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Chapter 5: The Fourth Match-Up: R. Dorothy vs. Schwarzwald!

"I understand Angel, I will return to you, safe." Schwarzwald kisses her hand, despite the intravenous drip, then bids her a fond farewell with a smile, and leaves for the next match,

"Good luck, Michael."

* * * * *

R. Dorothy finishes attaching herself to internal mechanisms of Dorothy One's main processor just as the aquatic megadeus is raised into the air, and into the arena. "Introducing, R. Dorothy Wayneright and Dorothy One!" screams Tim over the speakers, R. Dorothy waves at what numerous fans she has, and then closes Dorothy One's faceplate, concealing herself from damage. "And now her opponent, with the original Big Duo, Schwarzwald!" Big Duo hurtles out of the bay with his rockets, landing just as the hatch reaches its peak.

"What a grandiose waste of fuel. You will be in need of it for the match Schwarzwald."

"Huh, we'll see who needs what" Schwarzwald smirks at his opponent, though it is barely visible even to R. Dorothy's eyes.

"Dorothy One was one of the first Megadeuses to appear in Paradigm City, it is equipped with long metallic tentacles and spike drills. Her opponent, Big Duo, is equipped with eye lasers, powerful Gatling missiles, as well as two Megaton Missiles and a smoke screen. Dorothy may be out of her league here folks."

"I do not intend to win, merely to survive," remarks R. Dorothy.

"Uh, OK then. Well folks here we go: THREE, TWO, ONE! LET THE MATCH GET STARTED!" Big Duo attempts to fly away almost immediately, but is easily caught by Dorothy One's tentacles, as they wrap tightly around his arms, pinning him to the terra firma as he desperately struggles.

"Your primary advantage is your ability of flight. Disabling that advantage is my primary goal." Dorothy One's free arm sprouts its drill, and she begins walking toward the almost immobile Big Duo as it spins viciously. Big Duo manages to gain some slack by firing the thrusters at the tentacles behind him, but not enough to escape their powerful grip. Dorothy One draws ever closer to Big Duo, the claw rearing hind-ward, preparing to launch its attack. Just as the drill finally makes its move, however, Big Duo fires its Gatling rockets, slicing through the tentacles with minimal damage to itself, but a large amount to its chest plate armor.

"I'm not going down that easily, Android!" Schwarzwald fires the eye lasers and manages to remove Dorothy One's left hand with its beams. The disgraced limb plummets to the ground, its tentacles slowing down until they flop to the earth, the drill no longer. Big Duo fire his thrusters again, but Dorothy manages to grab hold of his right leg just as he manages to resume his flight, holding him in mid air, unable to break loose once more. Big Duo tries to fire its eye lasers again, but can't get a clear shot as Dorothy One simply moves directly beneath him. He increases the thrusters power, bringing Dorothy One to her tiptoes, but still unable to make his flight from the surprisingly powerful machine pair of R. Dorothy and Dorothy One.

"Things won't be that easy." A deep feminine voice rings out from Dorothy One's faceplate, a voice that obviously couldn't have belonged to R. Dorothy. Dorothy One's eyes flicker slightly before turning a deep black, and then returning to their normal brightness.

Suddenly, Big Duo's thrusters cut out completely, and he crashes to the ground with tremendous force, cracking the glass encasing the cockpit but allowing it to remain somewhat intact. "What?" Schwarzwald glances at the fuel monitors, which to his confusion read that the thrusters have enough fuel for a few more minutes. "What's going on?" Dorothy One releases her grip on Big Duo's leg, and prepares her second drill for action as she steps next to the fallen Big.

"Do you wish to surrender Schwarzwald?" queries the ever formal and monotonous R. Dorothy from within her serpentine seal.

"Never!" The drill of Dorothy One thrusts downward toward Big Duo's back, but he manages to fire the thrusters just in time to roll over and avoid it, landing flat on his back, whereupon he uses the thrusters once more to regain his upright position. He turns to face Dorothy One as she removes her drill from the shattered earth. Big Duo fires what few Gatling rockets he has left straight at Dorothy One, who manages to pierce the armor of eight of them with her remaining tentacles before the surviving three reach their target. The explosions ring out vigorously over Dorothy One's body, her armor ablaze with their fury. Schwarzwald's hideous laugh resounds over the arena as the smoke begins to clear, but it is soon replaced by an echoing scream as tentacles wrap themselves around Big Duo, containing him once more. "You just keep using the same tricks over and over don't you?" he questions his captor.

"You neglect to mention that you also use the same tricks, Schwarzwald."

"But I don't use the same ones every chance I get."

