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Terminal Completion

Chapter 4

"OK, so R. Dorothy's blueprints were given to Wayneright by you, and then, after Dorothy Wayneright died, he found the blueprints and built R. Dorothy, believing the design to be his own. But how does this tie me to her?"

"You'll find out pretty soon Roger, by hook or by crook, you'll find out."

After two and half hours of the three men being sat down talking about Dorothy & Roger, Roger has finally gotten the jist of what Scott means. Meanwhile, Tim simply sits back in his chair with a look of absolute boredom sprawled across his face, and R. Dorothy remains lying on the metal slab where she has been since she was hit in the head by the door to the hangar. As the conversation falls to a cold-ice stage in intensity, Scott gets up with a start and a look of hate and fear engaged in his visage, "Hang on to something everyone."

"Or what?" asks Roger, still sat down. Only to have his question answered only seconds later, as a loud explosion tears through the lighthouse.

"Oh, don't tell me we.." mumbles Tim from underneath the dress of the fallen Dorothy.

"I'm afraid we did, we wasted so much time talking about Roger and Dorothy that he's woken up" replies Scott from a collapsed table.

"Who woke up?" asks Roger after climbing out from underneath the computer equipment.

"The third brother, Krieg." A series of powerful explosion rupture the surface of the lighthouse, the flames showering the figure within.

The three men and Dorothy clamber out from under the ruins and into the sand-blasted outside. Staring directly at the ground, Roger discovers a track of a single wheel and they all begin to follow Krieg's path. Through every single area they pass, they find more and more destruction, which seems to be horrifyingly increasing in scale and ferocity, growing larger and larger as they continue on through the sands toward Paradigm City.

Upon reaching the forlorn City, they are met with a scene of unimaginable horror. Paradigm City, has been decimated. The ruins of the supposedly final city of mankind lies in ruins, the searing heat of raging fires eliminating any biological evidence that anyone ever lived there. And yet, it is not the end. For the single man who had caused such devastation, is still there. "Took you two long enough," Krieg stands hovering over the body of his latest victim, smirking in his blood-drenched attire, which seems to be simultaneously shifting in black hue as the group of survivors stares in disbelief. Finally, one of them dares to speak, Tim steps forward. "I've had enough of this!". His eyes onve again spark with electricity and he charges toward the murderer. "Auf Wiedersehn mein Herr!" Tim's sword appears in his hands in a flash of light and he plunges it into Krieg, but this merely amuses the monster.

"You don't seem to realise yet, Hell's Uprising!" With the mention of the final words, the earth beneath them splits asunder and giant black forms burst forth from inside it. The dark tentacles seize Tim and hold him fast, preventing any kind of attack from the helpless warrior. "Now, where were we last time? Oh yes, Kuno Shao!" Krieg's hand creates a large, long, black blade of energy, that tears through Tim's body. He gasps in pain.

"I re-remember that-that attack, I've seen it before." Tim's head falls to his chest, blood dripping from his mouth. Roger, Dorothy and Tim's brother Scott, merely stare in horror as the tentacles retreat into the ground, the lifeless body of their comrade falling like a stone to the rocky earth, where he lies lifeless.

"You'll pay for that! BIG O! Showtime!" Roger summons forth the black giant, whom he has entrusted his life to many a time before, but never against a destroyer of such magnitude.

"Please, Menzai! ACTION!" Krieg's forehead glistens with the subtle darkness of two black gems, as the sky hails the arrival of his Megadeus with a resounding, high-pitched, roar. Landing on one knee behind him, arrives Menzai, the Fire Elemental Megadeus. The design of Menzai isn't much different from Touyou, and he has the same torso design as Big O. The arms sport a rocket-like design, the head is the same as Touyou's but has two extra triangle spiking out from the center of each side. Lastly, the insignia on Menzai's chest is not a Dragon, but a Scorpion. Big O puts his arm shields in their trademark position infront of his face and begins to charge toward Menzai. Meanwhile, Scott and Dorothy tend to the injured Tim.

"Flawless Victory! Menzai, Missile Party!" Menzai's chest compartments open up to reveal twenty siloed missiles, waiting to be launched. Four such missiles get their wish, as they are launched directly at Big O. Two of the missiles manage to impact, whilst the others merely veer off into random directions, narrowly missing the gathering of bewildered mourners near the body of Tim. Big O manages to shrug the attack off with ease, and launches a counter attack with his lasers. In the darkness and the smoke however, Menzai is undamaged. The two Megadei coming into close-quarters with each other, they exchange blows with their powerful fists, from which their names are drawn. However, despite landing a mighty blow to his opponent from the deep reaches of the abyss, Big O is dealt a blow most fatal, as he tumbles to the ground, explosions sprouting from his lifeless form as Roger Smith leaps from the hulking wreck, collapsing to the ground soon after. "Like I said, Flawless Victory."

