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The Whole Family

Chapter 2

R. Dorothy walked between the alleyways criss-crossing the streets of Paradigm City, the dense snowfall obscuring all but the most perfect of vision from her. She managed to locate a small blue door a couple of metres down the alley, and just as Scott had told her found a marking of a spiralled blue dragon clutching two orbs in his claws. She proceeded to knock on the door, a few moments later her call was answered as an old woman much shorter than herself opened it.
"Oh, hello, who are you young lady?" asked the old woman in an aged voice.
"I am R. Dorothy Wayneright, I am looking for Tsunami Tidal, is she here?" replied Dorothy in her chilled monotone.
"Ms. Tidal? She never gets visitors, please come in, come in." The old woman leads Dorothy into the poorly maintained apartment building, who carefully examines every detail for a sign that it might collapse soon, as Scott had also instructed. She walks up several flights of stairs until she reaches the top floor and the door marked "No. 159." "Yes, this is Ms. Tidal's room. I believe she's in but I'll leave you alone now." She hobbles down the stairs once more, leaving Dorothy alone on the dark landing, she knocks on the door.
"Hello? Who is it?" A distant voice replies from inside the apartment, it sounds quite ghostly and almost heavenly at the same time.
"Is that you, Ms. Tidal? I have a message for you." The sound of the locks unlatching resonate from inside, and the door opens to reveal a young woman with long blue hair and two blue gems in her forehead.
"All right then, what is it?"
"You are cordially invited to the Christmas Celebrations of Roger Smith and his family, will you be attending?"
"Oh, I'm afraid I wouldn't have time, why did he invite me exactly?"
"He didn't, but I am to gather the family of his residents."
"His Residents?"
"Your husband is hoping to see you there."
"My husband?" Her eyes move to a sombre and almost tearful state, but she eventually returns to a broad smile. "All right then, tell Scott I'll be there."
"I will, thank you Lady Tsunami." Dorothy bows to the distinguished lady, her politeness pleasing the woman and making her even happier.
"I'm glad he could remember to tell you that much, such an old custom." She giggles as R. Dorothy returns to an upright position.
"I was informed it was customary to greet members of the Genesis Squad in that manner, Lady Tsunami."
"Please, just call me Tsunami, it's been a long time since anyone called me 'Lady.'"
"Very well, Tsunami."
"Well, now that that's sorted out, what exactly are these Christmas Celebrations?"
"It is a recreation of the ancient custom where a group of familial humans gather together and exchange gifts in a motion of good will and love, followed by a rather obese elderly gentleman who squeezes himself down any available passage similar to a chimney."
"I think that's called Santa Claus."
"Claus? Is he a lawyer?"
"No, just a children's story."
"Do you know of it?"
"Obviously, would you like to come in and I'll tell you of it." Tsunami beckons Dorothy inside her apartment, checking the outside for any unwelcome visitors before closing the door and returning the locks to their stations.


"Let's see now, which would suit her better?"
"Something on your mind, Tim?"
"Yeah, Roger, I'm just trying to figure out whether or not R. Dorothy would be better suited as a Bard or a Cleric."
"I'm pretty sure she wouldn't play your games, Tim."
"By the end of the week she will be, we made a bit of a wager." A smile crosses his lips as he examines the list of Bard abilities.
"Oh? What kind of a wager?" Roger's interest has been piqued.
"Well, if she can find our families by the 25th then I have to take her out for the night, and if she doesn't..."
"She has to play your RPGs? I think you may want to reconsider those terms Tim," replies Roger with a sarcastic tone.
"I don't see why, she'll never do it."
"What makes you think that?"
"Because for Dorothy to find ALL our families, she'd have to go and see an old lady-friend of mine, and that would mean that she wouldn't come back in one piece."
"Who's that?"


"Lady Suwah? Why should I be careful around her, Tsunami?"
"Well, for starters her 'assistant' has a pretty bad temper from her father's side of the gene-pool, and Suwah's is even worse."
"I believe I am quite capable of handling myself against an enraged teenager."
"Tough talks coming from someone barely four years old."
"That is irrelevant, I have the collective strength level higher than any mere human."
"True, but we're not talking about a 'mere human' Dorothy, we're talking about a Goddess." R. Dorothy merely sips her tea from across the worn table. "Look, if you're going to go see her, just be sure to watch your back on the way there, okay?"
"I understand Tsunami, do you know where Lady Tokimi lives? Scott neglected to relay that information because he thought it too dangerous to undertake."
"Sure, she lives about a mile out of the city."
"In the desert or just outside the domes?"
"Oops, sorry, I get them mixed up, she lives at about 5,280 feet above the domes."
"In the sky? Does she use a Megadeus?"
"No, more like a flying fortress. It's almost impenetrable, I'd suggest you find someone to take you."
"Big Duo is currently undergoing repairs, and it would not be wise for me to ask Alan Gabriel, do you know of anyone who could fly to that height?"
"Well, there is one way, but it might not be such a good idea either."
"My options are rather limited, it might be my only choice," she comments with a look of sarcasm engrained into her eyes.
"All right, do you know the titles of the other Goddesses, Dorothy?"
"Yes, Lady Suwah is the Goddess of Knowledge, Lady Tokimi is the Goddess of War."
"And myself?"
"You are the Goddess of Life"
"Correct." She nods in assurance. "That means that I can control what happens to people and bring them back from the dead." She pauses. "It also means that I can control that FFX Files."
"The FFX Files? What are they?"
"A branch of the control files on the Genesis, they allow you to take control of causality and create fate instead, the Fate FX Files."
"And how are they a method of reaching Tokimi?"
"Because I can give you wings with them." Tsunami smirks at Dorothy, than gets up to measure and inspect her back whilst she sits, puzzled.
"Are you sure you can do this? It defies all logic and possibility."
"And I suppose you haven't seen that happen before?" She lifts Dorothy's arms up and measures her arm span.
"You do have a point, but how am I to control the flight?"
"I can give you some tips and a couple of in-built files for that, but you'll have to pick it up quickly if you only have a week." She reaches over to the kitchen bench and picks up a pen and notepad, then places them in front of Dorothy and removes her empty tea cup. "Could you give me an idea of what kind of wings you want?"
"What do you mean, what kinds are there?"
"Well, there are the Angel kinds where the wings simply come out from the back with feathers, there's the Bat kinds where the wings replace the arms, there's the Wingweaver kinds where the winged feathers are in three pairs on the back, and then there's the..." Dorothy interrupts her.
"The Wingweaver kinds?"
"Yeah, there used to be a card around here somewhere." She reaches back on her seat and rummages around in a draw near the taps. She takes out a small stack of about 73 cards and sifts through them until she finds the one she's looking for. She takes a moment to lament about it, and then hands it over to Dorothy. "Wingweaver, Fairy type, Light category, 27-50 attack and 24 hundred defense."
"A card game creature?"
"Back in the day it was valued almost as much as gold to collectors, nowadays no-one even knows it exists unless you tell them. What do you think of her wings?"
"These will do nicely Tsunami."

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