Man digs hole in backyard and goes on to do other manly things, for no good reason.

Zopwx2 07-01-2004 05:48 PM

Wow, this guy is an outdoorsman,
spoiler (highlight to read):
he shoots a snake and then eats it just becuase he feels like it....

Q. Where are you from? Where do you live?
A. I was born and raised in Eunice, LA, and the hole was dug where I went to College and worked, Natchitoches, LA

Q. Are you are a redneck?
A. NO. Im a coonass, or a cajun if you are uppity or in high class company...

Q. Why are you so mean to your wife? She's going to leave you!
A. The fat jokes are delivered in a most loving way. (besides she WAS big fat and pregnant!) But seriously, we get along great and she doesn't mind me doing odd things like digging holes or blowing up beavers or building robots. Everyone else's husbands just sit around drinking beer and watching the football game so in the scheme of things, I'm not so bad.

Q. You put up bird feeders to shoot birds? You are an evil bastard.
A. I fed them to my cat. My cat loves me for it, and I value my cats affection above your opinion. Sorry.

Q. Did you shoot any deer from the hole?
A. No, I never saw one during legal shooting hours while in the hole and I never made much afford to shoot one anyway because I was always too lazy to clean it and I didn't have any freezer space anyway.

Q. What kind of snake was that? Did it taste good? Can't you die from eating a poisonous snake?!
A. It was a copperhead, it tasted great, no (I'm still alive durrrr).

Q. WTF is with your spelling and grammer, it sucks.
A. Im careless, sorry. BTW its grammar.
Buck Buck #1 07-01-2004 06:13 PM
Wow! I wish I was that manly. Crying
noTomato 07-01-2004 06:25 PM
wow, that was odd...intruiging...but odd...and manly indeed.
IamRogerSmith 07-01-2004 06:53 PM
That was awesome.
o55goten 07-01-2004 07:32 PM
wow that is one manly man so I think he should just sit down and learn to cook to become a beter person and should stop shooting birds that he traps.
dominusofdeath 07-01-2004 08:37 PM
Now thats awesome! Awesome to the max!
IamRogerSmith 07-01-2004 09:02 PM
Originally posted by o55goten
wow that is one manly man so I think he should just sit down and learn to cook to become a beter person and should stop shooting birds that he traps.

I'd rather he keeps living the way he is. At least he's not imposing his idea of what a better person is on you.
re-animate 07-01-2004 09:40 PM
3#<u$3 m3 w81l3 1 g0 d1g @ 80l3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

!N M2 R00M!!!!!!!!



excuse me while i go dig a hole........



)1 @m 1337(
Hienrich Ele 07-01-2004 11:14 PM
I hate 1337!

And, this man does what each and everyone enjoys. We all like to dig. Who knows what treasures lay hidden!

I once dug and found an old sprinkler system in my yard. It was cool till I found out it wasn't old, and that it made a mess when you hit the pipe...
Pygmalion 07-01-2004 11:28 PM
That's fun. And it reminds me of a book I borrowed from my dad, The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book. (It's been 22 years since the book came out, so it's probably more like a $200 and up underground house now.)