Favorite Anime Music Thread

NVWC2006 07-15-2005 12:34 PM
My favorite anime song is Sure Promise from Big O. It's been my favorite from before I knew the name of the song..just way back in 2001 I heard it while watching the show and it was just so sweet..

However I have many others I really like. To be fair, seeing as Big O is my favorite anime and has my favorite music, I'll leave it out..

Tank! and Rush, from Cowboy Bebop

InuYasha's Theme (Kessen?) and My Will, from InuYasha

Sobakasu and Departure, Rurouni Kenshin

Flight, Crash, Hack, Through the Night and Hiro No Tsuki, from Outlaw Star

From Zoids Chaotic Century, there is music they play whenever something ultimately evil happens (like the debut of the Deathsaurer, no, it's not Raven's Theme). I don't have the song or know it's name but it's a pretty cool song too.
DJX Prime 09-07-2005 06:06 AM
One would have to be the Macross Plus OST. After listening to it and stuff from Cowboy Beebop, it makes me believe that Kanno can write music for just about any show. My personal faves from that are "Voices," "Pulse," and "Information High."

Another soundtrack I usually listen to alot for some reason is for Tenchi Muyo! In Love. Maybe it's the fact that Christopher Franke (Babylon 5) composed it or that I seem to be drawen towards Tangerine Dream.
Pie_Junkie 09-08-2005 09:08 PM
Burning up- Cutie Honey
Gessekai- Night walker
Mirai kouro- Night walker
Tell me why- Berserk
Battlecry- Samurai Champloo
Ready set go!- FMA
Reckless fire- S-CRY-ed
Study a go! go!- Golden boy
Real folk blues- Cowboy Bebop
Evolution- Big o
Hellsing opening, I think it's called cool er something like that
Yeah, that's what I could think of for the time being.