2 pics: Avatar or Sig?

NVWC2006 08-17-2003 07:21 PM
Okay, I real quick made two Big O pictures. I'd like you people to tell me which one seems better for an avatar and which one seems better to go in my signiture. In the end, both pics will probably be reduced to about avatar size, and they will be clearer then they are now (i'll put forth more effort and time to make them look good). I may also add in words on the pics themselves.

It is: Me! NVWC2006! Scary, eh?
Really: Action figure pic I found with the head of my school's maskot, a wildcat, on it (NVWC2006), and the background is something I stole from my school ID.

It is: Oh no, Big O's gone crazy, it's setting, er, the background ablaze!
Really: Another action figure pic fit with horribly done eye lasers and clipart fire background in a weak attempt to simulate the first season's opening.

So, which should go where? And if you have any ideas to make the pics look better, don't be afraid to give constrctive criticizm. No bad criticizm, though.