[Fan Fiction] Personal Fanfic Characters thread.

paul1290 04-25-2005 07:37 PM
We each post our own fanfic characters that will represent ourselves in various fanfics. They have to be characters that can possibly exist in the Big-O universe. You can either use your own username or make up a name for your character. Try to post something original and unique (we don't want to have half a dozen megadeus pilots or 30 negotiators or something.). Post various things about your character like personality, appearance, usual clothing, and how they fit into the Big-O universe (your characters don't have to be exactly like you). Like this:


hair color:???
eye color:???




Other stuff:???

Long term and short term goals:???

(long and short term goals are not really required, but they make it easier to write fics with your character)

After we post a few then we make fanfics using these characters and post them on this thread. Just list the characters you'll use at the beginning of the fanfic (I don't recommend using any more then 3 characters). These fics can involve other characters from the show like Roger and Dorothy (this is actually recommended). However, nobody can use any of the characters from the show as their personal fanfic character (otherwise we'd end up with 30 Roger Smiths). Also, you might want to keep the fanfics rather short because we're all posting fics in the same thread.

I'll post my personal fanfic character later.

Also, if there are any changes to your character then repost your character's description with the changes. If you make a fanfic then be sure to use the latest versions of the characters.

Fic writing suggestions:

-It's usually difficult to write a fic if your using too many characters. I suggest choosing two other people's characters in addition to your own. That way you have 3 characters to work with.
-Don't mutilate, decapitate, or kill someone else's character without their permission. Be sure to PM them first.
-Try not to do anything that will change someone else's character without their permission.
-Try not to make it too long. There is nothing wrong with making a lengthy fic, just try not to write something that's 20 chapters long or anything like that.
-Yes, you are allowed to use your own character in your fics. Don't be afraid to do so.
Generalissimo D 04-25-2005 08:13 PM
Good idea...Not sure how it will fly.

Name:Gregory Diaz

hair color:Black
eye color:Brown

Basicly a black overcoat coupled with whatever get up he has underneath. Usually a shirt and black pants. his hair is often rumpled, and from time to time he ends up wearing a tuxedo.He absolutley hates hair gel, but is often seen with his hair slicked back. He doesnt really wander much from his usual get up though. His skin is a light brown, tanned from all the work he does roaming about underneath the false sunlight lamps of Prometheus. His right hand is maimed from the right knuckle up to his wrist from shrapnel that was lodged in his hand from a megadeus battle.

Personality:Arrogant. Inquisitive. Not easily surprised. often confused and disoriented from Lucy's pouncings..
Gregory is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He is quite the pacifist, but does not hesitate to use physical force to aquire what he needs. He aquired his ridiculous amount of money from a favor he did to an old inventor and his faithful assistant. He does not squander it. He wastes a nice bit every week, foriegn threats permitting, to publish his paper. Greg has a strange sense of chivalry he maintains constantly as well..

Occupation:Reporter for his own paper: The Chronicle of Truth. He also uses his Megadeus to pwnz0r the FCUK out of bad doers.

Goal:The Truth. The One Truth.

Other stuff:He appears in The Other Coast. He pilots Big Horus, one of three special Megadeuses built stronger, faster, and better equipped than their counter parts for elite missions. Big Horus is Big Duo taken one step further. Just as Big Dante is to Big O, and Big Dunkel to Big Fau.

More Crap:

Think of this as a little preview of what I am to write soon...

spoiler (highlight to read):
He use to hold a strong grudge with Roger Smith pre-event. Roger knew Greg early on in the military, and always taunted him. Playboy and Dork-boy thrown together. The last think he did to peeve him was refuse the help in the Last Battle of New York.

He is not a citizen of Paradigm City...rather another batch of experimental tomatoes kept on the end of the continent by another man. See the story for full details.

edit:See The Other Coast
for further details about Greg.
Gummibear 04-26-2005 08:24 AM
This sounds fun! Thanks for thinking of the idea!^.^

Name:Paige Etienne
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'7
Age: 24

Appearance: When you first lay eyes on Paige you see a woman not much different from the others. Uniquely beautiful but easily lost in a crowd, she has a healthy, athletic figure that adequately coats her 5'7 frame. Her most celebrated features are her luminous emerald eyes magnified by her glasses and her lucious brown mane which tumbles down her shoulders. Her lengthy bangs are usually clipped back with a beret. When she's working her hair is in a low ponytail. Her attire can be considered somewhat conservative but it sort of goes with the seriousness of her profession. She usually wears a knee length skirt, light sweater over an oxford shirt when she's not working.

