Ask a Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer

088nd 06-25-2005 08:40 PM
A: Because you keep watching them. It's reciprocal.

Sir Nise 06-25-2005 09:15 PM
A: No, for the love of Jimmy! No! Shocked

Q: Why did Grandpa touch the pig that way?
Big Money 06-25-2005 09:23 PM
Q: Grandpa wanted bacon for breakfast. I'm sorry.

A: Why did I switch my Q and A?
evanASF27 06-25-2005 09:28 PM
W: I have no idea

T: ...stop looking at me o_O

F: So what is the point of a DVD Rewinder?
Sir Nise 06-25-2005 09:47 PM
A: To make sure that sure kind to the nxt generation- "Be kind!, Rewind! Biz-nitch!

Q: Who knows what my avatar is a picture of?
Big Money 06-25-2005 09:47 PM

A: In case you get some Big Fau on it.

Q: Did that make sense? It did in my mind...

Sir Nice:


Q: Uh... use the above one.
Sir Nise 06-25-2005 09:51 PM
A: It made sexy amounts of sense.

Q: What's sexier, a sexy shoe or a sexy pillow?
Collateral 06-25-2005 10:00 PM
A: A pillow because it is pluffy.

Q: Is pluffy really a word or a figment of my imagination?
Sir Nise 06-25-2005 10:03 PM
A: You can do anything with your ! Pluffy is also a real word.

Q: What is the stongest Zimbabwe?
Buck Buck #1 06-25-2005 10:37 PM
A: Sponge Bob

Q: Who's that knocking on the wall?
Dingo 06-25-2005 11:04 PM
A: ME!

Q: Why am i doing this?
Collateral 06-25-2005 11:05 PM
A: You must!

Q: What choice do you have?
Sir Nise 06-26-2005 06:26 PM
A & Q : Eat Paper?
angelcakes 06-26-2005 06:31 PM
A. Only if it's "Atkin's Approved" paper...

Q. Who's up for turkey?
lts_silver 06-26-2005 06:33 PM
Answer: Me!!! Oh pick me!

Question: If you were givin a chance to win 100,000 dollars on Fear Factor by eating maggots, would you do it?
angelcakes 06-26-2005 06:35 PM
A. *puts on shirt that says "Insectophobic"* What do you think?

Q. What's the ultimate irony?
Ace of Spades 06-26-2005 06:36 PM
A: Filthy Rotting Flesh Eating Maggots?.... FUN!

Q: How are they fun?
Sir Nise 06-26-2005 06:49 PM
A: They've got popsicles!

Q: who want's grapefruit?! Shocked
Collateral 06-26-2005 06:53 PM
Q: An orange!

A: Why is it singing?
Schwarzwald 06-26-2005 06:57 PM
A:Cause it lost it's bananna!

Q:Aren't you glad I didn't say ba-orange? Wait... orange you glad?