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Legacy of a Rose

Part 1

Roger could not help but drive around for a while in the Griffon, for the night was still young. Besides, he had much thought to give about the things and people in his life, including R. Dorothy Wayneright and how to make her play something better in the morning. He had just made it past the bridge and was heading towards the darker side of town. He suddenly saw a figure in the middle of the shadowy street. He caught himself before he could lose himself even more in his train of thought, and pumped the brake.

"Hey," he began yelling out the window, but as he focused, he saw it was a woman in a dark suit suddenly pulling out a gun from her back. As she saw he was not going to attack her, she nervously ran off. Roger just watched.

"I asked you to come on a very personal matter." Alex Rosewater paced the room as Roger sat on the sofa, calmly watching him. "My niece was kidnapped yesterday afternoon. I need you to get her back for me."

"Do you know anyone who's against you in any way?" asked Roger, although he knew the answer.

"Lots of people, but I don't believe they'd be so sick as to involve my niece. Jules has only been visiting for a few days, and has done nothing wrong. She doesn't deserve this. She's only eight." Roger's hard expression had softened as he heard that the young girl was kidnapped. Apparently he had a soft spot for those things.

"Has the kidnapper put out a ransom?"

"No, no not yet."

"If he," he paused for a minute, remembering the night before, "or she, does, do not give them what they want, haggle for a lower price. Make her seem not as important as she really is. Otherwise, I'll do the best I can to get her back."

At the Speak Easy, Roger was not able to get information on the girl, but got some very juicy tidbits on something just as important.

"I've heard that there is a very valuable jewel roaming around this city. Many thieves are especially looking forward to using it. It's been rumored to operate every megadeus in the city, and it helps the machines become stronger at a triple rate. It has also been rumored that it may even contain the lost memories they've been dying to have."

Having heard this, Roger paid the money and left the Speak Easy.

That night, he decided to drive to the same place he saw the woman the night before. He had an uneasy feeling she had something to do with the kidnapping, or at least with this missing jewel. As he got there he waited inside the Griffon. The night was so cold he could see his own breath. He placed his hands in his pockets after he turned on the heater. He opened the window a crack so he wouldn't suffocate in the car. After twenty minutes, he saw her walk up to and write on an old brick wall. Roger tried to focus on what she was writing but she was too far.

"Hey!" he called as he opened the door. Her eyes wide open, the woman ran. Needless to say, so did Roger. He followed her into an abandoned warehouse where she, once more, pulled out her gun. She pointed it at him. He noticed she wasn't wearing a black, but a dark blue suit that tightly and perfectly fit the curves of her body. He took a whiff of an unfamiliar scent. What is that?

"Stay away from me!" she cried. "I don't want to hurt you!"

"What do you know of the missing jewel?"

She looked shocked as she heard the question. "I know I have no use for it. I cannot use a megadeus."

"What about the memories?"

"Everybody wants them so much they would kill for it. I cannot take that risk. Not yet. Anyways, I don't even know where it is."

"What do you know of the kidnapping of Jules Rosewater?" he asked. Her eyes shifted to the side, then back at the handsome man. That lasted a millisecond, yet Roger noticed and knew she was involved.

"Nothing," she said, almost in arrogance.

"Why did you do it?" he asked.

"I didn't do anything." He looked at her. She sighed and rolled her eyes, still pointing the gun. "I found her crying in an alley close to here. Told me she couldn't stand to be in the place where she was staying. She then stayed with her uncle but he found her again. She told me he would get her if she didn't leave."

"Who, who would get her?"

"She didn't tell me who, but she said he wanted-"

"AHHHH!!!!" The woman turned and ran in the direction of the screaming. Roger followed. They went outside the door and found Beck laughing, holding a large sapphire in one hand, and Jules in the other. Tears streamed down her eyes as she cried out, "Let me go!" dozens of times.

"BECK!" they yelled in unison. "You know him?" asked Roger.

"It's a long story," said the woman.

"Rose!" cried Beck. "It has been a long time, ha ha ha. I see you have met Roger Smith. Now that we've all been acquainted, it's time to crush you fools!" Rose then shot three bullets over Beck's head, careful not to shoot Jules' head off.

"Fool! Do you really think that scares me anymore? You're pathetic!" Rose then ran towards him and dragged him to the floor, causing him to let go of Jules. He didn't let go of the sapphire.

She fought with full force, punching and kicking, until she was able to retrieve the jewel. He then punched her and pushed her off him with such force that she felt dazed when she crashed into a rusted metal gate. He took the sapphire out of her hand.

"Let us test this out, shall we?" His megadeus appeared out of the darkness. "With this," cried Beck, "I shall become all powerful, and then you will be defeated, Roger Smith!"

Then, Roger, into his watch, cried: "Big O, it's showtime!"

What the hell? That damn piano-playing again? Roger stormed out of his room in his robe, hair still tousled from a night, or morning, of twisting and turning.

"Dorothy! Would you stop playing that infernal music? I am trying to SLEEP!"

"I am sorry Roger, but your breakfast is getting cold." Dorothy continued to play without looking up at him. "Besides, a young woman left this note for you."

"What?" Roger took the note from the top of the piano.

I want to thank you, Roger Smith, for understanding the situation and helping me. I saw you fight him before I blacked out. I don't think I could have defeated Beck this time, especially with that sapphire in his possession; he wouldn't have let it go. Who knows what destruction his megadeus would have caused? Who knows what would have happened without the other megadeus to save us?


Roger remembered how Beck had placed the jewel inside his megadeus. As Big O became ready to fight and fired his missiles, Beck's megadeus began to attack, but it had short-circuited. So did that mean this jewel wasn't real? Yes! The blue pieces shattered through the glass of the megadeus, where the main controls were located, showing Beck's rage and bloodied face. Big O then took action, displaying his move of swinging his fist towards his opponent, hitting the megadeus in the chest area, and knocking it down to its grave. Beck, the military police found out later, had disappeared before anyone could arrest him.

He had seen Alex Rosewater at the scene as he received his niece. He hugged Jules liked he never could in his lifetime. The tears were just shedding from her cheeks. Roger hid his smile as he witnessed it all.

"He really seems to love her dearly," Datsun had said. Roger couldn't respond. He began walking away into the darkness.

So I guess that jewel is still out there, roaming through the streets, Roger thought to himself, if it even exists.

"Oh, Roger," said Dorothy, "she also left you this."

How rare. What is this? Hmmm. That smell is so lovely, so familiar. It smells like..."Rose."

"What was that, Roger?" asked Dorothy as she played another song, slower in pace and much more soothing than the last one.

"Nothing, Dorothy, nothing." Shaking his head, he headed to the dining room to eat his cold breakfast.

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