Big O Season 1 Discussion

Shredder 07-08-2003 12:28 AM
Big O is the kind of show that you can watch over and over and still get something new out of it each time. One of our favorite anime back on the air after 2 years. Use this thread to talk about the first 13 episodes- what you noticed now that you hadn't before, what you liked or didn't, or anything else! And if you're a new fan to the series, let the rest of us know what you thought! Keep it here!
Dai-Guard 07-08-2003 04:14 AM
It's great to see this show on TV again. I didn't expect them to show the full opening and ending, and I'm glad they're showing it uncut. Can't wait for the new episodes to start! Smile
John 07-08-2003 02:33 PM
I love "The Big O". I saw this series for the first time when it aired on Toonami and saw every episode except for "Bring Back My Ghost". I bought the entire series on DVD back in March and remembered almost nothing about it except that it was great. I am now extremely familiar with each episode but I am still glad that it's airing again so more people can become familiar with it now. I can't wait till season 2. By the way Shredder thanks a lot for posting "Return of the Winter Night Phantom". Will everyone please review my story on a new thread I will start titled "Fanfiction". Thanks.
Manji 07-08-2003 09:08 PM
I thought Big O was awsome the first time I saw it, I was so excited when I heard that Adult Swim was gonna be playing it again, and that it would have season 2 comin', Actually i saw the first episode the other night and the thing i remembered that was most unique about it is the way the present the next episode, with the phone and the angry voice saying the next episodes title.
Vikki 07-09-2003 12:20 AM
That 'Good' has returned to being 'God', although the pronunciation of 'Megadeus' is still horrendous.

A nice show - I don't think I could become a fanatic (the Bruce Wayne parallels keep making me want to scream, 'BATMAN! nanananananananana ....' - you know, the old theme song), but Roger's an intriguing character from the one episode I've seen.

Seems fun to watch. Something about the character designs - the long legs and sometimes elastic movements of the characters, especially Beck - is a throwback to Lupin III - old school anime, for the uninformed. Very old school. I like the film noir style as well.

And while I badly need to obtain the subtitled version of this series, the English voices aren't bad. Roger is dubbed by Spike's dubber, and I'm sorry, but of all the American voice actors, they couldn't have made a better choice, IMO.
Shredder 07-09-2003 12:57 AM
If you've only seen the first episode or two, stay with it. It's one of those shows that just keeps getting better (and it develops its own originality- while there are some similarities to Batman, it's definately its own thing.) Speaking of the Japanese/English voices, look for an upcoming section we've been planning on voice comparisons!

Enjoy the show! Smile )
Manji 07-09-2003 01:09 AM
voice comparisons? the difference in text, like that?
Shredder 07-09-2003 01:21 AM
Well, we were planning on having comparable sound clips from the Japanese and English voice tracks so people could hear the similarities/differences between them and see how each character is portrayed. Let us know what you think of this or other ideas for the site.
Manji 07-09-2003 01:23 AM
That sounds like a good idea but it could take a while to do, it would be pretty cool though. Tongue
Kori_chan 07-09-2003 01:41 AM
The more and more I watch Big O, the more and more I like the whole style of it...
Like some people have said, somewhat Batman esque, but to me in terms of the drawing style more...
Like in the better Batman cartoons, Big O has somewhat of a dark 1920s-ish feel to it... I was never a Batman fan, but I sure loved the style of it...
Manji 07-09-2003 01:51 AM
Its that old school stylings of Big O that makes it so cool Big Grin
Kori_chan 07-09-2003 02:17 AM
Indeedy ^^ Plus you can't beat the slick clothes!
Schwarzwald 07-09-2003 10:27 PM
only in big o do you see a ganster tazer a robot and the main char in less then a min....
Schwarzwald 07-09-2003 11:32 PM
great music that slap base thing when they look down the steps and the apoctaliptic grandia 2 like music when the titan comes out..

wait...was that a cd player where the light came out of?
Kori_chan 07-09-2003 11:50 PM
It would appear so... XD
Manji 07-10-2003 02:46 AM
She had the option of a CD player or a DVD player, for some reason she apperently chose the CD player... Big Grin
pen1300 07-10-2003 08:51 AM
Originally posted by Schwarzwald
only in big o do you see a ganster tazer a robot and the main char in less then a min....

That's a pretty nifty scene. It flows nicely.
Inferno787 07-10-2003 04:00 PM
- This anime really does looks like Batman...Anyway, I jus got into this series...actually a couple days ago Wink I'm pretty sadisfied with it.
pen1300 07-10-2003 06:59 PM
Stick with Big-O. It gets better later on and there are SO many things to discuss. Smile )

I like the whole Batman thing (I mean, you can SO see the parallels). The animation styles (Bruce Timms anyway) are the same for Batman animated, Beyond, and Justice League, which is probably another reason why I'm drawn to it. Also just the 30s/40s style. Big Grin
Schwarzwald 07-10-2003 11:49 PM
Big Grin
mwah haha hahaha
(silent laughter)
so the story begins. Immortality...."so he is blank"
and the common horrorish anime with the emotions and "curse" of the human imagination.
its great. Big Grin

Red Face ----as a side note to micosoft...(xbo*cough*2) ya know like how disney makes their phones with the mickey mouse.*double wink with unnessesary knudge*(travel will be made like to see u make a properly walking ps4 with your..."bandicoot")

Or just as a mascost... "for making humans look weak in the mind, theres no power greater than X."