What are you wearing?

Hienrich Ele 09-26-2004 06:44 PM
Originally posted by Almasy

I'm not being an ass. I simply don't appreciate it when people get jealous of me for things that I have that they wish they could have but can't, which leads them to get angry at me. It's not my fault I have all the things that I have. I am what I am. It's like that old saying, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"...or something like that. I don't think it would be fair to punish me just because other people are so jealous of me. Red Face

Which would be acceptable, if anyone was actually jealous of you.

If I guy came up to me, and he had all the money in the world, and started to act like an ass to me, I would knock his lights out. Not because I was jealous, but because he was being an ass.

Now I am not taking anyone sides, and I think you are just misunderstanding ACT's post, but no one is jealous of you.
The Fallen Phoenix 09-26-2004 06:47 PM
Originally posted by Seraphim
Originally posted by The Fallen Phoenix
Originally posted by Almasy
Something none of you can afford to even think about buying, that's for sure.

Specific enough? Red Face

Don't be an ass; this is the type of behavior (disrespecting other members) which can get you a warning. I don't think it'd be so difficult to adhere to A Clockwork Tomato's request, rather than simply asserting that he is "jealous" (of what, I cannot fathom).

It's not really disrespect. I mean, seriously. He's just wearing really nice stuff, I see no problem with that.

No, there is nothing wrong with wearing really nice stuff. Sometimes, wearing really nice stuff (like Wienberg's Venetian Cloak) can be pretty cool.

As iSpoonySthingyy! said, there is something wrong with throwing things like that up in people's faces: it is quite rude.

Furthermore, it is hardly any better to call someone "jealous" (and I'm quite sure A Clockwork Tomato is anything but) just because he disagrees with Almasy's viewpoint. It would have been a lot easier (and more effective) for Allmasy to simply tell A Clockwork Tomato he doesn't want to be any more specific than that.

There's really nothing wrong with that...

Besides, it's kind of hard to be jealous of something if you don't even know what it is...

Now then, it is time to bring things back on topic. If this topic strays again (or continues this line of discussion), I'll have no choice but to have it locked.
JAYCZero 09-26-2004 06:54 PM
First off , I'm not defending no one , I realised the difference here
alot of People from Paradigm be attacking Almasy , I mean come on
Just because he has all the things that people Dream of doesn't mean
he has to be hated. And that's what I see , give em a break
he didn't have such a good month , He got jumped and really
bad. He even showed you the Black and Blue as Proof .If that's
not Proof ,then I don't know what is. and
I remmember that alot of People were making fun of him and
I don't find that Right at all. Almasy is a Human Being just like
everyone else , He's a very good person. Some of you have to
Understand that he is mad because people get on him because
of the way he lives. He's not a jerk , and I don't blame him for
being the way he is now, so some of you should relize that.
I'm out of here
Dude Love 09-26-2004 07:02 PM
JC, I don't think people are angry with Almasy because he has more than they do, but rather that he takes many opportunities to point it out. I personally can count 3 or 4 times just tonight that he's done this.

But I digress. Since today is sort of a wash, tomorrow I plan to wear my Tie-Dyed Colared Shirt and the usual Khaki pants to school. It's fun being able to wear Tie-Dye and still follow the dress code!

Also, the Venetian Black Cloak! Gotta wear it for practice debate rounds. Tongue
Tifaria 09-26-2004 07:11 PM
Well, I'm wearing jeans with dried clay all over the knees because I went up to school this morning to finish some bowls for my ceramics class (wheel throwing has turned out to be quite a soothing exercise), a maroon T-shirt, and my favorite hoodie, navy blue terrycloth. Mmmm comfy!

By the by, I find it hilarious that Abercrombie and other such places sell jeans that are all paint-splattered and torn for ridiculous amounts of money, when I get the same effect for free just by being an art student. Big Grin
COHugh 09-26-2004 07:11 PM
Well, the third friggin' hurricane came through early this morning, so I slept in. Since the weather's still pissy outside, I've currently got the four-o'clock shadow goin' with the bed shirt and boxers on.

