Big O related 5 word stories

R and D 07-10-2004 08:59 PM
this thread is like the the 3 word stories one, but u can have 5 words instead of three! let's begin!

Dorothy walked down the street
Jonny Axehandle 07-10-2004 09:01 PM
{Damn you!! I wanted to do this!!}

and then she saw a
dominusofdeath 07-10-2004 09:44 PM
big, huge midget man eating
Delirious 07-11-2004 06:44 PM
raviolis with peas and carrots
R and D 07-11-2004 07:36 PM
she ran to roger's car
darkangel 07-12-2004 02:56 PM
to get a shotgun and
R and D 07-15-2004 10:54 AM
shot apples for target practise
dominusofdeath 07-15-2004 12:24 PM
And then Roger went to
R and D 07-16-2004 10:24 PM
put sign on dastun's back
Prons 07-16-2004 10:34 PM
The sign said I love
R and D 07-17-2004 07:33 PM
Turkeys and potatoes in gravy. Pleased
Shadow dorothy 06-16-2006 07:27 PM
Dastun hated that so...
paul1290 06-17-2006 05:16 AM
He said "What!"...
SEELE 08 06-17-2006 06:47 AM
and grabbed his bullhorn
Shadow dorothy 06-17-2006 06:45 PM
And screamed really loud in...
pen1300 07-10-2006 09:12 PM
front of Beck's Victory Delux...
Shadow dorothy 07-11-2006 12:24 PM
that he would shot if...