Personality: Paige is assumed to be a very mature girl for her age and for the most part she is. Always very kind and considerate but with quite an attitude when provoked. Gutsy and athletic she prides herself on being one of the few women on the force.
Occupation: Military Police Officer

Other stuff: Paige was born January 16 under the astrological sign of Capricorn. Orphaned since birth she was adopted by a respected Coronel but shortly after his death she was mentored by Dan Dastun who become somewhat of a surrogate father to her. Roger Smith was one of her best friends during his stint as an MP however when he left a great void was formed between them.

Long-term goals: Become a high ranking officer in the MP. Receive clearance to perform private investigations on private citizens who operate megadeus'. Learn the true motives of Coronel Samuel Etienne's murderers and why the investigation was called off.

Short-term goals: Find a boyfriend who isn't threatened by her. Maintain a steady relationship. Convince the boys at the MP to stop sending her to retreive donuts for them.

Quirks: Likes to take notes-she has sheets and sheets of notes with information about crimes,criminal sketches and what not. She really,really,really enjoys soda...she drinks it as opposed to coffee. She has a thing for the color green.
paul1290 04-26-2005 07:38 PM
It looks like this idea isn't catching on as quickly as I had hoped. I was hoping someone else would write the first fanfic using these characters, but I might end up being the one who has to write one first. I have never written a fanfic before so I'll wait and see if anyone steps up to write one before I go ahead and try.

Here's my fanfic character:

Name: Paul Wilson

hair color: black
eye color: very dark brown, almost completely black
height: 5'10"
age: 20

Appearance: He wears glasses that almost always have sunglass clip-ons. Has pale skin from lack of exposure to sunlight. He is also rather thin. Normally wears a red shirt, jeans, and black coat. He looks very cool looking when he has his black coat on, but when he takes it off; he starts to look like a nerd because of his glasses and shirt pocket full of pens and pencils. Always carries a PDA-looking device on his belt. Also carries a .45 ACP pistol that he custom designed himself (although he almost never uses it because it’s for self-defense).

Personality: Highly intelligent and won't hesitate to show it off. He knows a lot about technologies that were lost 40 years ago. He will often pull off a "Sherlock Holmes" when he encounters an electronic device, which means he does stuff like the identify a device's origin, its function, how much it has been used, and other stuff like that just by looking at it. He tends to stay calm and cheerful no matter what even in the most dangerous situations. Sometimes this makes him seem like someone who doesn’t take anything seriously, which is not true. He doesn’t like being disturbed when he’s working on a new device or repairing some machine from before 40 years ago. He likes gadgets and carries a lot of them with him most of the time. For some reason he feels the need to always carry a weapon and his skill with a handgun is better than most Military Police officers.

Occupation: He gets various devices made before 40 years ago to work again and sells them. He also does weapons research for the Military Police.

Other stuff: In addition to his handheld computer, he also carries a number of other gadgets with him. His glasses have infrared and X-ray scanning capability. He has a lock pick in a pen similar to Roger’s, but he also has a lock pick kit for more complex locks. The handheld computer can wirelessly hack most computer systems and some less intelligent androids. He also has a pen that emits a blinding flash of light and an electro-magnetic pulse when triggered.

Short term goals: Outsmart the Paradigm Science group and have a fun time doing it.

Long term goals: He wants to help people regain the scientific knowledge and technology they had before the event.

If I do end up writing a fic for this thread then I'll probably use BigOz and Gummibear's characters. If anyone has any additional characters or fanfics using these characters, post them here.
KaiserZr 04-26-2005 11:20 PM
This could be cool so here is my character.

Name: Jette Kryton

hair color: Dark Brown
eye color: Emerald Green
height: 6'0''
age: 19

Appearance: He is usually wearing Black or Dark Blue Slacks. He also wears matching dress shirts. A silver cross hangs around his neck on a silver chain. He is very thin and not too muscular, but he is athletic. He sometimes can be seen with katana across his back, sheathed. He is never seen holding a gun. He also has a weird scar on his left hand in the shape of a cross, but no one knows how it got there.

Personality: He is silent and shy, but will not avoid people if they come up to him. He is intelligent, but doesn't let on to it. He tries not to fight, but he will defend others weaker them himself. He is very compassionate towards children and will put his life on the line to protect them even if it is during a job. Like stated earlier is shy especially towards those of the opposite sex. He has hard time expressing himself to females. He is not open to any one, and he has a hard time trusting people. It is not obvisous to people, but he is hiding something about his emotions as he has a hard time controlling them.

