Um...need a little help....nothing too important

The Fallen Phoenix 09-13-2004 07:39 PM
Originally posted by Wienberg
I actually like the 'strider possibility. I still don't like the "y" in the username though. Just doesn't rub me right, for some reason.

Yeah, that's my opinion. Though if 'strider really likes the "y," I suppose he ought to keep it...
Kittie heavenly6 09-13-2004 07:41 PM
I kinda like the "y" being in there. No real reason, i just like the way it looks I guess.
dawnstrider 09-14-2004 12:53 PM
Heh, sorry I'm late Smile . Just want to thank everyone for their input, and to let you know: I'm going with Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tirvrusky the 4th,.

.....Yeah Tongue . Nah, seriously, I'm going back with dawnstrider. That's what I was leaning towards, to tell you the truth, and I alwasy felt changing it was a mistake; the reason - so I wouldn't be called a "she" anymore - seems kind of unimportant; I never cared before, so why I did that day when I changed is beyond me...Sweatdrop .

But I'm grateful for all who commented, and letting you know that "'strider" is back.

...Yeah, big deal, huh Tongue ? Thanks to all. Peace

PS: Since this thread's served its purpose - and I'm a bit embarrassed in retrospect Embarrassed Sweatdrop - it can be closed Smile .