Time To Clean The Bar!

pen1300 09-30-2004 06:44 PM
Hello fellow game players!

Even though this forum's posts don't count, I thought I would let you know that starting tomorrow, dawnstrider and I will be starting a new cleaning system for some of the bigger threads!

This will basically work the same way the 3 Word Story thread was cleaned. We will be cutting back the posts, save about the latest/last 200 posts and the first post.

SO! Basically, if there is a certain stroke of brilliance you want to save, do so now! (and in the future, as this will continue regularly).

Pen1300Big Grin
dawnstrider 06-01-2005 02:12 PM
Jo Smile . Just to let you know that a few other threads have been added to the list - just go the first few posts of some of the bigger ones and you'll see which. Again, as pen stated before, if there is anything you wish to save, please do so now Smile .

Peace Cool