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Avenir 08-31-2004 02:34 AM
The purpose of this thread is simple. I'll start off by posting a movie, and someone else will rate it and give a short description behind the rating. They will then post a new movie for the next person to rate. Anime or non-anime is fine. Ok, here we go.

The Bourne Sumpremacy.
Darth Nat 09-01-2004 09:11 PM
I suppose we will be using the classic 1-4 star movie rating scale?

Anyway, I give The Bourne Supremacy 3 stars.

The movie is highly enjoyable, but for someone who didn't see the Bourne Identity until after Supremacy, I found some of the events quite confusing. But the movie had enough action in it to make up for anything that went over my head. The long car chase was a ton of fun to watch, and it is easily one of the most exciting scenes I have seen in a recent film. It's really not that different from the Bourne Identity, which is why it only gets 3 out of 4.

Next movie: Stargate.
Seraphim 09-01-2004 11:44 PM
Hmm. I give Stargate a 2.5/4 stars.

I thought the premise was really fantastic - the Stargate being found and whatnot. However, the rest of the plot is kind of just so-so. There's nothing really cool on the other end of the portal, just some clone of the Egyptian people with laser guns and such.

They could have done a lot more with this movie, but the actors really saved it.

Next movie to rate: Dune
Zopwx2 09-02-2004 12:18 AM
Originally posted by Seraphim
Next movie to rate: Dune

I assume you mean 1984 David Lynch Dune?

as a dune movie? -5/4, but as just an interesting movie? 2.73/4

God that movie was wierd but interesting.

First off the baron was one sick motherf***er! And the whole super industrial art deco world was really wierd.

Don't get me started on the naviagators! Those giant fish babies...

Those sound weapons? Wtf?!

The Sandworms looked like giant cocks too.


Bottom line it totally f***ed up dune, but it was alot of wierd 80's twisted style over substance, but I like wierd movies so it was interesting in a way, but dissapointing since it was an adaptation of one of my favorite novesl:

Next Movie: Leon / The Proffesional
snapdragon 09-02-2004 11:36 AM
Originally posted by Zopwx2
Next Movie: Leon / The Proffesional

oh well french movie, lemme try. i give it a 3 out of 4

Leon / the professionnal is a sort of spin-off from La femme Nikita where Jean Reno played the same sort of character at the end of the movie only, and he was so good that the director Luc Besson gave him the main character for this one. So in a few words its the story of a killer in NYC and through odd circumstances he has to "team up" with a little girl (Nathalie Portmann - the queen Amidala ^^;Wink whose parents have been murdered. I guess it sounds funny but the movie looks rather realistic, sometimes quite sad and sometimes joyfull ,what else ...the characters are captivating. A good movie ^^

Next movie : Star Wars episode II
Josey 09-04-2004 02:00 AM
I'll have to give Star Wars, Episode II 4 stars!!

I'm not really a big Star Wars fan but I happen to like this movie.
The Clone war was the best part so that kept me pretty interested.
Since the movie was so awesome, im wtaching the other ones so I can get the full picture.

Next Movie: The Italian Job
Zopwx2 09-04-2004 02:12 AM

Star wars movies from best to worst:

1)The Empire Strikes Back
2)A New Hope
3)Return of the Jedi
4)Attack of the Clones
5)The Phantom Menace

Prons 09-04-2004 06:05 AM
Originally posted by Josey
I'll have to give Star Wars, Episode II 4 stars!!

I'm not really a big Star Wars fan but I happen to like this movie.
The Clone war was the best part so that kept me pretty interested.
Since the movie was so awesome, im wtaching the other ones so I can get the full picture.

Next Movie: The Italian Job

It may be better if you say either the older British film, or the latest American one.....
Avenir 09-05-2004 11:08 AM
Sorry, I forgot to put down a rating system. How about a scale of 1 to 10?

Anyway, Josey, do you mean the old or new The Italian Job? Because I have seen it, I give the old one a 6 out of 10. It's the good, classic, original The Italian Job. I haven't seen the new one yet.

Next movie: Gigli.
Josey 09-07-2004 01:14 AM
Im sorry, I meant the latest American film, The Italian Job.
Darth Nat 09-08-2004 09:10 PM
I've never seen Gigli, but I've heard that it is one of the worst movies in existence. Therefore, I avoid it like the plague. I'm not a big Jenifer Lopez or Ben Affleck fan, anyway.

Next movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Hienrich Ele 09-13-2004 09:14 PM
On a scale of 1-10, 10. I love that movie. The witch burning the rabbit, the camelot scene. I love it! And the french too! They are great.

