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Chapter 3: The Second Match-Up: Rosewater vs. Jack!

The crowd gives a never ceasing roar as Big Fau and Menzai are hoisted into the arena from the hangars below, Fau's arms up in a sign of arrogance to his opponent. "Are you ready to lose, Overlord."

"I believe that is my line, human," replies Jack with a monotone similar to Dorothy in level.

"Well, it looks like there's no bloodlust between these two," the commentator calls through the microphone. "Before the match gets started, we've got a special guest in the commentator box now, Alex Rosewater's foreign assistant, Alan Gabriel!"

"What? What's that traitor doing up there?" angrily inquires Rosewater.

"It's good to be here Tim," replies Gabriel.

"So, do you have any insights as to how Rosewater will perform in today's match, Alan?"

"Well, he likely won't do anything too rash after Angel's defeat, but then again, Rosewater is as just about as brave as Roger Smith's little doll!"

"So, you're saying that Alex will be mostly on the defensive this fight?"

"Curse you, you ingrate, you'll pay for this!" thinks Rosewater, erratically palming the controls as he does so.

"Well, I guess we won't know until the match starts, so: Three, Two, One," the crowd grows impatient, "LET THE MATCH GET STARTED!"

"I'll show that arrogant lay-about who's the coward," roars Rosewater as Big Fau charges headfirst toward Menzai.

"You don't seem to realise yet," comments Jack, yet again the monotonous easy-goer. Big Fau reaches Menzai in a few seconds, sparking as the metal of his arms clasp Menzai at the shoulders, spreading his own in an attempt to rip them out of their sockets.

"I told you." The formerly stoic Menzai bursts into life as he rotates his arms in an inward-bound circle, knocking off Big Fau with little to no effort whatsoever. He then directs both of his wrists at Fau's faceplate, and releases wave upon wave of hellish flame upon him. Rosewater stumbles backward as Menzai opens his rocket pods, and fires three for a direct hit on Big Fau's torso area. The monarch Megadeus clatters to the ground, and Menzai moves in for the finishing blow. His eyes begin to shine with the glow of oncoming lasers, but Big Fau just manages to fire one of his arms straight into, and almost through, Menzai's right leg.

"Hmm, you have some skill."

"I'll show you skill, you impudent little.." Fau rises to his feet, head butting Menzai in the course, and plants his firm grip upon his head. He begins crushing it with his mighty grasp, and then drags Menzai to the nearest wall, smashing him into it with as much respect as he would pay a cockroach. Jack is thrust headfirst into the controls by the severity of the impact, but recovers soon after to release two more rockets into valiant Big Fau. Alas, his attack is mere folly, as Big Fau merely lowers his shoulders a few feet to dodge the ill-aimed missiles. He fires his eye lasers straight into the barrel-chested Menzai, delivering severe damage to the Overlord's Megadeus. "It looks like you're almost out of steam, Overlord."

"..." A garbled mix of unintelligible words and blood spill from Jack's mouth, his eyes glaring daggers at his adversary, and his gems beginning to shine like they had not so long ago in the non-past. Big Fau steps back from the shattered husk, and deep inside Rosewater smiles victoriously at his enemy, only for it to turn to a horrified ghast as he realises that Menzai is beginning to glow as well.

"What is this? What are you doing in there?" inquires Rosewater to his supposedly 'down for the count' foe.

"You never get it" he replies, simply.

"Get what? What do you mean?"

"You just never seem to get it."

"Answer me damn you!" Rosewater is getting frustrated. "What the hell do you mean!"

"We are YOUR creators! We are YOUR parents! We are YOUR superiors!" Jack screams out at last, his calm demeanour shattered by a surge of rage that had not been seen since Tim erased the wipeout of Paradigm. Menzai clambers to his feet, his body glowing almost as bright as the sun, though not visible from the current sky. Rosewater merely stands aghast as his near-demolished enemy repairs himself as the cracks, fires and other miscellaneous wounds simply vanish from his husk, his eyes signalling that he was ready to fight with a single bright flash. "Now" he echoed, "Come and show your old grandfather," he paused for a moment, "What you've really got."

"I'll show you you decrepit bag of hot air!" Fau lunges toward Menzai, but his fist is caught by the now much faster Megadeus, and he is flung directly into the wall behind him.

