[Comment] Might want to censor the word bastard...

X Prime 10-17-2004 12:14 AM
In case you simply forgot it Krang... If not, well... Can I keep my title? Hehe.
Krang 10-17-2004 12:19 AM
I don't really think that's worth censoring since it can be said on Adult Swim (which most people here have watched anyway because of Big O), but thanks for the suggestion.
X Prime 10-17-2004 12:20 AM
That'll teach me to keep my mouth shut. Ahahaha!
Krang 10-17-2004 12:25 AM
Don't worry about it, it was a good idea to check first anyway. And yes, you can keep that title.
Mr. Fortnight 10-18-2004 01:46 AM
I'm not an expert, so your mileage may vary, but I go by George Carlin's 7 dirty word list. Bastard wasn't on that list last time I checked. It's strong, yes, but it's not really a cuss anymore.

Of course, it's your call. *shrugs*