Custom Signature Requests

Darkside 01-06-2005 05:01 PM
Can someone make me a sig with Gundam Epyon with his serial number on the bottom? Thanks.
Naraku 01-11-2005 09:05 AM
Could some one make a signature of Sora from Dot Hack where he has his finger pointed like a gun?
Diverse Considerations 01-17-2005 12:01 AM
Hello, all. I was wondering if someone would be nice enough to make me a signature of Roger and Dorothy from Act 21 - The Third Big.

-The scene where Roger is holding Dorothy in his arms, his back to the camera, with Dorothy gazing at him adoringly and holding his watch for him as he talks to Norman.
-The caption "Business before pleasure..." somewhere on the bottom or corner of the picture in inobtrusive white font.

If there is a question, please pm me. Many thanks in advance. ^_^
Ansem 04-22-2005 06:29 PM
Can someone make me a sig with Roger and Angel? Maybe a romantic one, but not too romantic, and with two different pictures (each with both of them) kinda blended together, and in a bottom corner in white letters (the fancy kind) Roger and Angel please?

If im not clear enough, please pm me or something. thanks! Big Grin