"I'll give you hot air!" Menzai raises his arms, and engulfs Fau's body with flames once more, the metre thick armour of Fau's chest beginning to glow bright red with the intense heat surrounding it.

"You won't beat me!" yells the humiliated Rosewater from inside his burning Megadeus, as he constantly tries to think of a way to beat his foe without an arm and massive fire damage spreading throughout his systems.

"It's the time lapse, you moron." Jack's voice echoes through Rosewater's brain, seemingly telepathically, but with just a hint of spoken word.

"Are you trying to mess with my head, Overlord?" replies Alex, but before he answers for him, he notices exactly what Jack was trying to tell him, that while Menzai is using his flamethrowers, his main body is frozen still to maintain the blast. "Or are you just trying to help me win?" he receives no reply, "No matter, you've helped quite enough." Big Fau's eye lasers fire up one more time and slice off Menzai's head, disabling him completely while he is most vulnerable.

"Whoa! Superb comeback by Big Fau! Menzai is unable to continue! Big Fau is the winner!" screams Tim from the commentator seat.

"It's a hollow victory, I couldn't have beaten him if he hadn't alerted me to the blatantly obvious lapse in his programs," thinks Rosewater, annoyed to the brink.

* * * * *

"Huh, whadda you know? I didn't think Rosewater would actually win, well there goes my game plan," comments Tim from the outer ring of the arena.

"Neither did I, something kept nagging at me that Jack was the strongest one here."

"Really? It's probably just... " Scott attempts to explain, but he is interrupted by the ever hasty Tim.

"Scott, you tell him anything and I'll uproot that lump of data you call a head and replace somewhere I can guarantee you won't like." The conversation goes silent for a few moments until Dorothy arrives with news of the next match.

"The next match is Beck and the RX3 against Alan Gabriel with Big Duo Inferno."

"That perversion hardly deserves to be called a 'Duo,'" scowls Schwarzwald with a harsh grin through his gritted teeth.

"But it is pretty strong, it certainly knew all the right moves to capture you, Dorothy," comments Roger from beside him, albeit with a tone of remorse from the unpleasant memory.

"Which reminds, me just how is Angel doing after our match?" asks Tim

"She's doing just fine considering the damage you did to Big Venus, I doubt she'll be up and about soon though. But you already knew that didn't you?"


"You knew that Angel would be seriously injured, and I wouldn't be surprised if you set this entire tournament up just so you could get rid of her!" Schwarzwald's voice rises to an intense and ferocious anger.

"That's insane, why would I want to do anything like that" Tim, however, remains calm.

"Insane it may be, punk, but if you hurt anyone else in this Tournament, I'll..." He is cut short by another one of Tim's sudden flashes of memory.

"Ooh, that's right, Jack's in the med' isn't he? I wonder how he is? Scott?" He peers around Schwarzwald's shoulder towards his brother.

"He's fine as always Tim. He took massive damage from a couple of girders falling from Menzai's head damage and he managed to get a couple hundred volts going through his control servers, but he's fine as always."

"How is that possible?" asks Beck from behind Dorothy.

"Were you even watching the match, Beck? Jack completely repaired Menzai in a few seconds, this is hardly out of his abilities."

"Jeez, what are you guys?"

* * * * *

Angel stares up at the empty ceiling, the bleakness of the medical ward finally setting in, though it may have just been the fresh bag of morphine the Nurse just brought.

"So, any news on the last match?"

"Mr. Rosewater won, that 'Overlord' person took a total blast to the head from him," the Nurse replies with a Geordie accent as she tends to the wounds to Angel's head.

"Alex won? Big surprise." She turns over to see a Nurse completely aghast at the results of her examination of Jack, and he becoming quite irritated that she won't let him leave until she's done. "How did he beat you Overlord!" She raises her voice slightly to get his attention over the voice of the Nurse, it works surprisingly.

"I'd rather not say."

"Ah come on! There's no way that Rosewater could beat the brother of a guy who's strong enough to send the pilot of the most powerful Megadeus in history here in this condition, do you know how much morphine I'm on?"

"Yes, I do, and I'd say it's more than enough to make you drowsy now please leave me alone," he replies with a sarcastic tone in his voice as he shoves past the Nurse on his way out. "And don't think that Schwarzwald won't be here to keep you company, he seems quite infatuated with you," he yells as he closes the door behind him, once again leaving Angel completely bewildered to what is going on in the building.


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