Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

R.Smith 09-22-2006 06:41 PM
More TGS News (So Soon)
Mediaworks is giving brief summaries of the trailers showed in Square-Enix's Closed MegaTheater at the show.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-
This latest trailer reveals that the game is going to be made available to other mobile careers besides DoCoMo.

» Source: Mediaworks

Before Crisis Goes Multi-Carrier
As mentioned earlier, it has been mentioned that Before Crisis will be made available to other mobile carriers in Japan besides DoCoMo. It was recently announced that the game will now also be available for Yahoo and EZweb phone services. It appears that these new releases of the game may have all new content, as there are two new logos for the game, one featuring Katana (Male) and a new female Turk holding throwing knives, while the other logo featured Shuriken (Female), and a new male Turk with a nunchaku draped around his neck.

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