Occupation: Jette is a mercenary who just wondered in to Paradigm City one day. He will do allmost any type of work involving protecting people, spying, or assassination. His only condition about the final job is that it can not be a women or someone younger then himself.

Other stuff: He is trained in martial arts, is a skilled hacker, and is proficient at any weapon or piloting any vehicle. He also has deep interests in androids for some strange reason. No one knows why he is in Paradigm City, but no one complains as he is a hard worker.
Pygmalion 04-26-2005 11:26 PM
OK, my character is from a Mary-Sue I wrote some time ago:

Name: Karen
Age: 35
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: EMT, shadetree mechanic
Equipment: 620, a BSFD van that is equipped with basic life support equipment (oxygen, defibrillator, backboard and other medical equipment).

Inadvertantly landed in Paradigm City during Act 25. Can't find my way home.
paul1290 04-27-2005 02:33 PM
I'll try to write a fic with Gummibear's "Paige" and KaiserZr's "Jette".

BigOz, since your character is a megadeus pilot, he's going to be extremely difficult to work into a fanfic. I suggest you come up with a secondary character that has a lower profile. As a general rule, the more a character disrupts everyday life for the city, the harder he is to work into a fanfic. Pygmalion's "Karen" also has this problem because her character requires a specific view on the reality of Paradigm City in order to exist.

Paul Fanfic #1
Characters: Paul Wilson, Paige Entienne (gummibear), Jette Kryton (KaiserZr)

Chapter 1: Paul's attempt to raid the Wayneright estate. (Paul's intro)

Paul Wilson was running desperatly down one of the hallways of the Wayneright mansion. He thought since the place was abandoned, he would be able to pick up some electronic goodies from the place and sell them to make an easy few hundred dollars. What he didn't count on however, was that apparently some of Timothys androids were still active and still thought they had to guard the place.

"Oh darn, don't tell me these things are still active." Paul said to himself. "Gotta find an exit fast. And why the heck do all of Wayneright's creations have to be female!"

He kept running as one of the security drones chased him, trying to stab him with it's sharp bladelike hands. He drew out his custom .45 turned around and fired a shot, blasting a hole right through the robot's forehead. The robot was down and out, but more of them appeared out of nowhere.

"Dang, these thing are endless!" he said to himself.

He jumped out the window at the end of the hallway, shot a grappling hook that attached to the side of the building, then used it to swing down to ground level. Unfortunatly, he miscalculated the distance to the ground and ended up being dragged through the dirt at the last moment. He got up and dusted himself off.

"Note to self." he thought. "Next time preplan your escape, and try to take your own height into consideration when you measure out the grappling cord."

He then took out his PDA and summoned his car. He then drove back to his shop just outside the domes.

Chapter 2: Officer Entienne (Paige's intro)

Paige Entienne entered Dastun's office. Dastun quietly looked up at her.

"Did you take out the those union terrorists on 30th street yet?" Dastun asked.

"Yes sir" Paige replied. "They gave up after we surrounded the place, I guess after they realized they were outnumbered they didn't want to fight anymore. There were no fatalities."

"Good." Dastun replied. "You did a exellent job handling that situation, why don't you take the rest of the week off."

"Thanks sir." she answered.

"Well before you do, can you go pick up something for me at this address." he said. He handed Paige a small slip of paper.

She took the paper and immediatly left for the location printed on it.

When she entered the small building, the person at the counter immediatly brought out a large and somewhat flat box.

"I guess you came to pick up these for Dastun." Paul said.

"Yes" Paige answered. "But what is it exactly?"

"These are the special stun grenades he ordered." Paul replied. Then he started explaining. "Each of these emits a bright flash in addition to a small electromagnetic pulse. The flash will temporarily blind any humans in the room while the EMP will stun any androids for approximately 5 seconds."

"Rather clever." Paige replied. "I guess I'll just take these to Dastun then."

"Oh bye the way" Paul said as she was getting ready to leave. "Tell Dastun he'll have to have Paradigm weapons research develop those portable anti-vehicle weapons, I'm not making much progress there."

"I thought you can get anything to work."she replied.

"Hey, I'm only one person, I have limits." Paul answered.

After Paige dropped off the package, she went back home and finally had time to take a break. She had been on duty almost constantly for the past month. Almost Immedietly after getting home. She went to her room and took a well deserved nap.

To be Continued.

