Adult Swim Bumpers, Big O Discussion

Krang 07-08-2003 03:49 AM
Big O's return to Cartoon Network is finally here! In case you missed any of them (or want to see them again), we put up screenshots of the bumpers used before and after the show and before and after the commercial. Check them out on our Images page under Multimedia. We will be updating the bumpers every time we see new ones, so be sure to keep checking back for more screenshots.
Update on July 9: Tuesday's bumpers are now up.
Update on July 10: Wednesday's bumpers are now up.
Update on July 11: Thursday's bumpers are now up.

Also, Shredder set up a forum thread for discussion of the first season, so stop by there to talk about Big O's airing on Adult Swim. You'll need to register first before posting, so if you're not registered at the forums yet, feel free to do so using this link so you can join in!
opsnafu 07-10-2003 07:47 PM
YAY Big Grin