XXX Holic

CoCoaPuFF CatX 05-13-2004 10:43 PM
this is another clamp book that just came out i was wondering if anybody has read it or heard of it ... if so what is it about should i even buy it!?
Silv3rKnigh1 05-13-2004 10:56 PM

*gives attention*

whats it about?
Tifaria 05-17-2004 12:27 PM
I've heard of it, but not read it yet. This site has pretty good info on the story and characters. A lot of people compare it to Petshop of Horrors, but I don't know how accurate that is. Basically, it's about this boy who has visions of spirits and wishes to rid himself of them. He somehow ends up at the house of this witch/priestess looking woman who grants wishes and takes away his visions, and ends up working for her in order to pay off his debt.

I keep meaning to pick it up because it crosses over with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (the cutest thing I've ever read),but I haven't yet. I thumbed through it in the bookstore, and, since it's CLAMP, the art is of course gorgeous, almost to the point of distraction.
angelcakes 05-17-2004 02:55 PM
Originally posted by CoCoaPuFF CatX
this is another clamp book that just came out i was wondering if anybody has read it or heard of it ... if so what is it about should i even buy it!?

XXXholic is an amazing book. I bought it simply because it was a CLAMP book, but it's now one of my favorites. Along with Tsubasa. The art is slightly differed from the norm. CLAMP art, looking more like FLCL than Magic Knight Rayearth, but after looking at it, you can tell it's definetely CLAMP.

As for buying it, I would high suggest it.
s-girl 05-17-2004 03:45 PM
I actually bought Tsubasa, since I"m more of an old-school CLAMP fan. (lovin the weird cameos from Mokona)

XXXHolic I haven't yet picked up... may do so, although I haven't been a fan of CLAMP's latest works. I kind of miss their old school crazy/fancy art.
Kittie heavenly6 05-17-2004 08:01 PM
It's pretty sweet, I have it in japanese and english. BUY IT.
IanC 05-19-2004 02:51 PM
Yeah ive got. Its really good although the art style is very different to the other CLAMP manga i have read.

Anyway, it crosses overwith Tsubusa so you may want to get that too.
Yomiko 05-25-2004 12:05 PM
I really want it Crying Also that other CLAMP book with older CCS and Lee.
IanC 05-25-2004 04:11 PM
Tsubusa, the one that i mentioned Smile
CoCoaPuFF CatX 05-25-2004 05:39 PM
Originally posted by ic14
Tsubusa, the one that i mentioned Smile

Yes i've heard about that one! i heard it has all kinds of different scenes from other clamb book like magic knights rayearths momoka is in ther n stuff i think itz real cute!
Chitter-Box-Kat 06-24-2006 12:08 AM
spoiler (highlight to read):
XXX HoLiC stars one Watanuki Kimihiro. He can see spirits that sometimes attack him. This has gone on since he was very little. One day, he ends up in front of a strange house (belonging to a stranger woman) while running from a rather large spirit. When he touches the fence in front of this house, the spirit dissapears. A force leads his feet to the front door and inside the house where he is greeted by two little girls. They take him to see their master, Yuuko. Yuuko messes around with Watanuki before telling him she can grant his wish of not seeing or being bothered by spirits ever again. Watanuki agrees and works in Yuukos wish shop so he can have his wish granted.

That's pretty much how it begins. I have the first four volumes and find it to be one of CLAMP's better works, ranking in the same genre as Tokyo Babylon and such. Smile I adore all the cool spiritual and supernatural thermes in the manga, though some of them can be a little disturbing. Embarrassed Sweatdrop

spoiler (highlight to read):
The Monkey Paw Story in Vol 3 an the Arm Story in Vol 4 particularly creep me out. >.<

An anime has been made and it's just as cool as the manga, though I do prefer the manga.