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Krang 08-29-2004 10:24 PM
For those of you waiting for a season 2 box set, it is now official! AnimeOnDVD reports that the Big O II Complete Collection will be released on November 23 for a MSRP of $49.98, so be sure to consider picking up a copy if you don't already own the DVDs for season 2. Thanks to forum members IanC and Super Umino for the news!

Also, again I apologize for the lack of updates. To everyone who submitted content recently, we did receive it and we will be adding it in a future update. Please check back soon for more information.
Tickle Tickle 08-29-2004 10:40 PM
Ah! My name is in an update! I feel so special! ^^
BigMassu 08-29-2004 11:30 PM
Yes! This new collection shall be mine, and when it is, The Great Big O Video of Doom and Mayhem shall commence with due speed! *cackles wildly*

Ah, yes... um... yes. Smile ) Looking forwards to seeing my essay appear in a future update and seeing people's reaction to it.
BethMcBeth 08-30-2004 12:18 AM
^_^"" WAHAH!! Awsome times guys... now...to get the money for it.....
Zopwx2 08-30-2004 02:16 PM
I bought all 4 dvd's individually, if this new box set is snazzy enough, I may just waste more money on it.
Hienrich Ele 08-30-2004 03:36 PM
I am going to buy the box set when it comes out... or wait for Christmas. I will probably do the latter one (or is it ladder? Pretty sure its two T's) as money is tight for me.

Because KOTOR 2, Call of Duty for PC expansion, pokemon, and a few more are all coming out.

So much games, so little money.
Manji 09-07-2004 12:04 AM
Originally posted by Hienrich Ele
Because KOTOR 2, Call of Duty for PC expansion, pokemon, and a few more are all coming out.

Kotor and COD!? I love this man!



In a completely rainbow free way that is...

Err, anyway, yeah, Season 2 looks good, I may look into getting both seasons when my wallet loosens its death grip on my money.

Any chance they'll be released together in one big box set? Or should I just get them both seperately?