Fan Work Submission Guidelines, Robot Features Updated!

Shredder 07-21-2003 12:46 AM
Paradigm City is always looking to expand our fan work section, so if you are interested in submitting something, but you're not sure how or what the rules are, take a look at our new Fan Work Submission Guidelines here.

Also, we've updated our Robot Features section to include profiles for Dagon (Sea Titan) and Beck Victory Deluxe! Look for this section to be complete through season 1 later this week!
Kairi 07-21-2003 10:02 AM
Say, why do you only have information on the Megadeuses and none of the organic creatures that Big O does battle with? Y'know, like the Electric God, or Neo-Perot? You could just change the title from "Robot Features" to something like "Enemy Listings" or "Mecha and Orga" and add their information, too. Just saying..
Shredder 07-21-2003 10:46 PM
We're still considering making a section for the organic enemies Roger fights after we're caught up with the robots through Season 1. The reason we haven't added these characters in yet is that we didn't feel their profiles would be as detailed as the robots'. We sort of set up those sections to illustrate what that model of robot or Megadeus can do (almost like a car or appliance) for informative purposes as well as to help anyone looking to add detail to a fanfic or fan drawing.

While it's possible to do the same with the organic enemies (the electric god in particular), it would be a little difficult to keep everything consistent. We don't want to leave them out entirely (especially considering the possibility that more organic enemies may show up in Season 2), so you will be seeing more on them in the future, it's just the place that's undetermined. Smile )