paradigm are planned for the upcoming weeks (including a fanfic and anniversary update). Also, don't forget the Heaven's Day Holiday Contest- you have less than a week left to get your entry in! For more information and rules, see the previous news post.

New Fan Art, Updated 3D Demo
Posted Friday, December 16, 2005, 12:21 AM CST by Krang
Today, I made a small update to the site. First, I added 3 new pieces of fan art! Check them out in the Fan Art section under Fan Works. Thanks to Shn275, Big G, and MsPheonix for sending them in!

Second, I put up the completed version of Shn275's 3D Big O demo. You can now control both Roger Smith and Big O and battle against Big Fau, so be sure to check it out in the Miscellaneous section under Fan Works! Thanks again to Shn275 for sending it in!

Also, if you haven't already seen our Holiday Contest, be sure to read the news post below for more information. There are still two weeks left, so it's not too late to enter!

Heaven's Day Holiday Contest - Year 2!
Posted Saturday, December 10, 2005, 6:21 PM CST by pen1300

Heaven's Day Holiday Contest!
Year 2!

Merry Heaven's Day everyone! As you can tell by the title, Paradigm City is having a second Holiday Fanworks Contest! This year the contest will be slightly different, but again, we want your Big O Fanworks with a Holiday Theme! (Holiday is any major holiday around the Christmas season, sorry, it's a bit late for Halloween). So here are the details!

  1. Your Fanwork can be a fan art (drawing), fan fiction (writing), or other kind of fanwork (like music video or cake). If you have something you aren't sure is a fanwork, you can contact me, or Krang and Shredder.
  2. You may enter up to two pieces of work! This year we are only offering one prize and picking just one fanwork to win over all. There will be Honorary Mentions though!
  3. It must have a Holiday theme to it (Christmas or the like) and be fan work of Big O. If you want to submit just a general themed work, you can do so here.
  4. Any Big O fan can enter! You don't have to be a member of our forums to enter. All you have to be is a Big O fan!
  5. The contest will run from December 10, 2005 until December 30, 2005-11:59 PM Central. The results will [hopefully] be published on January 4th, 2006, on Paradigm-City.com's Third Anniversary (wow, three years all ready!)!
  6. The prize this year will be a gray, stuffed cat (or kitten)! Basically, your own Pero!
  7. Any submissions or other questions can be sent to me, or to Krang and Shredder. (Please put PCF Contest or something of the like in the subject heading, this is more for me so I don't throw out your e-mail by mistake).

It's beginning to look at lot like Heaven's Day in Paradigm City!

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!
Pen1300 Big Grin

DVD Cover Scans, New Poll, Robot Features, 3D Demo
Posted Friday, December 2, 2005, 10:17 PM CST by Krang
Sorry for the delay, but a few sections of the site have just been updated. First, I uploaded scans of all four Big O season 2 DVD covers! You can check them out on the Episode List under Information.

Second, a new poll is up! This poll asks which format of Big O episodes you prefer: one-shot/episodic (which usually end in either "We have come to terms" or "No side") or continuing storylines (which end in "To be continued"). Be sure to vote in the poll to the right! Also, the results of the previous poll are in: The majority of voters, 42% (914), actually don't own any Big O DVDs at all! 21% (453) chose Volume 4 of Season 2 as their favorite DVD, and 16% (344) preferred Volume 4 of Season 1. For the full results of this poll and all other previous polls, check out the Poll List page under Interactive.

Third, I made a small update to the Robot Features section by uploading a much clearer picture of Osrail in addition to the one that appeared in episode 5. Thanks to Kajin for sending it in!

And fourth, I put up a demo of a 3D game that contributor Shn275 is working on in which you can pilot Big O. It is still a work in progress, but it shows alot of promise. Be sure to check it out in the Miscellaneous section under Fan Works!

We still have alot more updates planned (including updates which I did not have time to put up this time), so be sure to keep checking back!

Site Move Complete
Posted Thursday, October 13, 2005, 6:23 PM CST by Krang
Although we are remaining with the same host (who has been an excellent host so far), they are moving some of their accounts to a new server in a different data center, and Paradigm City was one of those accounts. The move is now complete, so everyone should be accessing the new server by now. Everything was directly copied over by our host so there should be no problems, but if there are, please let me know. Also, I have not forgotten about the update I mentioned last time, but there have been some delays with one of the parts I wanted to include this time, so I'll have that completed soon.

Update on October 14: I discovered a problem where some interactive pages and galleries were not working correctly. I think I have fixed all of these problems, but if you happen to notice something on the site not working, please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.

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