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Return of the Winter Night Phantom

Chapter 3: R. Dorothy Wayneright

Dorothy stepped onto the pier. Her sensors told her it was a beautiful day, but they were known to malfunction occasionally. She saw a woman on the dock. She was sure that Roger had talked about her.

"Why are you following Inspector Dastun?" she asked.

"How do you know it's me?" the woman answered. "You've never seen that woman before."

"I can feel it," Dorothy said. "Somehow I know it's you. You're an android aren't you?"

"Good job," said the woman. "The mind of that French actress was put into my body when she died. This was done so I could carry out her legacy."

"So that's why you're doing this," said Dorothy. "That's why his bullet didn't kill you. I must destroy you then."

"But then all the memories of the past that the men are so eager to know will be destroyed," the woman said. "Don't you care?"

"I am an android. I do not care" Dorothy said. "I only act".

"No," the woman said. "You do care about someone."

Dorothy picked the woman up and threw her into the water.

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