Most attractive, I must say. Laughing
Mike 09-26-2004 07:13 PM
Red Justice League shirt, blue plaid pajama pants, briefs, watch, socks.

And yes I have jeans that have holes and are faded...because they're really old.
JAYCZero 09-26-2004 07:16 PM
I don't know Weinberg he has been doing this today cause he
was upset and mad with them. He just want's to be treated like
a Normal Human Being , I mean me , I know I have one of the
Top of the Name Brand Clothing and shoeware but I'm a simple
person , I don't like to show off I don't like to be like
I'm better than no one cause I'm not like that.
Almasy is the same person as I am he doesn't like to
show off too much , He's Wealthy he just want's to be
treated normally. You know ?
Green_Bird 09-26-2004 07:16 PM
An oversized shirt like sleep shirt and some shorts....Yeah....I had them on all day....what...they're comfy Pleased ....
A Clockwork Tomato 09-26-2004 07:17 PM
I'm not being an ass. I simply don't appreciate it when people get jealous of me for things that I have that they wish they could have but can't, which leads them to get angry at me.

This would have some faint tinge of plausibility if you had actually decribed what you were wearing -- which is the topic of the thread, after all -- instead of talking about money instead.

I know a lot of rich people -- my brothers are both Microsoft millionaires -- and they would never brag about their clothes or money. Nor would any of the other rich folks I've met. They're a gentlemanly bunch.
¡SpoonySthingyy! 09-26-2004 07:19 PM
guys this thread is fun, take almasy related stuff to pm's..

I changed into pajamas, so now

I'm still wearing those pink underwear and that black bra, and blue plaid pajama pants, and a red pride shirt..(band shirt) and my watch, and a band aid on my left thumb, thats it.
COHugh 09-26-2004 07:19 PM
::nods:: There's nothing more relaxing than bumming around the house all day in bed clothes... Watching a little anime on the tube, procrastinating on homework...

ACK!!! I have a speech Tuesday!!!

Oh, wait... Tuesday's 2 days away... One more day to procrastinate... ::goes back to tv::
Xel 09-26-2004 07:38 PM
At this immediate moment? Dark gray pajama pants, tiedyed Cherry Garcia shirt (yes, Ben and Jerry's. Tongue ), giant blue fleece robe, and-- *checks*-- light purple underpants.

The End.
Lady Tesser 09-26-2004 08:10 PM
Still in my 'Hurricane Outfit' - navy-blue tank-top with the shelf-bra (got at the Goodwill), black bike shorts (which were cut up from a pair of leggings I got at Goodwill), white deck-shoes (Walmart), and hair pulled back with a headband and rubberband to keep it out of my face and off my neck.

Generic Floridian?? ^_^
Tony Waynewrong 09-26-2004 08:28 PM
I am wearing blue shorts with a blue shirt. I am not one to be fashionable. Smile

However, I will be wearing a dog collar soon. Bark... bark... Wink
Travis Bickle 09-26-2004 08:36 PM
Right now, I'm just wearing boxers. Why? Because I'm gonna lie down now with my lady friend
Madrona 09-26-2004 08:36 PM
I am wearing a shirt that has little fairies and flowers printed on it. The backround goes from light blue to dark blue from top to bottom.
Blue shorts
Socks and slippers
Uh...generic under things.

Exhale Saga 09-26-2004 08:37 PM
Originally posted by Jonny Axehandle
Black pants and a black shirt. I wear black all the time.

Heh, same here.

Nothing special. Just a plain, black t-shirt and an oversized pair of blue jeans from Old Navy. Oh, and green boxers. Pleased

See ya,
Exhale Saga
BigPrime 09-26-2004 08:39 PM
A pair of (very) dark blue jeans and an old blue t-shirt. And boxer-briefs. And my watch and glasses. And socks. Yup, that's it. Big Grin
Asirt 09-26-2004 08:47 PM
Currently wearing my "Gao Gao Stegosarus" long sleeve shirt, black pants, white socks, and my watch.