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The Whole Family

Chapter 3

Dorothy stands in the middle of a newly-cleared apartment kitchen, atop a tattered old rug that was probably older than the building itself, Tsunami sits in a chair about a metre away from her, busily checking all possible outcomes in the room's interiors. "Are you ready Dorothy?"
"I am ready Tsunami." Tsunami nods in agreement, and holds her hands up a few centimetres from her lap, as a small, almost transparent, board appears just millimetres below them. She begins typing as another appears at an angle from the first, displaying all manner of incomprehensible information.
"What is that, Tsunami?" inquires the metallic visitor.
"It's an air-top, holographic, micro-optic, Gen-e-tech computer. It allows me to alter the FFX Files while I'm down here instead of on the Genesis."
"A computer? The only computers I have seen are much less technologically advanced than that one."
"Well, there are some perks to being the Overlord of Knowledge's wife. Aha, here we are, the FFX Files. Okay, R. Dorothy Wayneright/Soldano of Paradigm City, location: Apartment No. 159 of the Louisiana Apartment Building."
"All that is recorded in those files?"
"Not exactly, it's all in the log files, you just open the FFX Files and upload the data and then alter it to whatever needs you want. Right, I've got the design specs on the new wings. Ready?"
"I am Ready Tsunami." R. Dorothy is obviously becoming frustrated at the recurrent question, this being the eighth time she has been asked it.
"All right then, protocol in place, design active, beginning sequence, now." She lifts her hand and slams her index finger on the button. The room shakes slightly, although no physical vibration is evident in the room's attire. A sudden force knocks Dorothy to the floor, and her dress is ripped from her back by an invisible identity.
"Tsunami, what is happening?" Dorothy's usual tone has heightened slightly to show that she is obviously scared.
"Well, in order to execute such a strange fate as this, I had to upload a scenario that would result in you having your wings. The only available option was that you would be abducted and experimented on, hence your current attire, or lack thereof." She lets a minor smile creep through her lips as R. Dorothy's body form surges in all manner of irregular positions: her foot size increasing, her panties bulging, her back splitting open in a barrage of wiring and parts,
"You never mentioned this before." A medical gown appears over her helpless form, just in time for her wings to finally be constructed from her cracked spinal tubing. Her clothes re-appear, albeit with minor modifications to accommodate the new appendages. "Is it over?" Dorothy's fear subsides though her newfound discomfort does not.
"Yes, it's over Dorothy, your new wings are all done." She reaches down. "And then some."
"I do not understand, what do you mean 'and then some'?"
"Well, remember that scenario? Let's just say that your wings weren't the only modification they made to your original chassis." She giggles loudly as Dorothy protests, but she is soon sent on her way by Tsunami, who constantly laughs at Dorothy's new 'equipment,' especially since there were at least eight different scenarios for her to choose from.


Dorothy stands atop one of the many pillars lining the patio, scanning every region of visible sky in search of Tokimi's flying fortress. She finally spots a small black dot roughly 5,300 feet above the domes, she presses her new broche and her wings push their way from her back thusly. She spreads them and takes flight in due haste, passing 2 thousand feet in a few minutes,
"I wonder where she's off to?" inquires Tim to the empty patio having seen the beautiful takeoff. Meanwhile, R. Dorothy reaches just above the cloud cover concealing the fortress, its massive black walls defying any number of scientifical laws in its locale.
'Tsunami was right, a nearly impenetrable fortress,' thinks Dorothy as she glides around the flying metal monolith, just barely noticing a camera lens detecting her presence. She dives sharply as the wall-mounted cannons talk aim and fire at her, just barely missing their target as Dorothy flies beneath their firing range. She grasps the underbelly armor plating firmly and proceeds to tear it from its seams, creating an otherwise defenceless breach in the infernal defensive structure. She wanders through the maze of dark corridors in her seemingly endless search for the second Goddess, until she manages to find what would appear to be the command centre for the fortress. She turns sharply around when footsteps echo from behind her, a young girl with long black hair thrusts at her with a long spear, but R. Dorothy easily dodges it in time to wrench it from her grasp.
"What do you want here?"
"I am looking for Lady Tokimi," she answers with the spear held as far away from the girl as possible.
"Lady Tokimi? You're looking for Mom?" the girl replies with a surprised look upon her face. She obviously never thought that anyone would actively search for the Goddess of War. She cries into the darkest corridor behind her, and her scream is soon answered by a taller woman with lighter black hair and eyes completely blue, her pupils barely visible in their darkness.
"Ah, I see you've caught the intruder," she comments with a voice that seems almost childlike in its pitch, but soon notices that Dorothy is the one holding the spear. "Or did she catch you?"
"I had complete control of the situation, Mom, she just, caught me off guard is all." She lowers her tone slightly as she finishes, then retreats backward slightly toward Dorothy, intent on retrieving her spear.
"So, are you the one who bears the wings of the wingweaver?"
"I am."
"Then I take it that you either had a very bad incident, or you met my sister Tsunami."
"I did indeed meet Tsunami, I have been sent to request your presence at the Christmas Celebrations of Roger Smith and his family. Will you be attending?"
"Roger Smith? The infamous Negotiator of Paradigm City. I have watched him with great interest young lady. Tell me, what exactly would bring him to desire my presence?"
"It is his tenant that desires your presence, Lady Tokimi."
"His tenant? Would that be, by chance, Overlord Jack?" Dorothy nods in reply, and the girl bursts into a fiery rage.
"WHAT? You mean you knew where dad was and you never told me?" Tokimi motions for her to calm down.
"I only recently detected him a few months ago, at the time it seemed irrelevant for you to know of his whereabouts."
"Irrelevant? Why I outta-"
"I take it you will be attending then?" breaks Dorothy before the girl gets ugly.
"Yes, and tell Jack that Infidel and I will both be attending" Infidel merely grumbles under her breath in the background.
"All right then. Will you be able to help me locate Lady Suwah?"
"Suwah? Yes, there's not much I don't see from up here, but why do wish to see Suwah? Could it be that Tim also desires her presence? I very much doubt that."
"Why would he not desire her presence at Christmas?"
"Because they haven't even seen each other since he found out that she was pregnant with Koryo, Infidel's cousin."

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