the best uploading sites?

Demosthenes 06-30-2004 06:49 PM
I use myself, but thats for sale, so what do you use?
Silv3rKnigh1 06-30-2004 07:28 PM
irev is really good

now only if i could find a host for my web page
The Baker St. Irregular 06-30-2004 07:38 PM
I use It's a really good service, and it's free. I like the interface the most. Very helpful.
F-14Tomcat 06-30-2004 07:43 PM
Here's a pretty good thread about image hosting -----> Image Hosting

I use Irev myself.....
evanASF27 06-30-2004 08:14 PM is great Cool But I don't think their free accounts are available anymore (I got one when they were! Big Grin )...but if you buy one you get lots of uploading space and no bandwidth restriction (the free accounts allow 1MB and no bandwidth restrictions).

Village Photos now is also good but their bandwidth restrictions will kill you...I bought a large account (for my megamixes) that will allow me until august to use like 400 or something MBs (or something like that). I forget the numbers >_<;;;
Mage 07-01-2004 10:20 AM, I'm not sure if your sopposed to link your pics that you upload but they never seem to run out of bandwith when I do Big Grin
Shaoblane 07-01-2004 02:58 PM
I use Irev...and so does R.Smith