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The Whole Family

Chapter 5

Horus screeches loudly as a massive metal frame lowers itself on top of him, sealing him in place as its base locks to the floor tightly. Dorothy stands a few metres away from him, watching in solemn remorse as he desperately tries to break free of his bindings, to no avail. "Are you sure this will work, Suwah?" Suwah leans over the banister behind her, a few metres above the dock floor.
"Of course, you're looking at the most brilliant mind in the galaxy!" She returns to her console and changes a few of the settings as Koryo also tries to break free of her bonds as she hangs from the wall behind her, her mouth gagged as she wrestles vainly against them. "Okay. Upgrade set, current model set, power maximum set. All right then, this shouldn't take too long, Dora." A large circular pod descends from the ceiling above Horus, and projects a light-beam grid on the area he occupies. "Ready down there Dorothy?"
"I am ready. Will this hurt him?" Suwah allows her coy smile appear again.
"Only a little, it'd hurt you much more. Beginning genetic unit upgrade, NOW!" The pod fires a giant red beam down on Horus, along with several bolts of electricity. Horus struggles terribly as he is frightened beyond bounds, screeching frantically in his attempt. Dorothy quickly grows worried, and dashes over to him to try and calm him down. "Dorothy stay away from it!" Suwah screams from the control panel as Dorothy runs into the containment grid with Horus, and tries to hold him steady, much to her regret as her systems are over-run by a massive electrical surge. She collapses just as the treatment ends, and the room falls into a deadly silence. Suwah releases the frame, and hurries over to Dorothy's lifeless form, as Horus too remains frighteningly still, petrified in a pose of absolute terror. "Come on, wake up!" Suwah violently shakes Dorothy by the shoulders, and her eyes fly open with startling speed. Suwah releases her as she rolls over onto her hands and knees, and begins screaming loudly. "What is it? What's wrong?" Suwah desperately tries to help her, as Horus finally begins to move again, but he begins screaming as well.

His body grows to an enormous size, almost breaching the ceiling of the dock. Two massive, almost human-like, claws protrude from the area where his wings meet his torso, and his legs extend to include two more sections as they become much bulkier. His tail feathers shoot out into a long mechanical tail, and his chest plates mutate into something more befitting of a knight. A large blue gem appears in his forehead as finally his head is changed to include a spiked-back collar of steel feathers. Dorothy continues to scream on the floor next to Suwah, Koryo unable to assist in any way from her place on the wall. "Oh no, this means that-" Suwah is unable to finish her sentence, as she is thrown across the room by Dorothy as her arms crack open into giant silver wings. Next her legs also crack open into powerful bird-like talons, and her dress and panties are destroyed as her entire pelvic region is replaced by a larger silver version, complete with tail-feathers and a longer mechanical silver tail. Her chest bursts from the remnants of her clothing, revealing a quickly growing silver chest plate. She shrieks a raucous cry, as her original face is at last sealed off from her original form, encased in a metallic eagle's head. "Well, on the bright side she's just been changed into a LV6 Horus, as opposed to the LV8 model."

Horus steps over to the new Dorothy, eagerly examining her with his powerful new sensors. Dorothy returns the favour, peering closely at his new body with just as much curiosity. Suwah calmly runs away from the giant mechanical beasts, and back to the control panel, with extreme haste, which naturally isn't a problem for her and is only helped by the otherwise 'engaged' Dorothy and Horus. She sneaks under the panel and pushes a few buttons, being as quiet as she can possibly be, but Koryo doesn't make it easy. She viciously struggles against her gag, loosening the bond that kept her quiet, "All right, which one of you wants to fight first!" she echoes across the hangar.
"Koryo you idiot," mumbles Suwah as she stands up from the panel. The two birds begin to thunder across the dock floor with ease, appearing barely a few metres away from Suwah in seconds. "This should do it!" screams Suwah, as Horus is flung across the dock by a powerful magnetic field, and Dorothy is imprisoned once more inside the steel cage that held them both captive not too long ago.


