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Where's Norman?

Chapter One

It was well after midnight. Just outside the domes of Paradigm City a chilly wind whipped through the worn buildings some people called home. A little farther away, the outline of an abandoned bank could be seen. Roger Smith was seated at his prized desk, pounding away at a typewriter. Dorothy played a bittersweet melody on the piano. Suddenly, Roger stopped, and pulled the sheet of paper out of the machine. "Norman, come in here!"

Roger Smith's butler Norman came into the room, followed by the destructive force known as Little O. "What can I do for you Master Roger?" Norman asked coldly.

"Norman, listen to this and tell me what you think of it." Roger cleared his throat, and scanned the paper in his hand. "This is a script I'm writing. It's about this witty and handsome hero named Roger Smoth who lives in Paragoom City. His best friend is Major Dan Crastun of the Auxiliary Police. He has an android companion named Zorothy, and a one-legged butler named William the Conqueror."

As Roger continued, a huge hole appeared in the floor. From out of the hole rose the grim figure of a man in a trench coat whose face was wrapped in bandages. It was the figure of Roger's arch nemesis; Schwarzwald! Schwarzwald violently grabbed Norman, and dragged him into the pit.

"Roger Smith, please stop." Dorothy said in her usual monotone. "Norman has been kidnapped."

"Don't be ridiculous Dorothy, and stop interrupting." Roger looked the page up and down. "Where was I? Ah yes! Roger Smoth is always being pestered by these two total losers with absolutely no lives named Schweck and Barzwald. And there's this really hot chick named Mangel who really wants me, I mean Roger. And Roger Smoth has this cool car called the Batmobile, and a giant robot called... Big O. I'm still working on that part. Maybe I'll turn this into a cartoon or something. What do you think Norman?"

Dorothy spoke. "I told you Roger. Norman has been kidnapped. And now, so am I. Help me Roger Smith." Despite her emotionless monotone, Dorothy was indeed being kidnapped by Schwarzwald. But he had not counted on her weight, being made of metal made her deceptively heavy.

"Stop being silly, Dorothy." Roger chuckled. "You're not being-hey! What's this bottomless pit in my floor! Little O, I know you did this!"

As Schwarzwald struggled across the floor with Dorothy, Roger approached the minideus. "Why did you do this!?! Answer me, you metallic monster!"

Little O shook its head rapidly. "It wasn't Little O Roger." Dorothy said, being dragged slowly to the pit. "Norman and I are being kidnapped by Schwarzwald."

"Not now Dorothy." Roger commanded. "I have to discipline the Little O for being a king-sized jerk." Roger grinned at his witticism.

Dorothy's head was just vanishing into the hole. "You're such a louse, Roger Smith."

Roger turned to face her, but she was gone. "She thinks I'm a louse?" After a few minutes of soft crying, Roger thought for a second. "Hold on; Dorothy has stopped insulting me and Norman isn't standing around doing nothing. There's only one answer to this... Norman and Dorothy have been kidnapped! Quick Little O, what are you going to do?"

Little O raced into Dorothy's closet and came out wearing her maid uniform. Then Little O picked up a broom, and started sweeping the floor.

"No! Oh, forget you." Roger paced the floor. "There must be some clue. Something that Dorothy said. She said she something... I think she said she was being kidnapped... kidnapped by someone in bandages... kidnapped by someone named Schwarz-oh this is too hard. I'm just going to Big Ear!"

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