April Fools, Upcoming Updates, DVD Sale

Krang 04-02-2005 12:57 AM
I hope everyone enjoyed our April Fools joke on the main page this year. Big Grin If you missed it, you can still check it out here, or see our 2004 April Fools joke here.

Also, as mentioned below, Shredder will have a fanfic update ready sometime this weekend. In addition, I have some miscellaneous updates that are almost ready (including an entirely new section!), so be sure to keep checking back for more updates!

Also, AnimeNation is currently having a sale on Bandai DVDs, so if you don't already own all four Big O season 2 DVDs, now's your chance to get them for only $14.99 each. Thanks to forum member Schoolie for the news!
R and D 04-02-2005 09:55 AM
it's raining like big character heads! Shocked

sweet joke krang and i can't for that fanfic update shredder! awesomness u guys! Big Grin Cool
Captain Maw 04-02-2005 03:04 PM
yeah, when i first saw those heads, i was really confused, than i was like "oh, its april fools day" and got a good gag outta it.
Pygmalion 04-03-2005 08:52 AM
Congratulations, guys, on another cute April Fool's gag!