"Well, I'm glad that was over before you did anything you'd regret," mocks Suwah from beside Horus, Dorothy sitting in his new cockpit with clearly blushed cheeks.
"I believe I should be going, Suwah. I still have Schwarzwald, Angel and Big Ear to invite to the celebrations." Koryo's face turns to a look of surprise.
"You're not inviting Mata?"
"Who is Mata, Koryo?"
"You don't know who Mata is? He's only the most powerful person underneath Dad!" Koryo boasts, Suwah obviously knowing that Tim isn't the most perfect of gods. Nevertheless, she proceeds to inform Dorothy of Mata.
"Mata is the Spirit and co-ordinator of the Well of Knowledge, its what Scott uses to keep track of all the information regarding the universe, and he's one of Tim's favourite creations. He shouldn't be too far away from Scott, he was on vacation the last time I checked, which means that he'll have found an area bustling with info to organise."
"Is that his idea of a vacation?" replies Dorothy, as she seals the cockpit and takes to the sea and surface back to Paradigm City, the massive mechanical dragon darkening several sections of Paradigm's docks in the process.


Horus lands in the crowded street, a giant hole appearing underneath him as the terrified citizens flee from the otherwise kind-hearted bird. Dorothy jumps out of the cockpit, and walks over to a nearby apartment building, the crowds gladly moving aside in her wake. "Is this the Colonica Apartment Building?" she asks one of the cowering staff members.
"Y-Yes, it is," he stutters as though he were out of breath, but Dorothy persists in questioning him.
"Then is it also correct that Michael Seebach lives here in Apartment 83?" The valet nods rapidly, but turns sharply and runs when she turns her back to walk up the stairs. She soon arrives at the door marked 'No. 83', and knocks impatiently at its oak finish, a cry of 'Hang on, I'll be there in a minute' resounds from inside, facilitated by a deep, gravelled, male voice that shows his hard life. "Definitely Schwarzwald," comments Dorothy to the empty corridor, as the door finally opens. Dorothy takes a moment to realise her obvious mistake, this man is not covered in bandages. "Are you Michael Seebach?" she asks the handsome, black-haired man, his knowledgeable green eyes staring solemnly at her with unwanted curiosity.
"I am, R. Dorothy," he replies simply. Dorothy blinks a couple of times in surprise, but the sound of rustling catches her ear, and she attempts to peer behind Schwarzwald. "What are you looking for? Has Roger sent you here to check up on me?" he asks, trying to change the subject from her curiosity.
"He has not, I have been sent her by the will of a wager between myself and Overlord Tim." She returns her eyes to his face, disregarding the noises from within.
"Tim? Wager? What manner of wager would send you here to me?"
"One that bids me to find the families of the Smith Mansion's residents in time for the 25th December."
"That doesn't answer my question then, why are you here?"
"I was told that Tim had family here with you." Schwarzwald startles slightly, but his attention is called hindward by a familiar female voice beckoning him.
"Who's at the door Michael?" questions a voice that has not been heard for a long time, Dorothy attempts to pry again, but her curiosity finds its answer when a nightgown-clad Angel appears from behind him and clings onto his shoulder, half hidden behind him. She rests her head on his shoulder. "Dorothy? What are you doing here?"
"She's looking for Tim's family, but I think she must be mistaken to be looking here," he replies.
"Nevertheless, you are both invited to the Celebrations on the 25th of December in three days." Angel's eyes light up, and she moves from behind Michael with eagerness, revealing a rather swollen stomach partially hidden underneath her garments.
"You are pregnant Angel?" inquires the monotone android, now staring at Angel's belly.
"Oh, yes. I've been like this for about seven months, the X-39 Beta I was given lasted a while. Personally, I'm expecting triplets with the weight they're giving me to carry."
"Almost two months after the Nemesis Tournament then? Who is the father?"
"I am," replies Schwarzwald, as he draws her near for a close embrace, his smile broadening in the fresh morning sunlight, as it refracts off of the small ring wrapped around his finger.
"You are married then?"
"Since about eight months ago, our honeymoon was when this happened," he nods in the direction of Angel, and she playfully pushes him into the door frame with a smile.
"I was not informed of your wedding, why did you not invite us?"
"We didn't really want to make a fuss, it wasn't something that half the city didn't already know anyway," jokes Angel. "At any rate, what are these Celebrations for this late in the year?"
"There are the Christmas Celebrations for the Smith Household."
"Christmas?" reply the two in unison.
"It was a massive holiday before the Event, Tim has decided to resurrect it to bring a 'bit more life' into Paradigm City during the Heaven's Day season. The requirements are that you bring gifts for the family, but the dress code is casual." The couple nod once more in unison, and Dorothy turns toward the stairs. "I will see you in three days then, Mr. & Mrs. Seebach."

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