Rank Names

Krang 06-21-2004 11:09 PM
As most of you already know, we're updating the names of the ranks used on the forums. In this thread, members came up with the following two sets of ranks:

Group A:
0- Foreigner
5- Union Agent
15- Illegal Resident
50- Tomato
100- Truth Seeker
250- Military Police Officer
500- Paradigm Lapdog
750- Dome Dweller
1,000- Top Negotiator
1,500- Beloved Tomato
2,500- Senator
5,000- Dominus of Megadeus
10,000- Director

Group B:
0- New Member
5- Starting Member
15- Junior Member
50- Member
100- Senior Member
250- Advanced Member
500- Honored Member
750- Super Member
1,000- Ultimate Member
1,500- Supreme Member
2,500- Divine Member
5,000- Legendary Member
10,000- Immortal Member

Which one do you like better? Please vote in the poll above. Any comments can be posted in the thread linked to above. This poll will be up for exactly 3 days, so it will be closed on June 24 at approximately 11:00 PM Central. Be sure to get your vote in before then!
Krang 06-24-2004 11:23 PM
Ok, it looks like Group A won by a pretty large margin. Thanks to everyone who voted! I will begin implementing these ranks soon. In the meantime, feel free to continue discussion about star colors so that we can get that poll set up as well.

Edit: Ranks implemented. Thanks to everyone who helped in choosing the new ranks!