I'm not sure when I'll have time to continue this. I'm still going to use KaiserZr's character in this fic, so I'll probably introduce his character into the story in the next chapter.

This is my first fanfic so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. Anyone wanting to post another character please do so because I might still be able to work in a few more characters.
KaiserZr 04-27-2005 03:27 PM
not bad so far, keep it up Smile
Lyinginbedmon 04-28-2005 04:53 PM
Name: Overlord Tim

hair color: Blonde
eye color: Blue
height: 5' 5"
age: Created prior to time (In fact, he was the one who created it)

Appearance: Tim has his hair in spikes pointing backward from the front, with the rest basically flat. He wears the typical uniform of the Overlords, which is oriental in style and features: baggy dark-blue trousers; a black sleeveless shirt; and a coat that basically connects at his neck by two chained-gem ornaments whilst also having two long parts that fall loose infront and behind his legs.

Personality: Tim is very, unpredictable. His countless millenia alive have made him very wise, though he rarely displays this wisdom. He knows everything about the world, but not the future. His memory is terrible, and he's lucky if he can remember what he did 20 minutes ago let alone yesterday. He often has some form of D&D game in mind, as well as some form of strange adventure for everyone around him. Is a very easily likeable person, but can be equally trying on anyone's patience. He was around before the Event, but likewise has no memory of the past, and his memory would probably cause him to forget it anyway

Occupation: Guardian of the Overlords and creator of the Universe

Other stuff: Tim has the ability to cause almost anything to happen. He is entirely polymorphous, and can assume any form he wants. In combat, if not using his Touyou megadeus, Tim uses a standard katana or energy attacks that usually take the form of blasts. He also has the ability to teleport instantaneously from one place to the other. His only weakness is his energy, once that's gone there is no record of what could happen, as this is the only method of death that the Overlords have not experienced

Short Term Goal: To have some fun

Long Term Goal: To keep the Human Race safe (Dorothy primarily Wink )

Example: Feel free to check out the Terminal Completion series for an example of Tim's behaviour

And you thought that Gregory Diaz was going to be hard Tongue
paul1290 04-28-2005 06:10 PM
I decided to give my fanfic the title "Paul Fanfic#1". I have already put the title on the first 2 chapters.

Paul Fanfic#1 is currently full. I will no longer be accepting new characters for that fic. I can only handle 2 characters at a time in addition to my own.

We need more fanfic writers on this thread. If you know anyone on these boards who is good a writing fanfics, go and PM them about this thread. I am currently the only one writing fics for this thread and just like my character said: "Hey, I'm only one person, I have limits."

posted by lyinginbedmon:
And you thought that Gregory Diaz was going to be hard

I really can't work your character into the story at this point. Since you have written fanfics before, how about you write a fic using your character and take Pygmalion's "Karen" and BigOz's "Gregory Diaz" along for the ride. I wasn't able to use their characters so those characters don't have a fanfic yet.

Paul Fanfic#1

Chapter 3: The Mercenary (Jette's intro)

Paul woke up startled as a beeping sound came from the dashboard. He was almost there. Paul lazily flipped a switch to disengage the autopilot before gripping the steering wheel. He got a call from Dastun daying they were having trouble getting through the security at a building where some Union agents were hiding. They had hired a mercenary known as Jette Kryton to eliminate one of their leaders, but they can't sneak him into the compound without disabling the security system. He parked the car near the destination and stepped out of the vehicle.

"Finally." said Dastun. "I was beginning to think you wouldn't show."

Paul smiled. "Why would I do that? I wouldn't want to miss seeing Jette Kryton in action. If he's really as skilled as they say."

Jette walked up and held out his hand. "Mr. Wilson I presume."

"Yup." Paul replied. "So what have we got here."

"Well, you'll need to take out the security so we can sneak Jette here into the compound." Dastun said in his usual tone. "We can't just go in there blasting everything because their leader will escape, so this is the only way we can take him out."

Paul nodded then followed Jette to the building while Dastun stayed back with a group of heavily armed officers just in case things go bad and they have to resort to Plan B. Paul and Jette circled around to the back of the building and found a window. Paul whipped out his trusty PDA then tapped a few combinations on the touchscreen.

"The security system won't take long to hack into" Paul whispered. "But it's been set to reboot itself every once in a while. Once I hack the system, you'll only have half an hour to eliminate your target and get out."

"Understood." Jette replied.

Then on Pauls signal Jette reached for his sword, opened the window and entered the building. Paul quietly made his way back to Dastun and the rest of the group.

"Was it successful?" Officer Paige asked.

