I've been here a couple of months but...

bigofan1017 07-23-2004 05:15 PM
Hey! I'm Sherry. I never got to introduce my self. So, obviously I'm a big fan of Big O and my favorite character is Roger. I like the Simpsons,Family Guy , Aqua Teen, and Futurama. Smile So... hiya everybody!
Sephiroth 07-23-2004 05:20 PM
Welcome! Enjoy your stay! My welcoming gift to you is a Tactical Nuclear Missile! Have fun with it!
Asirt 07-23-2004 06:13 PM
Welcome to Paradigm City, Ms. bigofan1017! I hope that you will enjoy your stay here in the forums. Smile

Be sure to check out many of the topics that are available before you, but more importantly, have fun with it! Big Grin

If you need anything, ask the mods or the admin and they'll be happy to answer you anything. Wink

JAYCZero 07-23-2004 06:38 PM
Welcome Here BigoFan1017 It's Great to have you here .
I hope that you have Fun here at this Wonderful Forum of
Hienrich Ele 07-23-2004 07:05 PM

Welcome and all that stuff...

Tony Waynewrong 07-23-2004 07:09 PM
Hi, bigofan1017! Welcome to the fora of lost memories. I am your host, Tony "lost-his-mind-to-the-lucious-redheaded-android" Perez. I hope you enjoy your stay. Just leave your sanity with Norman, you don't need it here.
Dork 07-23-2004 07:20 PM
::waves enthusiastically:: Hiya!
BabyGhia 07-23-2004 07:43 PM
Welcome to the forum, bigofan1017!

Big Grin

Madrona 07-23-2004 09:16 PM
Welcome bigofan1017, to our lovely domes. The best place in the world to spend way too much time.


Pygmalion 07-23-2004 11:15 PM
Greetings, bigofan1017, and welcome to our happy domes! Have a map to the Underground, but be careful of the Terror.

Interested in fan works? Take a look at Roger's social life prior to Dorothy in Rota, one of many interesting stories and pictures in Nightingale forum.

Smith Mansion is your source of analysis and creative guesswork about the show itself.

Ailesberry has tons of info on other anime and manga.

Speakeasy is the home of off-Big O posts and birthday wishes.

Finally, JFK Mark is the place to discuss topics about the boards. There are lively continuing threads on avatars and banners.

Hope to see you around the fora!

Benjamin 07-24-2004 12:08 AM


ebie 07-24-2004 12:24 AM
whats up?
Zopwx2 07-24-2004 12:45 AM
Hey why not! Welcome to the nation of sajl;vbb

(i didn't know what to say so I jammed the keyboard)
BethMcBeth 07-24-2004 12:47 AM
WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! ^_^"" WE hope you enjoy your stay here! ^_^""
dominusofdeath 07-24-2004 09:00 AM
Welcome ma'am! Hope you have fun and contribute greatly.
dawnstrider 07-24-2004 01:31 PM
Welcome Sherry Smile . This heris Arthur giving you warm welcome to our wonderful forums. If you need any help directing around this place, be sure to check out the threads at the top. And now, for your gift:

Her, have Roger doll Smile . He's soft and squeezable....in a cool, unemotional way....
R and D 07-24-2004 03:32 PM
Welcome BigOFan1017! Welcome to PCF! Smile )
to make ur stay more enjoyable, i shall give u a gift. Pleased
how about a Big O chocolate bar? Big Grin and a delux model kit? that should be good enough. Cool
Enjoy ur stay here. Most of all have fun and be urself. Anime Smile
Salutations and Welcome! Laughing
Alana Gabriel 07-25-2004 02:42 PM
Oh, no...not another Roger fangirl....oh, well...I can still attempt to bring you over to the winning side....

Greetings, BigOFan1017. I am Alana Gabriel, unofficial spokeswoman for the Alanite party. For long cycles, Paradigm City has fallen prey to the rampages of the Black Megadues and it's megalomaniac Dominus Roger Smith. With the Alanites in charge, no longer will you have to live in fear of your apartment sinking into the street. With the Alanites in charge, no longer will you live in fear of falling manhole covers. And with the Alanite party in charge, you will no longer live in fear of android women and black haired men and their obsessed fanbase. Anyways. Welcome to Paradigm, and vote Alan '04. Because insanity is quality.
Jonny Axehandle 07-26-2004 11:51 AM
Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you are of legal age, look legal, or don't think we will get caught, I can give you a reeeal good welcome under the Pool Table.
Howler_65 08-04-2004 09:39 AM
welcome sherry i hope you have some fun here if you havent already ,although you everyone here is so ffreindly! Smile ) well if u wanna talk about anythingim here