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The Man in Red

Part 3: Some things should have never been.

"Mr. Getall, there is no evidence that you yourself didn't kill all those scientists, and destroy all that equipment." Dastun is sitting across from Getall and Roger Smith in his office. Getall keeps hitting his head on the lamp above.

"Ok, I lost my cool when they shot Dorothy, but I have a very good reason," Getall protests, trying to explain himself and making odd gestures with his hands.

"Yes, yes. you two told us you healed her. Please Mr. Getall after seeing you cut yourself and then healing I do believe you. I've even gotten you acquitted of all the charges against you. You are also the only suspect in the case. This Mr. Job hasn't shown his face in 8 months. Maybe I'm mistaken but wasn't he supposed to immediately go on a rampage?" Dastun seems to have an open and shut case against Getall.

"I can vouch for Getall's character. I don't think he would ever do anything like the devastation we saw in the lab," says Roger Smith, trying to negotiate to get Getall off.

"I simply don't believe you. You just seem to be mad. I don't know what happened to you to make you the way you are. But I think that you have no knowledge of the past. I think you've been leading Roger on," declares Dastun, talking as if a judge condemning Getall.

"Either charge me or let me go." Getall is quite angry.

"I don't have enough evidence to charge you yet," Dastun starts.

"Fine. Bye!" Getall storms out of the office.

"Getall wouldn't hurt anybody. I know him, despite what he can do. I know he wouldn't loose his cool unless something BIG set him off." Roger Smith seems to be trying to be as clear as possible.


This world is turned upside down. They don't realize what this place used to be. Maybe they went too far. Maybe after I went over the deep end, they did too. I hope they got better. I did.

Dorothy is standing above Getall. "What are you doing, Mr. Getall?"

"Just thinking," Getall is laying on the ground in a park. "Dorothy, have you ever wondered what was before?"

"I have in the past, but Roger said not to think about it." Dorothy helps Getall to his feet.

"Dorothy, the past is that. I was never supposed to come out of stasis. But in this world, where they don't remember, I think I can find peace." Getall and Dorothy start walking out of the park.

"Why were you put into stasis, Mr. Getall?"

"Well, I don't think that matters any more. I'm not the man I used to be."

"I don't understand Mr. Getall; did you do something you weren't supposed to?"

"Well that's a long story, little lady."


Roger Smith is climbing a long set of steps. Once he gets to the top, he looks down and sees a large collapsed building from a battle he had in the city in the past. Behind him he hears a familiar voice.

"Watch that first step, Roger. If you're not careful, you might just fall, or be pushed." Angel steps out from the shadows behind him.

"What might you want, lovely?" Roger leans against a wall trying to look suave.

"I've been looking into this character that has been living in your home. Care to find out how he became what he is?" Angel holds up a disk.

"Of course, he won't tell me anything until we get Job, Angel." Roger is quite interested.

"You see, he hasn't been completely honest with you, to stop all those who were tested by Dr. Massagrade. He has to stop himself, too." Angel slides her hand across Roger's chest, and puts the disk in his pocket as she walks to the edge.

"Angel, maybe you should just work with me. That way you wouldn't have to meet me in this old, musty building." Roger and Angel look over the edge.

"Getall is as guilty as those he fights against," Angel says, looking at Roger and swaying her hips to the left. She leans over and whispers in Roger's ear, "All of them were put into that stasis lock for war crimes."

"Really? Now that is some news." Roger is surprised, but is trying to be too suave to jump.

Angel starts to walk back into the darkness, "Just thought I'd let you know Mr. Negotiator." She turns around and winks. "See ya next time, Roger."


Trotsky sits inside a megadeus cockpit. "I'm ready Job, let's get down to business." He yells out "GET SOME!" as a megadeus starts walking into a dome. Soldier has tear marks coming down his cheeks, a huge shield in its left hand, and an assault rife in its right. Its face looks like it's very ticked off.

"So this Dr. Massagrade made you what you are today?" Dorothy and Getall are on top of a building.

"Yep. Me, Trotsky, Job, and Frag. All of us. Oh and he made one of those "Big Damn Robots" too. I never found out what happened to Frag or Dr. Massagrade. I guess they're somewhere still in stasis - or they're dead."

"They're very much alive, you pathetic piece of trash!" Job jumps down and hits Getall. The two of them fall through several floors, Job punching Getall the whole way through. Getall manages to throw him off, then goes though another floor.

A piece of wood is sticking though Getall's chest. Job gets up, jumps down on the floor, and starts kicking Getall. After four kicks the wood breaks and he starts rolling. "Got ya, you stupid piece of trash!" Job starts yelling at Getall.

