The PCF Arrow Game

Ace of Spades 09-25-2004 11:34 PM
^ Thinks I maybe a theif
< Has MacLeod's Dragon Katana from the Highlander
v Ain't got poop on me.
harshfire 09-26-2004 09:46 AM
^ ::bird poop falls from the sky on him:: Muah! Says who?! @_@

< Is eating Tirimisu while Legato and Brad fight over me.

V Is watching Legato and Brad fight over me.
snakemarcato13 09-29-2004 09:45 AM
^ has food
<enters the fight and kills both Brad and Legato (I win)
V looks on at the scene.
Ace of Spades 09-29-2004 02:30 PM
^ Has beaten two of Reki's Dream Boyfriends
< Filmed the entire fight.
v Will nominate it for Best Blood Brawl.
snakemarcato13 09-29-2004 07:36 PM
^ Sounds like a plan
< Did it with good reason
V Has to clean up the mess
Ace of Spades 09-30-2004 02:30 PM
^ Must tell us the reason
< Aw dang!*gets broom and shovel*
v Will make this into a movie
snakemarcato13 09-30-2004 06:50 PM
^ Have fun!
< Doesn't want competition, that's why
V Helps Ace with cleanup
Fujiko 09-30-2004 07:10 PM
^ doesn't want to do the work
<hands them non-staining uniforms
v decides to turn on the lights
snakemarcato13 10-01-2004 10:07 AM
^ Is incompetant
< Did my share of work (the eliminating of competition)
V Helps me make Fujiko help Ace clean
Fujiko 10-02-2004 01:46 AM
^ is incorrect
<helped before by giving non-staining uniforms (isn't that helping? Frown )
v shall hand me a bucket and a mop Roll Eyes
snakemarcato13 10-04-2004 10:15 AM
^here ya go
<doesn't clean what he kills
V Calls the mortician
Ace of Spades 10-04-2004 02:29 PM
^ Has destroyed Reki's sweetest pieces of Man-Candy
< Forget Mortician, I'm the local Undertaker
v Will build the Coffins.
snakemarcato13 10-04-2004 04:06 PM
^ Better work for free
< Gets the wood (like I said, I didn't want competition.)
V digs the hole
Madcat584 10-11-2004 12:56 AM
^wants me to dig the hole

< wont dig the hole

v will dig the hole
snakemarcato13 10-11-2004 09:49 AM
^Made a bad choice
<Gets a shovel and hits madcat with it
VGets handed the shovel and asked to please dig
MidnightLight 10-11-2004 06:23 PM
^ a little (and disturbing)
< reluctantly obeys and cries because dreams of having a boyfriend don't come true Crying
v hopes they'll save me from madman Tongue
snakemarcato13 10-11-2004 06:27 PM
^ Is appreciated for helping
< Is only giving orders so that the mess gets cleaned up
V Gets glasses for everyone, I'm buying a round of whatever
Ace of Spades 10-19-2004 12:29 AM
^Will buy us all Clam Smoothies
< Will lower the Disco Ball and put on some KC and the Sunshine Band for atmosphere
v Will dance with Snake.
Fujiko 10-19-2004 02:58 AM
^ did a good job shining disco ball
< boogies with snake
V wants to boogie too Wink
snakemarcato13 10-19-2004 06:23 AM
^ is a good dancer
< can only dance certain types
V hired the DJ