Big-O Alphabet

Jonny Axehandle 06-29-2004 12:15 PM

1. One item per post
2. Must be in order
3. Start back at "A" after "Z"
4. No repeats
5. Ignore the will of the mods and post 15 times per day

I start:

"A" is for "Act, the name of every episode"
Seraphim 06-29-2004 12:16 PM
"B" is for "Big, the prefix to the names of all the Megadei"
angelcakes 06-29-2004 12:25 PM
C is for 'Cast members on Paradigm's stage'
Jonny Axehandle 06-29-2004 12:32 PM
"D" is for "Dominus"
Big Fau 06-29-2004 12:40 PM
"E" is for "Eradicate, which is what Alex did to Paradigm City in Act 25."
Pygmalion 06-29-2004 12:41 PM
"E" is for "Eugene Grant," who really knows how to display his genes.

Jonny Axehandle 06-29-2004 12:42 PM
"F" is for "Fau, the third Big"
evanASF27 06-29-2004 12:43 PM
G is for Gordon Rosewater
*meh the post didn't go through...oh well*
Jonny Axehandle 06-29-2004 01:00 PM
"H" is for "Hydra, act 22"
Ace of Spades 06-29-2004 02:27 PM
I is for Instro which came from a tree.
Hienrich Ele 06-29-2004 05:33 PM
J is for JFK Mark
AmuroRei 06-29-2004 05:35 PM
K, for Kind, the exact oposite of what Alan Gabriel was!
Naraku 06-29-2004 08:55 PM
L is for Lieutenant, which Roger use to be.
Asirt 06-29-2004 09:03 PM
M is for Megadeus, the kind of robot Big O is!

dawnstrider 06-29-2004 09:07 PM
N is for "nice toss " which is what I said when Roger laid out Alan's butt with a judo flip when he saved Dorothy Tongue .
re-animate 06-29-2004 09:22 PM
O is for big-O!!! shOwtime!!!
Blue Crow 06-29-2004 10:32 PM
P is for.......


the city of amnesia.Wink

YoruameBaroness 06-29-2004 10:33 PM
Q is for quizzical, which is what the whole series is.
Asirt 06-29-2004 10:35 PM
R is for Roger, the Negotiator. Wink

Shaoblane 06-29-2004 10:39 PM
S is for suck-up

Also known as, Angel