With the wood still in his chest, Getall gets up "You sucker-punching fool, I beat you before and I'll do it again." Getall holds out the Hell Fire pistol. It doesn't fire.

"You didn't have the guts to shoot me before, so I know you won't do it now." Job knocks the Hell Fire into pieces from Getall's hands while Getall still holds the handle. "Pathetic!" Job punches Getall though the wall. He flies out side of the building, down a few more floors, and into the building next door.

"Damn, I have to do it at all cost." Getall pulls out the large stake in his chest. Job is nowhere in sight. "Where did he go?" A woman starts hitting him in the head with a shoe.

"Get out!! GET OUT!!" she yells as Getall runs out of her bedroom.


Roger Smith is sitting in The Big O, looking at Soldier. "That thing might have been menacing to the past, but it's no match for Big O. Action!"

The Big O starts walking toward the Big Soldier. Soldier starts shooting its assault rifle at Big O. Big O holds up his arm shields to defend its body from the salvo of bullets. But the bullets manage to tear though the right arm shield, exposing some mechanisms from the piston punch. "I got a present for ya!" yells Trotsky as he launches a missile from one of the tears on his face.

The missile flies toward Big O, then aims down and lands in the opening in its right arm shield. "That was your best try?" yells Roger at Trotsky.


Getall, now out on the street, sees the fight between Big O, and Soldier. "NO!! I DESTROYED IT! TROTSKY MUST STILL BE ALIVE!!"

Job walks up behind Getall. "Come now, Getall, we were a great team. Now with the stupid people who control this world, we could rain terror upon Paradigm City! We could RULE! We could strike FEAR in all those we wish to. Me, you, Trotsky, and Frag could become the four horsemen again! THINK OF IT!"

"We can't be the horsemen again, I won't be War again. I won't let you become Famine." Getall holds the piece of the Hell Fire in his hand; it starts to come back together. "We deserved what we got, I realize that now," Getall points the Hell Fire at Job. "Some things should have never been." Getall fires the Hell Fire at Job.


Big O pulls back its right arm. "That old junk heap could never take Big O!" Roger hits the button to start the piston punch. "GO BACK TO THE PAST!" Roger yells as he hits Soldier's shield with Big O's right arm, and activates the piston punch.

The arm blows apart. Pieces of the shield and piston crash into the buildings and street around Big O and Soldier. Big O's right leg has a large piece of the shield stabbed into its knee cap. "The Black Megadeus is no match for the pale horse of Death!" Soldier shoots Big O with its assault rifle, knocking it off of its feet.


"Rog, Dorothy, I'm sorry for bringing my mess into the future." Getall says, jumping onto Big O's left hand. "I'm sorry I won't be able to tell you about the past Rog, but please activate the left piston punch."

Roger lifts Big O's left arm, aims it at Soldier "I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO WIN!" Roger activates the piston punch.

Getall gets flung through the air at Soldier's cockpit. He holds up the Hell Fire and fires as he flies. "Now we will never be able to hurt anyone ever again!" The bullet fire smashes a hole through the armor straight to Trotsky.

"NOOOOO!" yells Trotsky as Soldier starts to stumble back. It reaches forward trying to grab something, anything to keep its balance.

"I used to be War, now all I want is peace," Getall says to himself as he flies into the flaming cockpit, knocking Soldier completely off balance. Soldier falls back. Black smoke billows out of its cockpit.


Roger jumps out of Big O, and runs toward Soldier. Roger runs onto Soldier, and looks into where the smoke is coming out. "Damn." Getall is very heavily burned. Parts of his burned armor look as though it is burned flesh.

Dorothy is holding Getall's head in her lap "You can't heal burns, Mr. Getall, you told me yourself."

"Well, after all I've been though," Getall coughs in searing pain, "I'm glad the end will come doing the right thing." Getall looks at Roger, "Hey Rog, don't bury me too deep. You know, in case I come back." He collapses lifeless.

Dorothy kisses Getall. "It worked on me but not on you." She speaks as though she were crying.


"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." Roger is looking over the disk Angel gave him. Getall was named War. Trotsky was Death. Job was Famine. Frag was Combat. Someone named Dr. Massagrade gave them all their different powers." Roger jumps out of his seat. "Wait, who is Frag?"


Up in Trotsky's office, a figure sits in a big leather chair. Two men on either side of him are looking out of the window at the Military Police cleaning up the wreckage from the fight. The one on the left is Alex Rosewater. The other is wearing a lab coat.

"Mr. Rosewater, you have yourself a deal," says the man in the chair. Frag leans forward, large scars of angelic symbols cover his face, and continue down his neck. He starts to laugh.

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