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Chapter 2: The First Match-Up: Tim vs. Angel!

"I honestly have no idea what he's going on about 'undefeated,' after all this is only the first tournament," comments Tim from inside Touyou.

"Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you?" begs Angel from Big Venus, at least a kilometre away in the arena.

"You've never done anything but try and reset a world I worked quite hard on. But as for this, I was just bored."

"BORED!! You mean to tell me we're locked into a battle to the death because you were bored?!"

"And Three," echoes Tim from the commentator box.

"Oops, looks like we just ran out of pre-match banter time Angel."

"Two," he cries.

"Hey wait a minute!" she screams.

"One, LET THE MATCH GET STARTED!" Angel turns back to the arena only to see the full form of Touyou charging rapidly towards her, fists at the ready.

"Uh oh, Big Venus reset the arena." Big Venus' body turns negatively coloured, and the ground beneath him begins to blank out of existence.

"You don't seriously think you'll win that easy do you Angel?" remarks Tim from Touyou. To Angel's horror, she sees that Big Venus is unable to erase anything more than a few feet away from him.

"No, that's not possible!"

"Tell that to the colossal fist that's about to land itself on your face!"

"Touyou is taking the early initiative and charging his opponent head on! Could Big Venus be useless without its Reset ability?"

"I'm not useless, kid! Big Venus use your lasers fast!" Big Venus' teeth fire countless beams at Touyou's charging body, but only a couple manage to hit him, and only on the shoulder.

"Whoa! Spectacular manoeuvres there by Touyou! He may just win yet!" Big Venus readies his fists for melee combat, and manages to swing as Touyou comes close enough, but much to everyone's surprise Touyou simply dives underneath them and slam into the ground just behind him.

"Big mistake Tim! I've got you just where I want you!"

"What? Aimed at the back of your head?" Big Venus spins around, only to find the Touyou has his fist ready to slam directly into his face.

"Hey stop!"

"Excellent strategy by Tim! Dodging Big Venus' blow only to get in behind him!"

"Touyou, Aeon Impact!" Touyou's pistons fire, expelling any air from inside them, the liquid nitrogen caps seemingly beginning to float inside. Touyou thrusts his fist into the helpless face of Big Venus, and releases the pistons, powering a massive wave of nitrogen through his wrists and into Venus. However, the terrified Angel manages to grab hold of Touyou's arm just prior to the impact and steers it away toward a nearby wall.

"I think you actually missed" replies a now-cheerful Angel.

"GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER PILOT!" yells an also now-impatient Tim as Touyou drives his other fist into the lower torso of Big Venus, causing considerable impact damage, but fortunately without any Aeon Impact to make it a finisher.

"A good attempt by Angel, but it looks like Tim has it in the bag this time, making him the first winner of the tournament!"
Big Venus is crippled as streams of electricity spark off from his wound, "I'm not going without a fight!" Venus just manages to fire a couple of beams at Touyou's head, as he stumbles backward to the wall.

"I said to get your act together!" Touyou fires his eye lasers and manages a direct hit on Big Venus' chest, knocking him to ground almost instantly.

"Big Venus is down for the count, Tim is the victor! He'll go on to fight the winner of Match 2!" Touyou holds his arms up in the air in a proud display of victory, the crowd screaming for more as he walks over to his column, and descends back under the arena, as Big Venus merely lies on the dust earth, his colours returning to normal as Angel attempts to regain consciousness within.

* * * * *

"He has some talent, to be able to defeat such a simple opponent as Venus," mocks the arrogant Rosewater from the spectator stands.

"Simple opponent? I don't recall that's what you said when you first saw Venus" replies Roger from next to him his smile as annoying to him as ever.

"Who will be in the next match, Tim?" R. Dorothy and Tim appear from just around the corner, Tim barely even scratched from his match just a few minutes prior,

"I'm not sure Dorothy, why don't you go and ask Tim Maughan in the commentator box over there?"

"Alright then", R. Dorothy wanders off in the direction of the commentator box, as Tim takes his place next to the two old rivals.

"Did you enjoy the fight?" he asks.

"You have some experience with that decrepit old hunk of scrap, but Big Fau will easily defeat you"

"Is that so? I don't recall ever seeing Fau diving under an attack and rolling to deliver a counter-attack from behind his opponent?"

"You'll see, you arrogant buffoon!" he retorts, enraged at the implication that Fau is inferior to Touyou, which he likely is.

"Watch it Alex, you do remember that Tim here is more powerful than almost anyone else in Paradigm City," cautions Roger with a note of pleasure in his voice.

"Yes, I remember, how you were fired at with missiles and special attacks and lived to tell the tale. Well I'm going to tell you now that I don't care what happened to you before, all that matters is that I'm going to win this tournament and claim my rightful title as the greatest Dominus in the world!" He stabs Tim in the chest with his finger, before storming off down the stairs, R. Dorothy passing him on the way.

"So, who's up next Dorothy?" inquires Roger to his robotic maid.

"According to Tim, Alex is fighting Jack in the next match, and apparently I should also consider updating my processor to a Genesis model."

"I really shouldn't have told him about that," groans Tim with obvious dissatisfaction from hearing he remembered the things he told him.

"You know this Tim Maughan, Tim?"

"Yeah, I do. I was looking for someone to commentate the matches and found out that he had the largest vocabulary this side of a dictionary, so he was the most logical choice," replies Tim with growing displeasure.

* * * * *

A nurse plunges a needle into her patient's arm, and connects it to a bag of morphine to ease her pain; Angel merely lies in the bed, covered with bruises and bandages. The door opens, and despite the nurse's best attempts, she is unable to keep the visitor out. Angel momentarily glances upward to see whom it is, only to find the most ultimate irony awaiting her.

"What are you doing here Schwarzwald? Come to get a new covering?"

"Actually I came to see how you were, I saw how much damage Venus took during the fight with Touyou." He sits next to her bedside and holds her hand. She quickly rejects his grasp. "I deduced that the pilot would have been seriously injured from it all, and to my surprise, I found that idea frightful"

"You mean you were actually worried about me? The man with more bandages than a medical cabinet back from the dead was worried about me?" she replies sarcastically.

"That is precisely why I was worried about you, young Angel. I have seen what the other side is like, and I do not wish that terror on anyone, not even Roger Smith."

"Not even Rosewater?"

"Well, perhaps I could make an exception," Angel laughs at his reply, and for the first time since she can remember, she actually sees Schwarzwald smiling without madness in his eyes.

"You really were worried weren't you?"

"I... don't know what I would do if you had been killed in that match" He takes her hand once more, and grips it with a firm grasp of friendship.

"Well, how about you hold off on the funeral preparations, Frankenstein, maybe until after you've had your match?"

"I promise, Angel." A boom goes over the intercom system, and Tim Maughan's voice comes out of it soon after.

"Will Alex Rosewater and Overlord Jack please report to their Megadeuses, the Second Match is about to begin."

"Look's like it's started then, why don't you give Jack a cheer for me, Schwarzwald."

"Call me Michael, and I will." He lets go of her hand and walks out the door, leaving Angel with numerous feelings for what just occurred.


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