Recent Anime Purchases

John 07-22-2003 04:20 PM
Cool Manji. Have you seen the movie? It's great. Congrats on being an "Advanced Member" now.
Mugiwara Luffy 07-22-2003 06:06 PM
The two most recent things that I have bought were the Animatrix DVD and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. They were both quite good! Pleased
Also, I am subsribed to Shonen Jump, so technically I bought that too.
Manji 07-28-2003 12:36 AM
I want this Brak cookie jar Big Grin

Dark-Vertigo X 09-23-2003 03:06 PM
My most recent anime purchase would have to be The Big O DVD Collection!Tongue
And i'm thinking of buying the Outlaw Star Boxed Set.

Nice Brak Jar btw! Big Grin
StevieV019 09-23-2003 03:44 PM
Im thinking of buying the Outlaw Star boxed set too...

The most recent purchases for me:

Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal Director's Cut
Initial D manga: volume 7
DBZ Movie collection action figure: Future Trunks
X:volume 6
Noir:volume 5
Mike 09-23-2003 07:14 PM
The last things I got were Master Grade models of the Z'Gok and Nu Gundam, and a model of a VF-1S Valkyrie in jet mode from Macross. I really, really want to get the Big O box set and the manga but I can't find them.
David F 09-23-2003 08:37 PM
The last thing I bought was the Escaflowne Movie on DVD.
Shady Dark Lady 10-03-2003 09:43 AM
The Big O box set, of course..Big O visual guide (I'm still waiting for it to come in..) and the 2 of the Big O action fig set with Big O, Roger and Dorothy. I opened one to play with, and the other I'll hang on my wall. Then I found the set with Roger and Angel. Big Duo came with that one.. Then I bought a Lupin Movie. The one with Mamo and it came with a Lupin Key chain..Excellent!!
Dark-Vertigo X 10-03-2003 04:16 PM
Finally got that Outlaw Star Boxed set. oh yeah Tongue
tsukino usagi 01-27-2004 10:22 PM
almost everything in my collection here

that is sailormoon related. Happy
Manji 01-27-2004 11:10 PM
I've bough a couple anime related things in the past month

-I bought both seasons of Initial D from Japan, as well as the three extra stages in japanese. I also picked up the three DVD's out by Tokyopop

-I bought the Cowboy Bebop 4-CD Music Set

-I also bought the Cowboy Bebop DVD's 3 and 5 to complete my set of the series

Price spent on the above: $160

I'm wasting so much money on anime, when I should be saving up for car parts Crying
Shady Dark Lady 02-13-2004 01:05 PM
I bought the Big Eyes Small mouth Fanguide #1 for Hellsing, I ordered #2, but it won't be in till end of Feb/early March.. Mad I also got a small Hellsing bag to carry some of my stuff in..\m/!!!
Lady Tesser 02-13-2004 02:02 PM
Recent stuff -

'Big O' manga 5
'You're Under Arrest' Mini-Specials DVD
A black double breasted jacket for my Roxanne Smith costume
A Masamune Shirow 'Intron Depot' illustrated journal
BigPrime 02-13-2004 02:10 PM
I haven't bought any anime since Christmas. Which isn't bad, considering that I've still got a couple of series to go through from that haul...

On the manga front, though, things have been a bit better. In the last month and a half, I've gotten Big O Mangas 1 and 3-5, Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star 1 & 2, Cowboy Bebop 1, Lupin III 1 & 2 and Evangelion 1. Smile
Patsai 02-13-2004 11:34 PM
Let's see, um...I bought Orphen.
Mugiwara Luffy 02-14-2004 12:16 AM
Today I got Vol. 1 of Big O season 2! It was pretty cheap too ($16.99 at Best Buy).
Schoolie 02-14-2004 03:49 PM
I just got Last Exile, the first two DVD's. I watched the first two episodes and it's looking pretty keen! (It's by Gonzo, the same studio that created Blue Sub. No. 6 and Hellsing.)
seraphjei 02-15-2004 05:19 PM
i bought the complete series for a whopping $189 of of e-bay but it was worth it i guess
Dorothy and Pero 02-15-2004 05:59 PM
I bought the first four volumes of Kodocha a little while back (still need Volumes two and five of Big O though, can't seem to find them at Boarders though >_<)

My sister and I just bought a Hello Kitty alarm clock, if that counts.

No anime though Frown
Trotsky 02-15-2004 06:23 PM
i bought chobits manga's and am now waiting for it to be dlivered. hooray