Hi everybody!

Barafiel 08-31-2004 11:04 AM
Hi, Im Barafiel, incoherent lover of anime! I also play warhammer 40k, and my favorite anime character is Rei Ayanami Drooling . Theres probably more I could say but Im not sure what Embarrassed Sweatdrop
R. Silver Falcon 08-31-2004 11:42 AM
Hello hello hello! Welcome welcome welcome! To the land of Paradigm City To the land of Paradigm CityTo the land of Paradigm City. Sorry, had to get my "Phantom Toll Booth" reference out there. Welcome to our forums, and is your avatar Canti?
Tony Waynewrong 08-31-2004 11:42 AM
Welcome to the forum, Barafiel. We will find everyone pleasant and the fanfics and the fanart excellent. However, I do have a warning for you.

** looks around **

Let me take the time to warn you about an unhappy faction within our little piece of paradise. Once again, the Alanite Party leader has forced me to make my standardized plea to the publc. Though we are a peaceful people, the Alanites and their hand drills have been attack us Dorocrats. They will tantalize you with promises of a brighter future. But, what is their real motive? Can we trust Alan? A lunatic who hides behind the mask of law and order, but cares nothing for Justice and Peace. A man who's only desire is to rip apart innocent androids for fun. No, Alan Gabriel and his sister, Alana Gabriel, cannot be trusted.

Listen not to the ramblings of the Alanites! The Dorocratic Party wants you! For years, the lovely and intelligent M-Class android (borrowed from ACT’s third season) has been viciously attacked by the insane and detestable Alanites. All the Dorothies of this world really wanted was a place in the arms of Rogers. But, the oppressive Alanites wouldn't allow it. I ask you, as a concern citizen of Paradigm City Forums, is to donate 5 minutes of your time to the perpetuation of the Roger+Dorothy gospel. 5 Mintues! The same time it takes to eat a candy bar. That's all. Thank you for your time and understanding.
Madrona 08-31-2004 11:52 AM
Welcome to our lovely domes Barafiel. Sit back relax enjoy your stay. Get comfortable you'll be here a while. Really, it's in the contract you signed at the door. You mean you didn't read the fine print?


Barafiel 08-31-2004 12:31 PM
So far I think Il go Schwarzwaldican. Fire is nice YAY fire!!!!
Dude Love 08-31-2004 12:52 PM
Howdy Barafiel. I'm Wienberg, and surprisingly, I'm not from anywhere near where the greeting "Howdy" is generally used.

Well, now that you've moved into our city of amnesia, I suppose it's time you got this.

*Hands Barafiel a Not For Tourists guide to New York City*

Oh, wait, that's a few too many years early.

*Takes it back and hands her the Not For Tourists guide to Paradigm City (Forums)*

In it, you will find all sorts of things, such as blank pages. (I haven't written the thing yet).

However, there are other supplementary guides.

Stryder's Orientation Thread--A Description of what's going on in Paradigm City.

Stryder's Visual Rule Guide--A wonderful breakdown, with examples, of the rules and how they are broken.

The Fallen Phoenix's Survival Guide--A must to read, since you've been plunged into this city with no where to go...
Also, really funny to read on two occasions.
  1. You've been here for a little while.
  2. You know The Fallen Phoenix personally.

Alright, so, those should clear up many questions, but if you still have some, don't hesitate to Private Message me, or anyone else who offers.
dominusofdeath 08-31-2004 01:47 PM
Welcome to PCF! I hope you enjoy your stay!
BabyGhia 08-31-2004 02:07 PM
Welcome to the forum, Barafiel!

Big Grin

Zopwx2 08-31-2004 02:15 PM
Originally posted by Barafiel
Hi, Im Barafiel, incoherent lover of anime! I also play warhammer 40k, and my favorite anime character is Rei Ayanami Drooling . Theres probably more I could say but Im not sure what Embarrassed Sweatdrop


Benjamin 08-31-2004 02:22 PM
Hello Dude, welcome to the forums.

Pygmalion 08-31-2004 02:24 PM
Hello, Barafiel, and welcome to our lovely domes. Here's the leather-bound edition of Schwarzwald's speeches. It's a sure cure for insomnia.

Since you are new, let me advise you not to eat or drink while reading the following threads:

Smith Mansion:
The Big O: Funny Picture Post
Big O + Big Venus = Hot Robot Action

Anime Funny Pictures

make up a big o scene!
The Big O Blooper Special!
Cheap Innuendos and Jokes
Big O Crossovers with Anything

Has anyone seen a snowman in September?
Funny Pictures

And if a thread says "Immature content" -- believe it!

Asirt 08-31-2004 05:38 PM
Welcome to Paradigm City, Barafiel! I hope that you will enjoy your stay here in the forums. Smile

Be sure to check out many of the topics that are available before you, but more importantly, have fun with it! Big Grin

If you need anything, ask the mods or the admin and they'll be happy to answer you anything. Wink

Hienrich Ele 08-31-2004 06:57 PM

Have fun here, follow the rules, and always remember what Mr. T says...

"I pity da fools who don't follow the rules!"
Spooky 09-01-2004 12:28 AM
Welcome to PCF!

(this is your official Token welcome Wink )

See you around the forums!

Latah Wink
Jules: The Token Girl
aeternus_flammus 09-02-2004 03:17 PM
Welcome to the domes! It seems that the other parties have already swarmed to you. Let me get to my point, Paradigm City is collapsing, knowing the truth cannot stop this as the Schwarzwaldicans purpose, and the Dorocrats are responsible for the destruction. Only the Alanite Party can guide Paradigm safely into the future. For far too long have Paradigm's citizen fled in dread of the Black Megadeus, for far too long we have feared the rampages of the "truth-seeker", for far too long have the people done nothing to combat them. Join the Alanite Party, Join the People's Party.

Alanites can bring fire too. Big Grin
Alana Gabriel 09-02-2004 05:56 PM
Ah, I see my associate Mr. Flammus spoke to you...what he says is the truth. Welcome to the forums...help us save Paradigm City! And have fun too, of course...

Insanely yours,
Alana Gabriel

Alan Gabriel/R. D. Wayneright '04...because insanity is quality
stryker 09-02-2004 06:21 PM

*laughs!* Uhm... I think I've had too much tomato juice today. Anyway, welcome to your new home. Just watch out for the truly crazy, and 20 story tall pedestrians. Big Grin
Christina Perry 09-03-2004 12:05 AM
Welcome to the forums, Barafiel.