"Yes, but he only has half an hour to finish the job." Paul replied. "That's not much time to work with."

"Well he IS Jette Kryton." Dastun replied. "If ther is any truth to his reputation, he'll probably be done long before then."

"I hope so" Paige replied.

At that moment, Jette emerged from the building.

"Done already?" Paul asked.

"The guards were rather stupid and untrained." Jette replied. "It wasn't too hard to get past them."

"Well I'm pretty much done here." Paul said with a smile. "I'll be headed home, see ya."

He then got back in his car, set the autopilot, then fell asleep at the wheel again. When he got home, he went to his room and fell asleep. The when he woke up the next morning, he checked the mail and found a letter with a job offer from a Mr. Roger Smith.

"I wonder what a negotiator would hire me for." Paul said to himself.

Then he left for his shop to put the finishing touches on a his latest device.

To be continued...

Remember, I'm new at this and this is my first fanfic so tell me if I'm doing anything incorrectly.

Again, we need more fanfic writers at this thread. If you are good at writing fanfics and have extra time then please write a fic using your own character in addition to 2 other people's characters then post it on this thread (you can use more then 2 if you're really good at writing fanfics and if think you can manage that many characters). Also, if you happen to know someone on this board who is good at writing fanfics then tell them about this thread.

If you want to post your own personal character or post another fanfic using these characters then please feel free to do so.
paul1290 05-01-2005 06:45 PM
Will someone please make fics for this thread before it dies a lonesome death.

Paul Fanfic #1

Chapter 4: Paul meets Roger Smith

Paul was reading the newspaper when he heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside. Two people walked in.

"Are you Roger Smith?" Paul asked.

"Yes" Roger answered.

Paul looked up from the newspaper. "Who is the android girl?"

"This is my assistant, R. Dorothy..." he stopped in mid-sentence. "Hey wait a sec, you can tell she isn't human?"

"Yes." Paul answered. "I can also tell that that watch of yours has an LCD screen on it, has small slits around the rim to recieve sound, and has been worn frequently because of the wear and tear on the strap."

"Well as I was saying..." Roger continued. "This is R. Dorothy..."

"Wayneright." Paul suddenly said.

"Ok, how did you know that? Your starting to creep me out." Roger asked.

"There are only a handful people who could have built a sentient android after the event. Since this android is female, Wayneright was the most likely possibility." Paul answered.

"How did you know she was born after the event?" Roger asked.

"That, my friend, is much more complicated and would take a while to explain. What did you want from me in the first place exactly?" Paul asked in his usual tone when greeting clients and customers.

"We wanted to ask you if you knew anything about this." Dorothy said as she placed a small sphere on the table.

The sphere was the size of a tennis ball and had several short rod-like projections around the middle. Paul picked it up and examined it for a while.

"It seems to be a small fusion reactor." He said. "This device can supply enormous amounts of energy with only a small amount of hydrogen, which can easily be extracted from ordinary water. It's basically the closest you can get to free energy." He paused for a second. "Where did you find this? These are usually hard to come by. Although we can already produce these nowadays, these are very rare and expensive."

"We found it underground beneath the subway." Roger answered. "We'll give it to you as payment for your services if you can do something for us."

"And that might be?" Paul asked curiously.

"It's something secret." Roger answered. "This place might be bugged by the Paradigm Corporation so we'll discuss it later at my mansion."

Roger gave him the address.

"I doubt this place can be bugged but I'll meet you there if you want. What time should we meet?" Paul asked.

"Saturday next week at 3:00pm." Roger said. "Can you make it?"

"Sure" Paul answered.

Both Roger and Dorothy said goodby then left the shop. Paul then looked at his watch. He had some business to attend to at military police headquarters. He then went outside, got in his car and left.

To be continued...

Again, this is my first fic so tell me if I'm doing anything incorrectly.

We really need more people writing fanfics on this thread so if you are good at writing fics please contribute. Also, if you know anyone on this board who is good at writing then please tell them about this thread. If we don't get anyone else to write fics on this thread then I'm afraid this topic will be dead before anyone notices it.

Anyone who has anymore personal fanfic characters should feel free to post them so anyone else who is going to write a fic for this thread will have some characters to work with.
Mrs. Beck 05-04-2005 03:44 AM
Ooooh, this could be so effing awsome!! Well....here's my character!

Name: Raven Valentine

hair color: Black
eye color: Violet
height: 5"6'
age: 22

Appearance: She's very pretty, but in a sharp, dangerous way. She wears almost all black, including her halter top, jeans, gloves, boots and trench coat. She wears a violet choker.

