Mystic Meaning Of Your Username

Kittie heavenly6 06-14-2004 03:02 AM
I always liked the BAM/HIM 1 model the best. (The black/purple/white one)
o55goten 06-23-2004 06:35 PM
My name came from Dragon ball because i don't look like it but have lots of power and I am not mean and generally have a good heart like goten. The o55 part came from trying to find a goten name that hasn't been taken on the other forums i visit. I got the name in 1998 and it has stuck since.
LANIMILBUS 06-23-2004 06:36 PM
My username is a SUBLIMINAL message. Usually SUBLIMINAL messages are issued with some sort of BACKWARDS WRITING or pronounciation.
Shaoblane 06-23-2004 06:52 PM
Hows this for ya's

Punk'd < Shaoblane
Hienrich Ele 06-23-2004 11:41 PM
I got my username changed! Yay!

It was yortareme, but it is now Hienrich Ele. I chose this because that is my username for most things, and my name for games.
YoruameBaroness 06-24-2004 12:08 AM
Originally posted by LANIMILBUS
My username is a SUBLIMINAL message. Usually SUBLIMINAL messages are issued with some sort of BACKWARDS WRITING or pronounciation.

Don't you mean a not-so-subtle one now, now that you gave away the secret?

My name also means that I am noble and honorable, and a member of Junker nobility!!!! *dances*

Manfred: o_O

You know, he always manages to spoil my fun . . .

Or, my name also means that, quote from SOMEONE I KNOW, "She is a crazy black kid obsessed with Germany".

Take your pick.
Benjamin 07-02-2004 10:51 PM
Eh hem, Is this thing on???


Anyway, since my account had problems, I guess this should be approiate,

I made it TheBigDuoInferno Because my AOL Name Is TheBigDuoInferno, And My IREV Account, And A few other forum names, I just did this because I WAS A BIT LAZY Wink
Piano Black 07-04-2004 02:23 AM
Piano Black is the name of a song from Cowboy Bebop.

I picked up the Lord part from Jedi adventures (playing Jedi Outcast for like 48 hours at a clip.)
Mr. Saturn 07-04-2004 04:21 AM
Just supporting One Piece in another way. Plus, Luffy's always been my favorite Big Grin
Green_Bird 07-04-2004 11:35 AM
it's a song from Cowboy bebop....the one where Spike's Falling in Ballad of Fallen Angels....that song....I always liked it for some reason....

Spring has come
Worms are showing their faces
Little birds are eating them.

Spring has come
Children are going to school
Farm dogs are giving birth to puppies.

Spring has come
Women are looking in mirrors
Egg pies are baking.

But it does sound better in it's original form....

Also I just though the days of Big_Venus were slowing down and I kind of got tired of using a name taken by a Spammer, so I changed it to what it is now....Green_Bird. I finly have my own name now!
Howler_65 08-04-2004 10:06 AM
well my name is howler and i dont think it has any meaning but its ben so long! so i have no clue i just use it for evereything

why did u change your name whatever i liked it as ebie and i thought that came from your initials

my freind hikaru 's name comes from the japanese word for "simple" but he doesnt know that i just told him to use it and he did Big Grin

oh never mind i remember why my name is howler_65 ok first i had a weird dream, and in this dream it was kinda like wolfs rain and i was a wolf named howler so i just used that and the numbers (though i wanna get rid of them) are my lucky numbers

by the way how do you change tyour username?
Darkside 08-04-2004 10:13 AM
Darkside's a badass semi truck, 'nuff said.
NukuNuko77 08-29-2004 05:47 PM
people at the other forums i go to useally compare me to Nuku Nuku, i don't know why but they do. the nuko part is a kind of a misspelling but i like it anyway. 77 is just my lucky number.
Asirt 08-29-2004 05:53 PM
At first, I didn't realize that a name such as "Trisa" was in fact a real name. When I use to play RPG's, I would name one of the female characters, Trisa. I don't know why, but that name was an interesting one. It was simple, yet elegent (in my opinion). It's by no means mystic, but it's a username I've stuck with for more than two years now.
harshfire 08-29-2004 06:01 PM
Originally posted by Howler_65
by the way how do you change tyour username?

Ahou. I already told you, remember? Go to the "Username Change" thread to change it. But you won't beable to change it again for four months, so think it through.

Mine: It means what it says. I got the idea from watching Angel Sanctuary and reading the manga...(I should have named myself Zaphikiel since it goes better with my personality). But I got the idea from Lucifiel (Lucifer).

It's said that most angel's names end with "el" i.e. Zaphikiel, Raphael, Michael, Lucifiel, Rosiel, and Alexiel. But I couldn't think of my own good name with "el" at the end, so I just kept the name Angel (no not from Big O, sorry to dissapoint). And I'm an eraser (from Juvenile Orion). And people continue to tell me that I remind them of Zaphikiel the Angel, so hence, my new username.

Hope this explains most of my username.

Later Days:
MidnightLight 09-22-2004 09:14 PM
Let's just say I like the dark, shadows, and the mysterious....
Yes, that response will do....for now. Until we meet again....
*evil laughter*
Fujiko 09-24-2004 06:44 PM
I chose this name cuz, to put it bluntly, Fujiko kicks ass!

I admire her in so many ways. I mean, she is the main interest of the greatest and horniest thief in the world! It's sort of an honor i guess. Big Grin

Dee comes from the letter D, which is part of my name.
Exhale Saga 09-24-2004 06:54 PM
Awhile back (When I bought the first Excel Saga manga.) I started to write a fan fiction called "Exhale Saga" wich was spoofing the series. I couldn't think of anything else, so that's what I picked for me SN.

I may post the fan fiction here soon. Alot of people thought it was funny! Smile )

See ya,
Exhale Saga
Christina Perry 10-11-2004 03:47 AM
I was Giovannistruelove, now I'm RogersGirl becaused Roger is the main Character of The Big O and I'm a Girl or Female. Big Grin
Avenir 10-11-2004 04:07 AM
It's in my profile, but I'll say it here anyway. Avenir (French for "future") is the name of a Gundam mobile suit I wrote up based on my favorite Gundam, the XXXG-01WE Wing Gundam Early Type, and the Avenir fighter plane from the PS2 aerial shooter SkyGunner. I used to be under the user name Gundam Avenir.

At one time, I was very addicted to that game, with it's amazing yet primitive aircraft and machinery. I suddenly came up with the idea to write a Gundam story set in a world similar to that of SkyGunner's. That was about a year ago, and I'm still working on it.