"Neither do I," Schwarzwald gasps as the ends of the tentacles split apart, revealing small barrels, which fire beams and begin digging away at Big Duo's head. At the same time, Big Duo attempts to fly away before it's too late, but only manages to get a few hundred feet off the ground before the tension of the tentacles increases, holding him fast. "Need I repeat myself? Whenever you find yourself unable to move freely, you engage your thrusters and attempt to fly out of my grasp, you are quite predictable."

"Not as much as you'd like to think," he smirks, as Big Duo's legs fold backward, revealing the tips of two giant missiles, which he consequently fires directly at Dorothy One. A massive explosion engulfs the arena, and the ensuing flame almost destroys the entire stadium, were it not for Tim covering it with a wall of force, hindering its growth until it finally subsides and the remnants of the arena are revealed, including one extremely damaged Dorothy One, who's tattered remains crumble apart seconds later, revealing the torn body of R. Dorothy. Big Duo lands from newly attained altitude above the stadium, and he is consequently awarded the victory, as R. Dorothy is teleported to the medical ward by Tim from the sidelines.

* * * * *

The last of Dorothy's components is laid on the medical table, her legs shattered, her arms reduced to ruin, and her face all but annihilated on the left side, revealing the internal mechanisms that would have allowed her extensive facial expressions had she ever thought to use them. The curtain to her right is drawn, obscuring the gruesome mechanical sight from Beck and Angel, who lie heartbroken having seen the pieces brought in. "Isn't there anything you can do?" Angel's voice is distraught; she had once sought competition from the android, now she seeks only the android herself.

"Not in that condition, it looks like a lot of her pieces were completely disintegrated, that's something only a miracle could fix."

"A miracle? Wait a minute, who around here could cause a miracle?" Her voice lightens at the news, how could she not have thought about it before?

"Of course, the Overlords. They could fix pretty much anything in record time, this should be no problem."

"But how are we supposed to ask them? We're stuck in here until our wounds are healed, and besides, Tim could only fix you up so much when you were dead."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Angel!" The ward's door swings open once again, and a slightly dishevelled Tim stumbles in, obviously exhausted. "What happened to you Overlord?"

"I guess I just took my time getting her out of there, the wreckage was really hot." His voice is tender, but certainly close to collapse.

"You.. Why did you get her out of there? Can you even fix her?" Angel's voice is back to normal, but she is still very concerned, now for both of them.

"Well, if I hadn't gotten her out of the ruins..." A pause follows for almost an eternity for the three. "She would have been melted." Angel holds her hand to her face as she gasps in horror, to think that she never contemplated the heat involved with the Megaton missiles.

"What about you? Wouldn't heat like that fry most cells?" Beck is obviously not as worried as everyone else.

"Just my glucose levels, and a couple body cells. I just wish..." Tim drops to the floor, and lays there unconscious, probably the first time an Overlord has ever been known to do so. A nurse rushes to him, but shrieks and jumps back as she discovers that his body is intensely hot.

"He really did his best to try and save her." Angel turns her head to the curtain, trying not to think about what lies beyond its barrier, just a few moments later the door opens again, and Schwarzwald visits Angel. "How could you? You knew the missiles would cause extreme damage, you've seen them do it before and they wiped out eighteen city blocks! And you kept telling me that no-one else would get hurt!"

"Would you rather I died where I was? I had to do something or the wreckage from Big Duo's head would have crushed me as soon as Dorothy One cut through it."

"Uh, do you two want some alone time?" Beck lies bewildered as ever, but the only response he receives is a simple.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" From both of them in unison, neither one of them noticing that Tim is gradually melting the ward floor, as Scott calmly opens the door and walks over the third table, pulling back the curtain to reveal all that remains of R. Dorothy Wayneright.

"You see what you've done? That's all that Tim could rescue before she would have melted in the debris Michael!"

"I-I didn't, I didn't think they could," Schwarzwald mutters incomprehensively to himself, as he stares blindly at the ruins of a once highly advanced android woman.

"Can you even fix her Scott?" Angel tries to calm down significantly, Schwarzwald muttering still.

"Well, the dead are more Tim or Tsunami's domain, but technology is mine."

"So can you fix her?"

"I'm just missing two components for it." He continues to examine the wreckage, a little more closely than a living Dorothy might have liked.

"What components, can we help at all?" Schwarzwald snaps out of his stupor.

"Yes, the first component is SILENCE!" The loud roar of an annoyed Scott sends the entire room into motionless silence, as he bends down next to Tim's sleeping body, he wrestles with something on his head, then plucks one of his gems out and returns to R. Dorothy. He levitates the gem a few inches above Dorothy's chest, and his own gem glows brightly as the components re-connect and assemble, until she is completely regenerated. Finally the blue gem begins to glow, and it sinks down toward her slowly until it submerges completely beneath her false skin, whereupon her eyes fly open immediately, she's alive again. The only words that Schwarzwald can utter, after all that has just happened, are..."I'm sorry."


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