Personality: Sort of hot-headed, cold, sarcastic, but if you get to know her, you'll see she's acctually spunky, witty, and loyal. Heh, almost forgot: A bit of a mischeif maker.

Occupation: Theif for Higher

Other stuff: Has a major crush on Beck (no-duh, if she's my character, chances are...), is very agile and is more capable of wounding someone then you'd think. Good at hiding things, she's got plenty of secrets, some of which she regrets knowing. Ultimatly hates Roger. (It's not really apparent why, though.) Oh, man, almost forgot- She's made her fair share of deals with Beck, and is known to be quite stubborn. As in, when she sets out to do something, she will get it done.

Short-term goal: Successfully complete any job she's given, give the military police hell at it's finest.

Long-term goals: XD Marry Beck....

I might as well say a few more things about Raven: You can do whatever you wish with her in your story (well, along the lines of mameing and threatening, and possibly killing), because not only would her character not work out if I didn't allow that but I hate it when people make characters that just always get out of things ok, without even a chance of harm. Also, Raven is, indeed, comic releif in many ways, though she can also play a good part in the story. Don't be afraid to have her playing pranks on her enemies or being flirtatious.
Also, a teensy little detail that might be of use:
Raven is a subtle pyromaniac. As in, it's not very obvious until she's combined the famouse hair-spray/cigarrette lighter deadly duo.
Lastly, I added one thing to her 'short-term goals'.
Pero_Is_Crying 05-05-2005 11:56 AM
Don't die a lonesome death!

I'm seriously concidering contributing to this, but I'm in the middle of 15 things so I don't know when I'll get to it. I'd like to at least finish my Reciporical Paradigm story first. It could be a while. My computer is being a pain. Frankly, I want to hit it with an ax and almost did yesterday.

I've had it in my head lately to try something with Beck so I'll probably grab Raven and Paige when Paul's done because they seem the most likely to run into Beck, though I'd love to play with Pygmalion's character. I'm gonna need some time to think about my character first. I don't know anything yet except I think he or she is going to be Beck's lawyer. You know anyone who represents Beck has gotta be a trip and a half themselves.

Keep going, Paul. This is a great idea and a gallant first attempt at fan fiction. I don't really have much experience with fan fic myself, but I do write a lot of (mostly unfinished) fiction. Don't worry so much about getting things "right" if this is your first time. What is "right" anyway? Just experiment wildly and have fun with it! Remember, if you enjoy writing it, chances are your audience will enjoy reading it.

edit: Hot damn! Post #42! I may have to scrutinize it for answers to life, the universe, and everything.
Pero_Is_Crying 05-07-2005 02:12 AM
It’s easy to write for canon characters. After 26 acts we have a pretty good idea of what they’ll do and why and how they will do it. Not so with these guys. So, to make getting a handle on these fanfic creations a little easier how about we all include at least one short term and one long term goal for our characters? Short term goals are things that are important for the character to do in the present (i.e. stay awake in class, avoid lone sharks, convince Union dupes to smuggle you megadeus parts). Long term goals are more what your character hopes to accomplish in the future (get a degree, pay off debts, destroy Paradigm City and recreate it according to your own divine whim…). Naturally, both are subject to change as the character changes in the stories and may need to be updated. For some characters, these are already implied in the bios. For others, I haven’t a clue what drives them. Quirks would be nice to know, too. But I’ll settle for motivations.

Just a thought. I’m a lazy, lazy writer. ;-)

If my computer can manage to stay on for more than 10 minutes without locking up (GRRR!) I’ll try to post my character soon.
paul1290 05-07-2005 10:07 AM
Here's the rest of the fic. You'll have to excuse the lame ending because I'm not that good at writing endings.

Paul Fanfic #1

Chapter 5: Even More Archetypes!

Paul, Jette, Paige, Dastun, Roger, and Dorothy were standing at the front gate of the Wayneright Estate.

“Wait, isn’t this the place I tried to raid last week?” Paul asked.

Dastun looked at him questioningly. “You tried to raid it?”

“Um… Yea.” Paul replied.

Dastun decided not to ask.

Roger then started to explain. “Norman says there has been some radio signals coming from under the mansion. We think there might be a megadeus there.”

“I thought you wanted to keep this secret. Why is Dastun and Paige here?” Paul asked.

“Because I can trust them not to tell anyone.” Roger replied. “I think you should go disable the security system before we enter.”

