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Eve of the Hurricane


"I wake up every mornin'
I stumble out of bed
Stretchin' and yawnin'
another day ahead
It seems to last forever
and time goes slowly by
Till babe and me's together
then it starts to fly - "

The Dastun apartment has gone through an interesting change, one in which neither resident found unpleasant.

"Cause the moment that he's with me
time can take a flight
The moment that he's with me
everything's alright
Night time is the right time
we make love
Then it's his and my time
we take off - "

Angel's presence had softened the 'bachelor' effect of Dastun's place, cutting down on dirty dishes and laundry, and being replaced by order and coziness. He was shocked at first, his initial reaction being along the lines of 'Oh, God, she cleaned and did laundry and I can't find anything!', but he quickly grew used to her touch around the place. For one thing, he could actually find a matching pair of socks.

"My baby takes the morning train
he works from nine till five and then
He takes another home again
to find me waitin' for him - "

Angel herself felt she owed him debt for not only taking her in, but risking his badge for doing so. All she could do was look after him.

"He takes me to a movie
or to a restaurant, to go
Slow dancing
anything I want
Only when he's with me
I catch light
Only when he gives me
makes me feel alright - "

He had given her money to go grocery shopping, and she found enough remained to visit a thrift store for clothes. Although she preferred sleeping in his old shirts ... they still held his scent ...

"All day I think of him
dreamin' of him constantly
I'm crazy mad for him
and he's crazy mad for me
When he steps off that train
I'm makin' a fool, a fight
Work all day to earn his pay
so we can play all night - "

Angel sang loudly along with the record album she had found in a box in his closet.

"Not exactly top-of-the-line," she murmured as she dressed in the pink plaid skirt and violet long-sleeve top. "But it's a little variety."

She gazed at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, finger-combing her blonde hair into place and practicing smiles to greet Dastun.

"Why am I doing this?" she commented to herself as she continued singing.

"My baby takes the morning train
he works from nine till five and then
He takes another home again
to find me waitin' for him - "

The door lock clinked and she ran out, lifting the turntable needle from the record, then picked up a box of matches and struck a match to light the candles on the work/dining table.

Dastun walked in, clad in his trenchcoat. He took in the sight of a fully-prepared dinner on the table, candles flickering on small saucers, and Angel in a new outfit, looking at him expectantly.

He grinned, then chuckled, "Hi, honey, I'm home."

Angel giggled and took his coat. "Dinner's all ready, just waiting for you to wash your hands." She gently touched the bandages covering the wound on the back of his head he had received from the destruction of Dorothy One. "How does your head feel?"

"Less pain today." He took the coat from her and hung it up. "Stop it, Millie, the domestic-goddess thing looks creepy on you."

"I owe it to you, Daniel," she reminded him. "Besides, I have nothing to do with myself nowadays, so I have to keep busy."

Dastun gazed at her. "If you want to leave - "

Angel's eyes widened, then she embraced him tightly. "No," she breathed against his ear. "I want to stay with you. You're safe. You don't use me." She squeezed his shoulders. "Don't turn me out."

Dastun raised his arms and held her, stroking the back of her blonde hair. "It's okay, Millie, you don't have to leave. I was just offering. I'd be driven crazy if I had to stay in here all day. Probably why I hate vacations."

She pulled away a bit to look into his hazel eyes. "I like being here, Daniel." She inhaled deeply and released him. "Sorry for that. Guess I'm still ... anxious."

"Understandable. I'll wash up and have dinner with you - smells too good for it to go to waste."

"Hope it's good enough, then." He stepped into the bathroom, and she sank into a chair, trying to control her breathing.

What's wrong with you? she asked herself. Why are you acting like a teenager again? It started like this with Alan, didn't it? What makes Daniel any different??

She had no way of answering that, and it annoyed her.

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