Next movie: Hunt For Red October
Madrona 11-05-2004 12:43 PM
Originally posted by Josey
Im sorry, I meant the latest American film, The Italian Job.

Oh I just watched that actually. I'd 7.5/10. It wasn't horrible, it wasn't great. I can tell you my husband loved the idea of really hotting up the Mini's..which are already incredibly heavy cars for their size. I loved the character played by Seth Green. Edward Norton's character was totally dispicable.

Did you know there is a small nod to Michael Caine in this movie? There is a small scene in which the movie "Alfie" is playing on a TV. He was in the original "The Italian Job"

I haven't seen the older one(yet,it's next on the "list")

Next movie: Hunt For Red October

It's been a while since I saw this one. I think I actually saw it in the theaters. 8/10. I liked the intensity. I like the idea that the Jack Ryan character( played by Alec Baldwin) could guess what the Russian commander( played by Sean Connery) was going to do. It had soooo many good actors in it.

Next movie: Citizen Kane
Pygmalion 12-24-2004 09:13 AM
Originally posted by Madrona
Next movie: Citizen Kane

This is one of those movies that everyone has heard about and nobody has seen. Which is a shame, because it is really quite worth watching. Orson Welles really made his mark in movies by writing, directing and starring in this thinly-veiled biography of newspaperman William Randolph Hearst. (Hearst tried to buy the completed film, but couldn't. Hearst papers didn't review the film for thirty years!)

It is a film that demands your attention, and is well worth seeing in a theater if possible. 9/10.

The next film has a much older Orson Welles: The Muppet Movie

Ozymandius Jones 01-21-2005 07:14 PM
The Muppet Movie

I love the Muppet Movie. How could you not? The Muppets are just so cool!

The plot is somewhat boring. A frog going to Hollywood? Yawn, ywan...but the personalities of the muppets makes it interesting. I love all the music, and the cameos...and Gonzo's Star Song is strangely poignent. I'd give Muppets Movie 4/5
Generalissimo D 02-15-2005 08:22 PM
Veering off topic slowly....
Has anyone seen the Muppets Christmas Carol movie? I watched it in englitch class a while ago after we read the novel. Its suprising how well it sticks to the book(Not alot to stick to anyway.)
I give this movie a 8/10.
Next movie:Casablanca
Nine Kuze 09-06-2005 12:24 PM
Now there's nothing I love more than ol' school movies with **** ratings and Casablanca is up there.
I give Casablanca a 10 because even though its from the '40's and its in black and white, it's really an enjoyable film with, get this, a PLOT! Something most movies today don't even have. Besides, Casablanca has Humphrey Bogart and you can't say not to Bogart and his classic lines.
The plot is there's a cafe owner named Rick, who hides his ex and her new love from Nazi generals that are trying to kill them during World War II. Rick has to struggle with either helping the woman she loves and this new prick that she loves or just give them up to the Nazis. And, besides, there's that famous plane scene in the end where Rick says goodbye to his woman that's just so damn timeless!

Next Movie: City Of God

Also, Gigli was and probably is one of the worst movies in existence. Not even Al Pacino could save it and Ben Affleck should not, NEVER, be allowed to swear an another movie again!!!!

"If you need me, just whistle." -- Humphrey Bogart
Christina Perry 11-08-2005 08:06 PM
I'll give this movie 3 stars.

Next one: New York minute
Nine Kuze 05-02-2006 07:13 PM
*I'm bringin' it back*

Damn, its been awhile and I guess I'll get this cracking again:

Um, New York Minute. I'm going to assume (I hate doing that) that you are referring to the latest one with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that dropped a few years back. Anyway, I'll be honest. I never saw the film and I don't see why I should. Aside from Full House, I never really liked the Olsen Twins work (if you want to be gracious enough to call it that) and seeing from the fact that they've haven't done a movie since this and have been in the tabloids for cocaine and fashion disasters, that really helps me stray away from the film.

Oh, the movie...

From the previews that I vaguely remember, it just had the Olsens running around New York I think for a boy and it had Eugene Levy chasing him. It looked like the plot sucked and the screenplay sucked even harder but the bright spot... okay the dim is that Levy was in it. He's a pretty good comedic actor but why he was in this film is beyond me. Anyway...

New York Minute: 2/10

Next Movie: American Beauty
seraphjei 01-04-2007 07:58 PM
American beauty has always been one of my favorite movies. I love the themes that run through out the movie and even a bit of existentialism and humanism make for one hell of a movie.

American Beauty:nabs a nice solid 8/10

Next movie up...Shawshank Redemption