Big O related "Ask a Stupid Question"

BethMcBeth 07-09-2005 10:55 AM
A. Sure all the time! Especially after he got dumped by both Dorothy and Angel on the first date!

Q. So if you could add a new weapond to the Griffion what would it be?
BabyGhia 07-12-2005 12:51 AM
A. Anti-Gel for Roger's hair

Q. How many times could Roger pick up Dorothy for exercise?
Mrs. Beck 07-14-2005 11:14 AM
A: He couldn't, I don't think Dorothy would let him do that . . .

Q: If Beck just left out the whole 'megadeus-building' thing, could he finally get revenge on Roger?
Collateral 07-14-2005 12:56 PM
A: No, because in the middle of his seeking revenge he would discover that Roger and him could be friends and then they would hold hands and skip out into a field of daisies and...

Q: Would Roger ever skip with Beck in a field of daisies while holding his hand?
Mrs. Beck 07-15-2005 07:16 AM
A: No, because Roger would know that this was most likely a part of another one of Beck's sorry attempts at revenge, in some odd, twisted way.

Q: Would it possibly make a difference if both were drunk? Then would they skip through a feild of daisies holding hands?
Tony Waynewrong 07-15-2005 03:25 PM
Q: Sure, but I heard LCD has an effective duration on 14 hours. So, I doubt they would last longer than that.

A: Do you think Dorothy minds my goatee?
Mrs. Beck 07-15-2005 06:13 PM
A: No, for you see, Tony, I personally think Dorothy's just attracted to men with creepy eyebrows. So no, the goatee doesn't have a thing to do with it.

Q: Where in the world does Norman keep all those guns? And ammo?
paul1290 07-15-2005 07:30 PM
A: His room has a hidden door that leads to a secret room made for storing guns and ammo.

Q: Does Norman have better aim than Dastun?
Tony Waynewrong 07-15-2005 07:34 PM
A: I believe Norman's aim is better than anyone in the show.

Q: What was the first thing that came to Roger's mind when he saw Dorothy in that tight scuba-like catsuit? (From Hydra)
paul1290 07-15-2005 07:44 PM
A: "I sure hope this isn't some sick joke Norman came up with."

Q: What would Alan Gabriel look like if someone removed (or ripped off) his mask?
lts_silver 07-16-2005 02:17 AM
Answer: Michael Jackson

Question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a toostie pop?
paul1290 07-16-2005 10:00 AM
A: Roger Smith would take 252 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop. (that is the average for a human)
Dorothy would take 364 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop. (that is the average for a licking machine)

Q: How many licks would it take Dastun to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Mrs. Beck 07-16-2005 10:38 AM
A: I think he'd break it a fourth of the way through out of frustration.

Q: What two Big O characters would be funniest to see trapped in a room together for days on end?
lts_silver 07-16-2005 02:25 PM
Answer: Alan Gabriel and Beck.

Question: How many times does Big O use its Pistons?
BethMcBeth 07-16-2005 03:49 PM
A. That depends on how many push ups he does a day.

Q. Whats the voltage watt that Big O runs on?
Dark-0 07-16-2005 04:24 PM
A: 14 Volt battery x 1,000 cell casings
Q: Where do tomatoes meet every year?
Collateral 07-16-2005 04:41 PM
A: PCF, of course!

Q: What would be another name for the "Event"?
lts_silver 07-18-2005 12:20 AM
A: Let's play the "Memory Wipe Game!!!:

Q: Is Dastun an Ape?
Collateral 07-18-2005 02:02 AM
A: Only half (his dad was King-Kong).

Q: What are the marks on Angel's back really?
Mrs. Beck 07-19-2005 01:36 AM
A: Bruises from Roger and her's little 'night out'

Q: What if Big O got a sex change? (sorry, sugar high)