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Paradigm Shift - Act 1: Paradise City

Part 3

"Címon Dan, you wouldnít be holding out on me, would you?"

"Oh, alright, fine," Major Dastun sighed, reaching into his coat pocket. "Just because youíre representing the victims in this case, mind you. Here."

Raising an eyebrow at the piece of paper Major Dastun has handed him, Roger said, "Itís a kid. And a poorly drawn one, at that."

"Itís an artistís conception," Dan huffed. "A few witnesses saw this guy leave around the time we think this all happened. Said he seemed really dazed and nervous."

"I see," Roger tucked the sketch into his own pocket. He made a mental note to show this to his clients the next time he spoke with one of them. He wasnít seeing the connection; that capsule thing was made of pretty thick glass, some kid wasnít going to break it, nor was he going to survive trapped inside it for very long in the first place.

Still, Roger was not a man to jump to conclusions. He headed for the door. "Let me know if you find anything."

"By the way," Dan called after him, "your friend Beck was broken out of prison."

"Huh? Who?" Rogerís eye twitched.

"Sure," Dan shook his head in reassignment, "but the guards say a giant fist dropped through his cell and scooped him right up. Couldnít even see what it was attached to. Probably a Megadeus."

And then the ground rumbled. Roger raced down to the buildingís first floor and looked up and down the street.

The most bizarre thing he had ever witnessed greeted his eyes.

And all hell had broken loose.

To top it off, he could already hear Major Dastun running down the stairs with his men behind him, the other military police officers scrambling around the street as backup arrived even now. None of them had any idea what to do.

A giant hand was crawling its way down the road, clearly mechanical. Roger could see a chunk of forearm dragging behind it. It was so large it tore through the pavement and scraped walls off of buildings as it plodded along.

It was even a little larger than a Megadeus.

But there would be no Megadeus right now, because while Roger could see all of this, everyone on the street could see him. This in mind, he ran to his car. Time to find a nice, secluded alleyway.

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