"Flawless nothing, Jack! Eliminar, Systems Up!" The ground behind Scott and the gathering shatters, and the technologically advanced Megadeus, Eliminar, sunders forth from the newly formed rubble. It hurries toward Menzai, fists up as it swings toward its foe. He misses with the first lunge, but the second hits home on Menzai's steel stomach. Menzai retaliates with his eye lasers, blasting them forward into Eliminar's chest. However, his aim sorely lacking, Eliminar easily dodges the beams, as the strike the decimated ruins behind him. All the while, R. Dorothy tends to the injured men as they both lie flat on their faces in the scorched earth, unconcious, unstirring.
Eliminar launches his arms forth to latch on to Menzai's face, hoping to blind the most horrible foe within him. However, Menzai easily dodges the fists, and launches a counter attack straight to Eliminar's chest and face with the searing heat of his arm-mounted flamethrowers. Eliminar recoils backward, desperately shaking to extinguish the ensuing flames and cool the over-heated circuits of his interior. Seeing another opening for an attack, Menzai once again opens his chest compartment and launches another six missiles toward Eliminar. Four of them manage to hit the stumbling giant, the explosions echoing throughout the wasteland. Eliminar collapses to his knees from the assault, as Menzai steps up to the buckling machine. "Flawless Victory." Menzai slams his fist into Eliminar's face, collects a solid grip, and unleashes wave upon wave of flame as the steel visage melts into a featureless blob, which then slides down the body of Eliminar, sealing Scott within his metal tomb forever. Dorothy continues to tend to Roger and Tim, seemingly oblivious to the heated battle that has just destroyed a brother.

Meanwhile, despite being in his unconcious state, Tim's own memories are coming to the surface.
In the grim darkness of a decimated battlefield, half flooded with the constant downpour that still refuses to end, a single solitary man stands. His clothes are old and tattered, worn away and covered with random patches of burns, mud, and blood.
A thunderous roar splits the silence as a bolt of lightning strikes, mere inches from where he stands. The spontaneous burst of fury from the earth illuminates his battered and bruised face, it is Tim. "Choose your Destiny."
From the pools of choked earth, there rises the form of a dark creature. It seems almost entirely human, but has a strange sense of pure evil. He rises his head, and the flames burning beside him eliminate the shadows covering him, "Flawless Victory."

"Still you think of winning, take a look around you. Isn't this enough? You have laid waste to an entire planet and a diverse selection of entire species, and you have done it without a shred of remorse or mercy." Small arcs of electricity spark around Tim's body. "Is there anything else you could destroy?" The flames beside the comrade extinguish, and he plunges further into darkness once more.

"You still remain and fight. War is absolute, no in-betweens Tim." His words infuriating him, Tim's eyes completely charge with energy, becoming featureless blue-white orbs of electricity,

"I've had enough!" The ground beneath him shatters, "I will not allow this!" He becomes surrounded with light, his foe forced to cover his eyes to prevent blindness. "Because forgiveness, for one like you..." The radiant form of Tim steps through the blinding light, his body cloaked in dark-blue robes. "...could never be an option." The revealed form of Jack, also in dark-black robes, cowers in Tim's presence. "Now!" Tim tosses his arm to the right, a blue-handled Oriental sword appearing in his grip, he readies a strike, "Choose your Destiny!"

The injured man stumbles to his feet, Dorothy momentarily watching his darkened face before returning to Roger. "I remember now." He lifts his head skyward to the cockpit of Menzai, his forehead once more revealing the bright glow of three blue gems. "You've done enough, Mörder!"

"You're awake, I thought I'd killed you again."

"Don't worry, one of us will be when we're done, Touyou Vorstellungsbeginn!" The remaining earth beneath Tim shatters, as a massive metal fist thrusts upward, revealing the familiar form of the Element Megadeus. "Proton Burst!" Touyou unleashes the memorable balls of red energy toward Menzai, who merely stands and takes the blast with all confidence that he will survive its blast. Remarkably, he does, despite numerous scorch marks on his already darkened surface. He then retaliates with his own attack, with yet another four of his missiles. However, Touyou's adept reflexes allow him to dodge all but one of them, as it batters against his left knee structure. He soon regains his footing, and aims at Menzai with his eye lasers, whilst Menzai does the same with his. The four beams negate each other, as the blinding light after-effect reveals the two Megadeuses battling in hand-to-hand combat against each other. One fist, two fists, four blows does Touyou land on Menzai's powerful form, doing considerable damage. Meanwhile, Menzai returns the deed with his own four fists. Fearing for his own survival at last, Jack launches all manner of lethal attack hence forth toward Touyou, but his recklessness leaves him with little ammunition, and little hope. Tim charges his Aeon Impacts, and with a final successful punch to Menzai's chest, releases the damage on his former comrade. The shattered husk collapses to the ground, causing a massive dust cloud to cover the battlefield in its wake. The dust clearing, Touyou is gone, Menzai and Jack are destroyed, Scott is dead within his Eliminar Megadeus, and Dorothy and Roger are recovering quickly.

"Is it over? Is he gone?" asks the wounded Roger Smith.

"He's gone, he won't be back," replies the solemn Tim, staring into the bleak wasteland that was once Paradigm City.

"But neither will Scott," interrupts R. Dorothy, showing a form of emotion no-one had ever seen in her, remorse.

"What will we do now? How are we supposed to survive with no medical equipment, no food, no water?" Tim remains silent, as if oblivious to Roger's question.
He raises his hand to his face, only two fingers together, both pointing upward "System, Reboot."


As another day at the Smith household begins, Roger squirms under his sheets at the sound of Dorothy's piano playing. Tired but defeated, Roger decides to get up, leaving the calm and peaceful, but short, night of sleep in his bedroom.


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