What is your school band playing?

evanASF27 04-12-2005 11:08 PM
I should have posted this sooner...but I forgot to x_X

I found out one of the songs we're going to play next year for band: Bugler's Holiday

All double-tonguing (SP!?) and it's a pain in the ass x_X BUT IT SOUNDS SO FREAKIN AMAZING!!! ....even though it is polka.... Now we just need to get another one of our trumpet players to learn how to double-tongue that fast. (it's a trio and so far we only have 2 that could POSSIBLY play it, myself included)

((if the link to jwpepper's recording of it should not work...then I'd better find another way!))
BethMcBeth 04-12-2005 11:47 PM
Call me crazy but I swear as I walked by the band room at my new college, I swear they were playing the theme of Sesame Street, but I think it was just me hearing that I still have no idea what they play, I guess I'll find out eventually! ^_^""

Captain Maw 04-13-2005 01:24 AM
well, i'm in orchestra,
Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britain

Canon in D by a composer who loves ground bass (continuous droning, same 8 notes over and over)

experimenting and sightreading for now, concert was over.
evanASF27 06-15-2005 02:55 PM
well...guess who's back in the music discussion section? Tongue

I actually have something to contirbute...well audibly at any rate. I was able to get a recording from my band teacher of our Jazz Band's concert some weeks ago (the concert was some weeks ago, I only recently got the recording). Of the songs we played, I think only two reeeaaalllyy came out spectacular, or just plain "Good": "Night Train" and "US".

Also...I've finally gotten the time to transfer some of our band's concert from the video camera to VHS (which I can then use my tv card to encode onto my computer).

To save me bandwidth, I'm only putting up two songs (one from each concert). The first is US from the Jazz Band concert, and the second is Pirates of the Carribean from the full orchestra part of the other concert. I'm still encoding so the second recording will be up shortly.

US -- played by the PRHS Jazz Band
Pirates of the Carribean -- played by the 'Pearl River Symphony'

:: Notes ::
-- In both pieces, I'm basically the only trumpet that can be heard of the 3-4 that are playing Sweatdrop
-- Concerning Pirates of the Carribean: this was the second to last song of the entire concert..after the band played and chorus sang and orchetra *COUGH*...so I'm not at 100%. The percussionist playing snare drum also goofed big time at one section (mistaking the part being counted in 1 instead of what it really was counted in, 3).
LANIMILBUS 06-15-2005 11:13 PM
Okay, how about my school just doesn't have a band.

They fired the choral director because she sucked, and told the band director she had to teach chorus. The band director quit (because about 90% of her students were quitting because of how much she sucked anyway), and now we have no music department at our school, at all.

But hey - that means we get to use their equipment. For free. No one to stop us.
NVWC2006 07-19-2005 02:09 PM
i JUST got my band music in the mail today.

Fight Song
Alma Mater
Patriots on Parade
Star Spangled Banner
Fight Song

Show 1:
You Keep Me Hanging On
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Devil With the Blue Dress
When a Man Loves a Woman

Show 2:
Karn Evil 9
I can see for Miles
Takin' It To The Streets

Stand Tunes
Blister in The Sun
Cheer Jerkers
Hey Baby
Hey Song
Land of 1000 Dnaces
Little Bitty Pretty One
Maximum Strength Warmup
The Race

I've played the entire pregame show, all those stand tunes, and Devil With the Blue Dress. We're bound to get more songs for more shows..we usually have 3 standard shows, a senior show (seniors pick 2 songs from their past 4 years and it's followed by the French National Defile), and a show we play with our rival school at our joint game (also followed by French National). In addition, for more plain old songs, we will probably get one to play at Homecoming, one for a parade around halloween, and I myself wrote a song called Brinstar Overworld based off of Metroid for the band, the teacher said we could play it this year but I'm still not sure. Oh, and every year we visit a college and play there w/the college and other high schools, we'll probably get music for that too.

Okay, so that's the basic setup for the start of this marching season. Woot?