Paul nodded then went to his car to get his equipment. He came back with his PDA, a suitcase, and his .45 handgun.

“Stand back for a sec.” he said as he approached the building.

He set the suitcase down at the front door walked back to the rest of the group. He tapped a few combinations on the PDA and the suitcase opened up revealing a weird looking device inside. He then smiled and pushed a button on the PDA. The device in the suitcase suddenly flashed and nothing seemed to happen.

“What just happened?” Paige asked questioningly.

Roger noticed Dorothy acting a little weird, as if she was dizzy or something.

“Are you okey?” Roger asked.

“I’m fine now.” Dorothy replied as she went back to normal.

“She may be fine but I can’t really say the same for them.” Paul said.

Roger looked at him with a confused look. “Who’s them.”

Paul pointed to the building. There was the sound of something tumbling down a flight of stairs. Then on of the security bots crashed out the window and fell several feet to ground. It started twitching for a few seconds before becoming still.

“Oh those things.” Roger said. “Yea, I remember those.”

They stepped all stepped inside the mansion. It was still the same as when Roger and Dorothy were there before. However, this time they took the elevator down to the basement instead of one of the upper floors. There was a large underground complex beneath the mansion. The place seemed as if it was undisturbed for a long time.

“Wait!” Jette said. “Don’t move.”

“Why?” Roger asked.

Suddenly a security bot came out of nowhere and ran towards them. Jette sliced it in half with his sword.

“What the!” Paul exclaimed. “I thought they were all disabled by the electromagnetic pulse.”

“Maybe the basement complex was shielded.” Jette replied.

Another one popped out of a ventilation shaft and dashed towards them. Paige aimed at it with her handgun and shot it through the forehead.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” She exclaimed. “You mean to tell me we gotta fight these.”

“I guess Jette should lead then.” Dastun said.

They came to a large metal door at the end of the hallway. Paul took out his PDA and hacked the electronic lock. It opened revealing a large dome shaped chamber. Inside was a large number of archetypes that were still inactive.

“This can’t be good” Roger said.

Suddenly a whole group of security androids were coming after them.

“Run!” Jette shouted.

They all started running to the other side of the chamber. Paul, Dastun, and Paige started firing back at the army of robots. Jette was at the front clearing out any of the security bots blocking their path.

“Big-O!!! Showtime!!!” Roger called into his watch.

Big-O suddenly emerged from underneath the floor and lifted all of them above the ground. They found themselves a few blocks away from the Wayneright mansion. Roger then got in the cockpit and took the controls. He set the rest of the group down on the sidewalk. He then used O-thunder to make the rest of the underground chamber cave in so that all the archetypes would be destroyed.

Chapter 6: Ending

Paul returned to his workshop later that day to finish drawing blueprints for his latest device.
Paige and Dastun returned to the Military Police Headquarters to finish some paperwork and to pay Jette for his services.
Roger and Dorothy returned to the Smith mansion.

“Where do you think all those archetypes came from?” Roger asked Dorothy.

“I don’t know, we’ll probably never know. Besides, you’ve already destroyed them so that question isn’t really important.” Dorothy replied.

“I guess you’re right.” Roger said.

We have come to terms…

So what do you think? This is my first fic so I would appreciate it if anyone would give me suggesions for my next one.

I might start another fic later if I can decide which characters to use.

posted by Pero is Crying:
So, to make getting a handle on these fanfic creations a little easier how about we all include at least one short term and one long term goal for our characters?

That's a good idea. I might update my character later and list some short term and long term goals when I get the chance.

If anyone has any additional characters or fanfics then post them here. I might start a new fic on this thread so I'm looking for characters to use.
KaiserZr 05-07-2005 07:45 PM
Originally posted by paul1290
posted by Pero is Crying:
So, to make getting a handle on these fanfic creations a little easier how about we all include at least one short term and one long term goal for our characters?

That's a good idea. I might update my character later and list some short term and long term goals when I get the chance.

If anyone has any additional characters or fanfics then post them here. I might start a new fic on this thread so I'm looking for characters to use.

In that case I will update my character.

Short term: Get over his distrust of people and shyness towards girls.(I no a little weird, but it is part of his character)

Long term: To discover the source of the megadues and his own past.
Pero_Is_Crying 05-09-2005 10:49 AM
As it turns out, my computer can't stay on for more than 10 minutes without locking up. So I'm sending it away to be fixed. I promise to dive into this thread when I get back.
Gummibear 05-09-2005 10:59 AM
Originally posted by Pero_Is_Crying
It’s easy to write for canon characters. After 26 acts we have a pretty good idea of what they’ll do and why and how they will do it. Not so with these guys. So, to make getting a handle on these fanfic creations a little easier how about we all include at least one short term and one long term goal for our characters?

