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Chapter Three

No one fared well after the explosion. Norman was on crutches and Dorothy's head was on backwards. Beck was in a wheelchair and a neck brace. And Major Dan Dastun of the Military Police had a bad cold. Little O, who suffered no ill effects, was seated at a table.

"Well I hope you're happy Little O." Roger Smith scolded. "The money I got from that last job won't be enough to buy us some land that still exists. The moron, Dr. Effron, paid me less because he claimed over seventy-five percent of the cannon was missing, and in its current state it is highly dangerous to operate. I told the little weenie to use it anyway."

At that very minute, Dr. Effron's laboratory in Paradigm City exploded. Roger Smith heard it, but pretended not to notice.

"Anyway, you're going to have to pay for it Little O." Little O pointed to a pitcher and cups to had set up on the table. "A lemonade stand, eh? Well, just so you don't get discouraged, I'll be your first customer."

Roger picked up a glass, and took a sip. Instantly he spat it out. "This junk isn't lemonade! It's... motor oil?!? Why you moronic machine! I'll fix you--into little tiny pieces!"

Roger Smith began chasing Little O around the table. Everyone laughed at them. But Beck laughed too hard, and broke all his ribs.


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