Marlon Brando is dead!

Zopwx2 07-02-2004 12:44 PM
Reagan, Ray Charles and now all you Godfather lovers, Brando is dead:
Silv3rKnigh1 07-02-2004 12:46 PM
oh god no! not the god father!!!!!!

my own father is gonna be very upset, one of his fav actors of all time
noTomato 07-02-2004 12:57 PM
He's gone?

Actually I'm not really sure who he is...I'm uh, I'm gonna go watch the Godfather now...aheh.

Mike 07-02-2004 12:59 PM
"I coulda been somebody. I coulda been a condendah!"

He will be missed.
Dude Love 07-02-2004 01:14 PM
Originally posted by GAT-X105
"I coulda been somebody. I coulda been a condendah!"

He will be missed.

Agreed. I'm going to have to pass on the word to my Italian buddies.
C.R Foxhound 07-02-2004 01:30 PM
one of the best Frown

*listens to "The Godfather Waltz"*
Ace of Spades 07-02-2004 01:46 PM
I guess you can't make an offer with The Reaper. Not even the Godfather.
Tony Waynewrong 07-02-2004 01:50 PM
Damn it! Not Marlon Brando! The Vito Corleone is dead? Colonel Walter E. Kurtz is dead? This sucks!!!
JAYCZero 07-02-2004 01:59 PM
Well what can we do ? It hurts alot , that we lost such
a Legendary Individual who Revolutionized Italion Culture
through the Unforgetable Memorable Movie Godfather no one
can compare to what a magnificent Actor He was.
I was shocked when I heard this , but he lived a
Full Life and right now he is in a better place
and that's all that matters .
There is nothing we can do that's how life is
People die everyday and soon we will have to face
through that Destiny too .
But we will never forget Marlon Brando
May He Rest In Peace and he will alway's
be remmembered upon our Hearts Forever .
R.Smith 07-02-2004 02:04 PM
Aw, that sucks big time Crying Frown Crying

..Hmm...well, there's the third "famous death", like i said before, always happens in threes. Frown
Lady Tesser 07-02-2004 02:22 PM
Anybody read the article?? They should make a movie about his life!!!
evanASF27 07-02-2004 02:25 PM
Originally posted by Zopwx2
Reagan, Ray Charles and now all you Godfather lovers, Brando is dead:

GOD DAMN IT!!!! T_T Crying
Pygmalion 07-02-2004 02:38 PM
I'll always remember him from The Wild Ones (loosely based on an incident in Hollister, California) -- slouched over his Triumph and ready to rebel against anything.

Sephiroth 07-02-2004 07:31 PM
Oh my God! I had no idea he died! Normally I find out about the things from CNN but I hadn't heard about this. I can't believe the God Father is dead, it brings a tear to the I.
Travis Bickle 07-02-2004 08:16 PM
Crap! Colonel Walter E. Kurtz is dead! Too many good people are dying.
Seraphim 07-02-2004 08:22 PM
This is absolutely terrible. Brando will be truly missed.
Negotiator_Roger_Smith 07-02-2004 08:30 PM
i heard on the news they think he died with hardly no money! they said he was propably living off socail sercuity in his mansion!
dominusofdeath 07-03-2004 12:29 PM
Brando was a good actor, but a stupid person. He pulled way too much crap.
Nyarlathotep 07-03-2004 01:02 PM
Another legend that fell in our time...