I think that is a very good idea! It would define our characters a lot more as far as personality and place in our fanfics. I'm going to up date Paige Etienne right now.
Mrs. Beck 05-09-2005 04:48 PM
Originally posted by Pero_Is_Crying
It’s easy to write for canon characters. After 26 acts we have a pretty good idea of what they’ll do and why and how they will do it. Not so with these guys. So, to make getting a handle on these fanfic creations a little easier how about we all include at least one short term and one long term goal for our characters?

Yeah, good idea. I'll edit Raven's profile right now.
Pero_Is_Crying 05-11-2005 01:07 PM
My computer problems persist and it now seems I won't be able to get it fixed until June. JUNE! But, I'm a glutton for punishment and I've finally learned to save every two minutes. I'm in! Here's my character.

Name: Allouette “Ally” LeBlanc
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Color: Green
Height: 5’7”
Age: 27

Appearance: Ally has a face that people tend to immediately recognize but find difficult to place, resulting in a lot of conversations that start with, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Willowy and graceful, it isn't hard to imagine her as a dancer in another life. In court, she dresses fairly conservatively, though in a jury trial she does try to show off her legs as much as she can get away with. She almost never wears jewelry; unless you count the prop glasses that she only wears when she wants to appear thoughtful, intelligent, or businesslike. Away from the courtroom, she dresses quite differently. Though no stranger to “the little black dress” she’s much more comfortable in something a little more Donna Reed or even slacks and a simple cotton work shirt when she’s plugging away at her type writer.

Personality: Quixotic, temperamental, self-centered, and easily distracted—these are not traits anyone seeks in a lawyer. Allouette LeBlanc, who has these traits in spades, may just be the worst lawyer in Paradigm City. But since she generally defends the worst people in Paradigm City, justice is served, sort of. Though fairly competent with legal theory, it’s the practice that trips Ally up. The same can be said of her sense of ethics. Too often she asks clients “Wow! What happened next?” instead of, “Are you sure this is something you should be sharing with your attorney?” The distinction between right and wrong has never been as important to Ally as the one between fun and boring; and rollicking tales of inventive crimes fit squarely into her fun category. So it’s only natural that she represent Paradigm City’s premier artist dabbling in the medium of crime- Jason Beck.

Ally’s only virtue as a lawyer and, perhaps, as a human being is that she’s aware of her many faults and seeks to curtail them...when it suits her.

Occupation: The kind of theatrical and unethical criminal lawyer that could ONLY appear in an anime

Other stuff: Ally is secretly writing a novel full of characters drawn from her life. When something or someone starts to bore her ( like, say, legal briefs or the prosecuting attorney) she starts daydreaming about her book, which is, in fact, TOTAL CRAP. She smokes a unique blend of synthetic cigarettes to help her stay awake late in the night ignoring her closing arguments in favor of composing lousy fiction.

She took a number of odd jobs to help pay for college. (If you can guess where I cribbed her name from you probably know one of them). Some have netted her contacts and info she still finds useful.

Also, Ally is probably the least volatile or dysfunctional member of her family. Her kid sister, Chloe, runs away from home at least once a month and could at any minute show up on Ally’s doorstep. While the siblings get along better with each other than they do with the folks, a studio apartment is too small for two LeBlancs, especially if one is a teen apt to one day need the professional services of the other. If Chloe doesn’t run right back home on her own after a few days Andrew and Diane (Ally hasn’t called them “Dad” or “Mom” since they started missing her tuition payments) show up for a warm family shouting match. Sometimes they bring pizza.

Short-term goals: Pay the rent and look good doing it. Take back Chloe’s key to her apartment. Earn more respect at the firm.

Long-term goals: Retire to a luxurious East Town estate. Marry into a sane family. Publish a series of action packed romances about a sexy, crime solving, kick boxing, megadeus piloting, lawyer and the bad boy with a heart of gold that she loves.

(Gack! I can't even write that with a straight face.)

Note: While I intend to use her as is in a story of my own for this thread if someone wants to incarcerate, maim, or kill her in a subsequent story, you can go to town. I think severe consequences have to remain a real threat in fiction to sell it. Characters with charmed lives just don't grab me as easily as those who actually have something to lose. Ally is more or less for comic relief, I guess. But who knows what the future holds?