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Chapter 5

His sunglasses were placed on in order to hide his emotions, even though twilight was upon them. Thoughts bounced here and there in Roger's head. He was worried for her. Even fear slipped into him once or twice, but his exterior never showed it.

It only made sense to them to go to the gas station. They knew gas doesn't crackle, but fire does, so they needed to be extremely careful. It was old and abandoned, but there was always the possibility that the gas tanks were still there.

Night had approached and engulfed them all. They searched and searched, even inside the small food mart, but they could not find a sign. Roger and Dastun were quietly standing outside in the lighted street near the Griffon. It was parked right across the street, near the candy store.

"We haven't gotten any closer to him. I'm starting to worry," lied Roger. He was already worried.

"Roger, we're going to find her. We've pulled through worse things than this. Dorothy will be back with us. Don't lose faith in us now."

Then woman and her son came out of the candy store, the last customers of the day.

"Look mommy! Look mommy! Look mommy!" The kid held out his tongue and had some little rock-like candies on it. It crackled.

"Show me in the car. Right now we have to let the military police do their job." Roger, seeing this, ran up to the two.

"Excuse me, where'd you get that?"

"From the candy store, mister."

"And it crackles?"


"Thanks." He ran up to Dastun.

"I think I figured it out. We have to go into the candy store." Dastun didn't question him. He ran after him inside. The sweet smell of the confections swarmed through, but did could not stop them from their mission. They went up to the plump woman at the counter.

"Ma'am, will you let us through? We suspect something's going on in your store," said Dastun.

"It's an emergency!" cried Roger as the woman raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, but nothing has-hey!" Roger ran through the back door, only to find extra candy...and another door. He ran to that one, but it ended up being a broom closet. He couldn't take any chances.

"There's nothing in there!" said the woman nervously.

"Dastun, help me break this down!" He arrived, and they both ran into the closet shoulder-first. Ramming into the wall, all they were left with were injuries. Nothing opened.

"You're ruining my store!"

"I don't think we're going to find anything in here, Roger." Roger said nothing. Instead he put his hand on a window cleaner in order to steady himself. It fell, and the wall of the closet opened. They stared at each other in disbelief.

"I think I should go alone. If you suspect anything big happening, do what you have to do. Otherwise, don't interfere."

"But Roger-"

"This is my fight. Now get ready."

"Alright. Good luck, Roger," said Dastun hesitantly. Roger walked down into the darkness.

Two flights of stairs were all it took to walk down before he got to one of the unused train stations. There was a doorway with no door on the other side of the tracks. As he got closer, he could hear a ticking sound. He walked through and could not believe what had been done.

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