Rate the User Title!

Benjamin 10-27-2004 10:08 PM
Originally posted by Prons
Benjamin: I don't really get it, is it something from Digimon? 6\10

Si Prons,

Season4: Digimon Frontier

Spirits Found = Beast / Human

Human Spirits Generally Walk
Beast Spirits Stronger and Tackle More Terrain

You Use D-Tectors To Sprit Evolve. BUT YOU MUST SAY "Execute" Beast Spirit Evoulition

And They Go From Their Human Forms *In This Case Tommy* To The Beast Spirit *In This Case Korikakumon*

Get It?
dawnstrider 10-28-2004 02:13 PM
....Okay...well, this is certainly a new one Smile . Or, rather "an-old-one-that-I-never-saw-before-today" one......

Well....there are a lot of "Rate the...." threads, but I guess a post in this wouldn't harm Smile .

Benjamin: Cute Smile ....but awkward. And "evolution" is spelled wrong Oh Well . But it matches your avatar, I suppose, so...8/10 Smile .
Prons 10-28-2004 05:10 PM
Dawnstrider: No idea what it means, but its cool 10\10.
Dude Love 10-28-2004 05:26 PM
You know, I always thought User Text was that text in one's profile. For an example:

Prons' Profile

His User Text would be:
"Gigantor, but Not."

*shrug* I guess I'll rate what I'd always thought was one's User Title...

"Sadako > All."

Hmm, Well, I suppose it's fitting for Prons, though it doesn't match the profile. Except, I don't like the period at the end. It's not a sentence. In fact, it's math, so that would be "Sadako > All point"

Benjamin 10-28-2004 09:47 PM
Agent 00589:
Agent: Someone Working For The Government
00589: Nothing But Numbuhs
Anyway...8/10 Because I think 007 would Have worked Better Big Grin
Dude Love 10-28-2004 09:50 PM
Well, Ben, the joke of 00589 is that 589 is my Paradigm user ID.

Onto your rating. I don't like the "Gooooo". Sounds like the "ooo" sound in "moo" rather than a drawn out "go." At least from first stance.

The Fallen Phoenix 10-28-2004 10:00 PM
Wienberg: Fairly creative, I'm not quite sure many would consider using their ID number in their User Title, particularly as it's applied in your case. It also goes along quite well with the theme you have set up...

So I suppose I rate it 9/10.
Prons 10-29-2004 05:23 PM
FP: It sounds cryptic, mysterious, and it fits you.

But I'm a simpleton as many here already know, so I don't understand it. 9\10
Asirt 11-23-2004 09:26 AM
Seeing as Pron's banned now, I'll rate FP's user text...

"The Dark Lord"
Well, it most certainly fits your avatar, and it makes people tremble in fear. Tongue Big Grin Overall, nice. I give it a 9/10

Now, Weinberg's text...

"Epic Enchantment with Massive Disenchantment"
Well... it's long. Smile Nice use of words there, though I'm not sure if that exactly makes sense. Maybe that's just me, though. Overall, it's pretty cool. I give it a 9/10

As you can see, I am now a forum veteran, so I now have a custom user text. Big Grin

Almasy 11-25-2004 01:23 PM
Trisa: Master of the Eyes - That's a very fitting user title! I like it! Very creative. 9/10!

My user title is more connected to my Avatar than to myself (Olympias in the movie 'Alexander' has an affinity for snakes). Though, if interpreted correctly it could also relate to me, I suppose.
The Fallen Phoenix 11-25-2004 01:26 PM
Almasy: I think it's a nice title...it fits your avatar, which is nice. Big Grin I suppose I'll rate it 8/10.
Tickle Tickle 11-25-2004 01:42 PM
FP: Ah, it's sounds very pretty. A very nice text. 9/10
Darkside 11-25-2004 03:17 PM
Super Umino: It definitly fits your avatar. 8/10

FP: I would have just put down The Metatron but for some reason "Gods Voice" fits you almst perfectly. 9/10
Benjamin 11-25-2004 03:26 PM
Decepticon War Lord, Suits You Darkside Smile
Considering your the Biggest Galvatron/Megatron fan that I know of Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Smile Anyway I have to give it a 9/10 Match Signature Smile
But Not Your Avatar sooooo -1
Asirt 11-25-2004 04:19 PM
"Master Duelist" - It fits the avatar that you currently have right now. Nothing else to say about the user text... I give it a 9/10

"Decepticon Warlord" - Once again, fits you as well as your avatar. And it also makes people fear you. Tongue Big Grin I give it a 9/10

Super Umino,
"Cutie Love" - Fits your avatar and sig very well, and it's simple and to the point. Smile Very nice. I give it a 9/10

The Fallen Phoenix,
"God's Voice" - Well, I don't see how it would fit you, but it's pretty cool overall, and makes people tremble in fear. Tongue Pretty cool, overall. I give it a 9/10

"Charmer of Serpents" - Nice title, seems to fit the avatar, even though I haven't seen Alexander yet. Overall, very nice. I give it a 9/10

Mike 11-25-2004 04:40 PM
Trisa: "Master of the Eyes" certainly does fit. 10/10.
Dork 11-25-2004 08:08 PM
Hey, fits the avatar 10/10


If I lived in a land of superheroes, I'd be a evil genius consultant, because evil geniuses really need all the help they can get. Plus, they're doing a public service; ridding the world of pesky property-damaging superheroes.
The Fallen Phoenix 11-25-2004 08:12 PM
Dork: A very clever title! Big Grin Quite witty, and I think it fits you fairly well. Tongue I'd rate it 9.5/10.

To head off possible confusion, the Ecumenical Patriarch is the Patriarch of Constantinople. The best way I can describe it (though this is a big exaggeration and really isn't very accurate) would be "the Pope of the Eastern Orthodox Church..."

Personally, I found it better than High Priest, Archbishop, or any of the other Ecclesiastical titles I could have claimed for myself and my avatar. Tongue
evanASF27 11-25-2004 10:58 PM
...why can't you put "Friggin Pheasant"??? Big Grin that would be so in character you know Wink Tongue (it was wienberg's idea! >.>;; )
I give it, because I don't like church....7/10....but I give it a 6/10 because it just doesn't suit you Neutral
X Prime 11-26-2004 06:50 AM
It fits you Evan... Especially when you look WAY back at old CN ACME commercials that asked Mr. Coyote why he kept buying ACME. He held up a sign that said something like great credit. Quite funny. 9/10 for you.


Nobody will realize how much this title fits without knowing the backstory of my name and what the avatar is...


P.S.: Wienberg is 100% correct. What we're actually rating are our User Titles. The User Text is the textblock under the avatar in our profiles.